Burnt-out Walls And Stuffy Suits: How A Maternity Hospital In Crimea Survived COVID

Burnt-out Walls And Stuffy Suits: How A Maternity Hospital In Crimea Survived COVID
Burnt-out Walls And Stuffy Suits: How A Maternity Hospital In Crimea Survived COVID

Video: Burnt-out Walls And Stuffy Suits: How A Maternity Hospital In Crimea Survived COVID

Video: Burnt-out Walls And Stuffy Suits: How A Maternity Hospital In Crimea Survived COVID
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SIMFEROPOL, 4 Mar - RIA Novosti Crimea, Julia Lepikhova. On March 1, "Simferopol Clinical Maternity Hospital 2" went into regular operation. Nikolay Telenik, the deputy chief physician for the medical part, told RIA Novosti Crimea how the medical staff survived the covid everyday life, and how the life of an ordinary maternity hospital is now going on.


In Crimea, the maternity hospital has become a "covid" hospital >>

Walls burned out from quartz

On the first floor near the elevator, Nikolai Nikolayevich draws an imaginary line with his hand, showing where the clean zone used to end and the "red" one began. Before the shift, doctors put on PPE (personal protective equipment) here, and after that they took them off and threw them into special containers. The ritual, in the existence of which no one would have believed before, has become familiar in the life of the staff of the maternity hospital.

"We had containers here, into which doctors put dirty suits. All the staff changed here. All floors, except for the fifth, were in a dirty area. On the fifth floor there was a clean area. The employees were resting here, working with medical records," he said. …

They took out COVID like pregnancy

As a covid hospital, the maternity hospital, ironically, worked exactly the term of full-term pregnancy - 40 weeks.

Maternity hospital 2Simferopol maternity hospital 2 has returned to normal mode.

Doctors and nurses worked on a rotational basis. Each watch had three shifts, which worked for 12 hours. The managers and the chief medical officer were on site every day, because the hospital cannot work without the administration.

“Here lay grandparents, and pregnant women, and immediately gave birth and surgeries. As some doctors admit, in the first three days of such work I wanted to quit. When a person was studying to be a neonatologist and wanted to help children, then drastically reorganize in a different way It can be very difficult. We have completed an accelerated 72-hour training course for infectious disease doctors and received certificates, "the source said.

Not a single childhood infection

How to explain to a woman who has just had a long-awaited baby that she will have to send him to another medical facility during her illness? It couldn't be worse. Fortunately, such conversations were only recommendations, and no one separated the children from their mothers. However, as it turned out, during the entire time of the maternity hospital's operation as a covid hospital, not a single newborn was infected from the mother.

"We have not had a single case of infection of a newborn from a mother. It was recommended to isolate the child, but not forcibly. Naturally, mothers refused to be separated from the baby. All the women in our wards were in single rooms, the children were not allowed into the corridor, and they wore a mask when feeding.", - Nikolay Telenik emphasized.

The third child was born in the "covid" maternity hospital of Simferopol >>

During that period, doctors took a little more than a hundred births to patients with coronavirus, performed a dozen cesarean sections and a dozen gynecological ones.

"You work in PPE, put on another one over it, only sterile. It's hard, stuffy, but they also operated on and gave birth," the doctor said.

Not everyone coped, but everyone fought

A doctor is, first of all, a person, and not every one of them can cope with such a load. Mykola Telenik said that several employees quit their jobs during the transition to the mode of the covid hospital. But at the same time, the staff of the maternity hospital was replenished with new personnel.

Maternity Hospital 2 Partner childbirth is now allowed again.

“It was hard, we were not doing what we were used to, but in general, I think that the maternity hospital came out of COVID with gains in the form of experience. In addition, in such conditions, the team rallies. We also had losses, unfortunately, several people quit. However, due to a lack of personnel, we recruited people from other hospitals, against this background, many stayed with us to work. And in such extreme conditions, a person can show himself well, "- said the deputy head physician.

Maternity hospital 2No babies were infected from their mothers.

Returned to normal life

Now the relatives of the patients are not allowed to the maternity hospital, but partner childbirth is already possible in the presence of a negative PCR test. The test must be done no later than 48 hours before labor starts. The partner needs it and is not necessary for the woman in labor herself.

“Yesterday we had the first twins since the day we switched to the regular regime. These are two boys. Everything is fine with them, but they were born a little ahead of schedule - at 36 weeks,” Nikolai Telenik said.

Elena is a former patient of a covid hospital, now at maternity hospital 2. The girl fell ill, took a test, which showed a positive result, and was admitted to the hospital. Now, already with experience behind her, she gave advice to expectant mothers who found themselves in a similar situation.

Maternity hospital 2 Elena is a former patient of the covid hospital.

"This is an unusual feeling - you saw it all on TV, and suddenly it turned out to be so close. It's hard not to see your relatives, constantly worrying about how the disease will affect the child's health. I remember this exciting moment when they make a control test. day, and all this time you sit and think what you have there. Then the doctor came and asked: "Lena, do you want to go home? Go! "Of course, there was no limit to joy. You need to control yourself, I understand how difficult it is, but you need to remember that you are no longer alone, there is a little man inside you," says the interlocutor.

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