Volgogradka Olga Mikhailovskaya: "The Daughter Gave Her Husband For His Birthday!"

Volgogradka Olga Mikhailovskaya: "The Daughter Gave Her Husband For His Birthday!"
Volgogradka Olga Mikhailovskaya: "The Daughter Gave Her Husband For His Birthday!"

Video: Volgogradka Olga Mikhailovskaya: "The Daughter Gave Her Husband For His Birthday!"

Video: Volgogradka Olga Mikhailovskaya: "The Daughter Gave Her Husband For His Birthday!"
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Residents of the Krasnooktyabrsky district, Alexei and Olga Mikhailovsky, have three children. Tatiana is already an adult, she is 20 years old, but she still lives with her parents. And Dima and Anya are still very young - the boy is five years old, and the girl is four years old. The "Hometown" correspondent talked to the happy and friendly family.


"We didn't fall in love right away"

The couple celebrated a "porcelain" wedding last year, and they have been together for 22 years.

- We officially began to meet with Lesha on April 12, - Olga smiles. - Cosmonautics Day is a very important holiday for us! We celebrate it every year, like our wedding day. We signed on August 21, 1999.

Alexey Mikhailovsky is a native of Volgograd. The man grew up in the village of Tir, Krasnooktyabrsky district. He lost his parents early, from the age of eight Alexei was raised by his aunt.

“We grew up with her daughter Larisa, who is several years older than me, aunt Tanya replaced both my mother and father,” the man admits. - I have called her mom for a long time, when I introduced Olga to her, then she followed my example. She is not just a mother-in-law for my beloved wife, but a second mother.

Olga was born in the village of Ternovka, in the regional center of the neighboring Voronezh region.

“My dad worked as a fire engine driver, and my mother worked as an accountant,” says the affable woman. - I decided to follow in her footsteps and at the end of the ninth grade I entered the Volgograd college. I also have an older brother Sergei, now he has also moved to Volgograd, but my mother has remained to live in Ternovka. Dad, unfortunately, died five years ago.

To our question why Olga chose Volgograd for her place of study, and not neighboring Voronezh, our interlocutor replied that her relatives lived in our city.

“My aunt and uncle received me wonderfully,” Olga smiles. - I quickly made friends with many guys and girls from the private sector of the Krasnooktyabrsky district, but I didn’t know my husband for the time being.

The fateful meeting took place during the farewell to the army of a common friend Olga and Alexei.

- By the way, Alexander was then a witness at our wedding, - says Olga. - When our friend was escorted to the army, it was fun: music, dancing. Lesha himself served at that time, he just came on vacation for a while. All slow dances we danced only with him. For a few more days we just talked in the general company, and then he returned to his military unit.

Déjà vu effect

As both Olga and Alexei admit, in the almost two years that have passed before their next meeting, they sometimes remembered each other, but not too often.

- Yes, on the day of the farewell we liked each other, but nothing more, - says Olga. - Our love broke out much later, and we seemed to have returned to the past. Again a party in the company of friends, again Lesha and I danced all the slow dances. This time he went to see me off, we kissed for the first time. But I did not immediately give him an answer, whether I agree to a serious relationship.

Olga was attracted to Alexey, first of all, by his self-confidence and his independence.

“In addition, Lesha is also romantic,” the woman admits. - He still gives me flowers without any reason, but on holidays, for example, on March 8 or Cosmonautics Day, of course! When we started dating, we walked for a long time in the evenings, looked at the stars. We didn’t need big companies, it was just the two of us that felt so good.

After a few months, the lovers began to live together, and after a while they went to Ternovka. Alexey decided to ask Olga's hands from her parents.

- The matchmaking coincided with the 50th anniversary of my mother, - recalls the Volgograd woman with a smile. - Lesha said to his parents: "I'm taking Olga away from you."Mom and Dad approved of my choice.

On January 25, 2000, a daughter, Tatiana, was born to Alexei and Olga.

- Tatyana's day was, - our interlocutor laughs, - God himself ordered to name our first-born Tanya. Lesha just dreamed of a daughter, and on January 27th is his birthday. When he came to the hospital, I told him that your gift is upstairs!

The big difference in the age of the Mikhailovsky children is explained by the fact that for a long time they were building a house, and there was no time for replenishment in the family.

“We bought a plot on the street, where there was already a small house, and rebuilt a large one,” the spouses say. - But as they finished it, we decided to have a couple more kids. Dima and Anya are almost the same age, they have a difference of only a year and a half, wonderful guys!

"Never seriously fought"

According to Olga, her eldest daughter provided invaluable assistance in raising children.

- But now she has incomparable experience, she already knows everything: how to swaddle, how to feed, how to change diapers, one might say, she has completed the course of a young fighter, - Olga smiles. - I believe that when there are many children, this family can be called happy, we have just that!

Now the spouses want grandchildren - Tanya graduated with honors from the same college as her mother, but in a different specialty. He works as a car loan specialist at a bank and meets with a young man.

- She has already introduced him to us, not a bad guy, I hope everything goes well for them, - says Olga.

The spouses still love each other very much.

- We have long become dear people, we cannot imagine life apart, we have never seriously quarreled, - says Olga. - We have common hobbies, we adore fishing and nature, as soon as the opportunity falls, we go to Akhtuba with the whole family. And we drive no less than a real armored car. We bought a cash-in-transit car, removed the logos, and everything is in order. Lesha himself has been working as a cash collector for many years. Now is not the dashing 90s, but it is still dangerous. I worry every time he leaves. I calm down only when I hear the gate creak, which means that my beloved has come safe and sound.

The only thing that upsets Olga a little is that she was deprived of the status of a mother with many children.

“It happened when Tanya turned 18, this is the law,” the woman sighs. - In my opinion, there are no former mothers with many children, but nothing can be done. All the same, our family can be safely called happy and very friendly!

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Who has the status of large families by law?

- Families with three or more minor children, as well as adult children under the age of 23 studying in general educational institutions, professional educational institutions and educational institutions of higher education in full-time education are subject to registration for the issuance of a certificate of a large family, - explained in the committee social protection of the Volgograd region.

Andrey Shitov. Photo from the personal archive of the Mikhailovsky family

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