In Dagestan, A Woman Who Passed Off Dolls For Children May Face Charges Of Fraud

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In Dagestan, A Woman Who Passed Off Dolls For Children May Face Charges Of Fraud
In Dagestan, A Woman Who Passed Off Dolls For Children May Face Charges Of Fraud

Video: In Dagestan, A Woman Who Passed Off Dolls For Children May Face Charges Of Fraud

Video: In Dagestan, A Woman Who Passed Off Dolls For Children May Face Charges Of Fraud
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The story with the dolls, allegedly discovered instead of children's bodies at a funeral in Dagestan, turned out to be a fake. According to investigators, Laura Daudova feigned pregnancy and childbirth and lied that the children died in the perinatal center. As the woman herself admitted, she took this step so as not to upset her husband, who had long wanted children. Now she could face charges of fraud.

A shocking video, where an inconsolable man at the funeral of his two newborn sons discovers that dolls are wrapped in a funeral blanket instead of bodies, flew around social networks on February 10.

The footage shows that one of the dolls the size of a real child has some kind of bright filler inside. The men present at the ceremony assume that once the toys are covered with a blanket, real children can be alive.

The video was filmed at the cemetery in the village of Tamazatube, Babayurtovsky district of Dagestan. The video captures a local resident Daud Daudov.

The story immediately acquired a wide public response: the Investigative Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs began checks, and the Governor of the Stavropol Territory, Vladimir Vladimirov, where, according to the Daudov family, the birth took place, took the situation under his personal control. At the same time, the head of the region noted that a woman in labor by the name of Daudova was not registered in any medical institution in the Stavropol Territory.

The next day, it turned out that Daud's wife Laura was not pregnant and had never given birth.

In a conversation with the police, which was published on the official Instagram page of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan, the woman admitted that she had composed a story about her pregnancy, childbirth and the death of newborns. According to her, she and her husband have long and badly wanted children. In June last year, the long-awaited event seemed to have happened: the test strips showed a positive result, the physical signs of a future addition in the family were also evident. But when, for a period of 3.5 months, according to Laura, she came for an ultrasound scan, it turned out that there was no fetus; a blood test for hCG hormone was also negative.

“I just couldn't tell my spouse about it. She lived with hope and believed herself that she was really pregnant,”Laura tells the police. - We dreamed of twins. When I told my husband that we would have children on his birthday, he was so happy! I didn't want to upset him. And I kept putting off the moment to tell the truth."

Meanwhile, according to the woman, outwardly everything looked as if the pregnancy was proceeding normally: the belly was growing, as it should be with twins, and Daud spent nine months talking with the future heirs.

“I didn't have a clear plan,” says Laura. - From time to time I felt that my belly was growing, until the 40th week it was very large. I began to feel a stirring, it was seen by my husband and all relatives. I don't know what it was, maybe my imagination, but I hoped that I was still pregnant, that the child really is."

In August 2020, Laura and Daud moved to Stavropol to live with the woman's brother and his family. There, Daudova gradually began to prepare for “childbirth,” buying children's clothes and furniture: “It's hard for me to explain this. On the one hand, I realized that I was not pregnant, on the other hand, I could not stop myself and stop pretending to be pregnant. " When she went to the store to order a crib, she saw that there were dolls-dolls for sale.

Included crying videos

In early February, Laura told her relatives that the expected date of birth had come and it was time for her to go to the perinatal center. On February 2, she went to give birth alone. Laura persuaded her relatives not to accompany her, citing hospital restrictions on coronavirus.

The woman never entered the perinatal center. Sitting on a bench in front of the building, she found an advertisement for renting an apartment and agreed to rent a room: first for three days, then extended the period to a week.

“I told my mother that I gave birth on February 3rd. And she herself sat in the apartment and watched videos about children: how they cry, how they are swaddled, fed, - says Daudova. - I found screenshots of babies, sent them to my husband, mother, mother-in-law. But the "discharge" was approaching, and then I remembered about the bobbleheads."

When Laura bought the dolls, they seemed too light for her, so she bought sand for children's crafts and put them inside the toys: “The dolls have necks not like real children, I tied them up so that the heads would lie exactly like a child's. I dressed them in purchased things, swaddled them, walked with them these days, nursed them. To make the "childish" smell appear, I bought a porridge, spread it, soaked clothes in it. She turned on videos with children's crying, imagining that it was their voice. I let my husband listen on the phone as I lisp with them."

The woman says that she decided to lie about the death of children so that the previous deception would not be revealed: “This is a ball of lies, but I myself lived this lie, as if it were true. When I wrapped them in a shroud, I had the feeling that it was my children who had died. Inside, I understood that these were dolls, but my soul ached, as if I were saying goodbye to my own children."

Laura told her husband that the children died on the night of February 8-9, allegedly from a cerebral aneurysm. And since the Daudov family is Muslim, the autopsy was not carried out, in addition, the children had to be buried as early as possible.

“When she went downstairs in the maternity hospital, there were men who came to wash the woman, they also offered to wash and pray for the dead babies,” Daud recounts his wife’s words to the investigators. “I was in such a panic then that I didn't even think about how men can wash a woman.”

Laura, in her words, wrote a refusal of further hospitalization and with two dolls (as Daud believed - she did not know that the babies were changed during ablution) came home. There she begged her relatives not to reveal the faces of the “babies”.

“I called my wife - she was crying, she said,“We have lost our children.” I come, they lie there wrapped up, and since then I have not left them,”continues Daud.

"I am very ashamed in front of everyone"

The Daudovs with their relatives went to bury the "children" in their ancestral village in Dagestan. “We are standing at the grave, and my cousin says: they are people, we need to open their faces in a human way. I open it - the first eye is missing. The second has the same thing. I notice that the collar is screwed to the head and I understand that these are dolls. They were in diapers, like real ones. And inside there is sand for modeling with water, so that there is weight."

Daud Daudov wrote a statement to the police, because he was completely sure that the sons were really born, but they were somehow changed for dolls. However, the checks carried out revealed that the woman was not admitted to any maternity hospital or center of the region.

“We checked all the bases - such a woman did not come to us. By the way, the Stavropol maternity hospitals are equipped with surveillance cameras - you can control them by their records. Our perinatal center deals with the most severe pathologies during pregnancy. And stillbirths, cases of death of babies were not here for a very long time. And double, as far as I know - never. In addition, in case of death, the body is transferred to relatives not by a medical institution, but by the pathological service - after an appropriate study,”the head of the Stavropol Territory said on his Instagram page.

“In public there is shocking information that dolls were found instead of the bodies of babies in Dagestan during the funeral ceremony. This information has not been confirmed. The Ministry of Health of the Stavropol Territory promptly checked the patient's data, which are reported in social networks. This did not come to any perinatal center of Stavropol (there are two of them), nor to any other obstetric facility in Stavropol - neither this year nor last year,”the press service of the regional Ministry of Health added.

Laura Daudova also underwent a medical examination, which showed that she was not pregnant and did not give birth, the Investigative Committee for the Stavropol Territory specified.

As RT was told in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan, the family did not have any problems with the law.“Stavropol investigators began to check, because the woman blamed the local perinatal center for everything, where she allegedly gave birth and lost children. Previously, she may be charged with fraud, but accurate conclusions will be made only after all the procedures,”the ministry concluded. She also has to undergo a psychological and psychiatric examination.

“I am very ashamed in front of everyone. I misled all my relatives and my spouse, which I am very sorry about,”says Laura. Meanwhile, her husband said that he understands his wife's fear of offending him, and added that he was not angry, was not upset and did not conceal any grievances.

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