Sobyanin Awarded Laureates Of The Stork Wings Award

Sobyanin Awarded Laureates Of The Stork Wings Award
Sobyanin Awarded Laureates Of The Stork Wings Award

Video: Sobyanin Awarded Laureates Of The Stork Wings Award

Video: Sobyanin Awarded Laureates Of The Stork Wings Award
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The mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin awarded the laureates of the city prize for their contribution to the development of the family arrangement of orphans "Wings of a Stork", the correspondent of the Moscow City News Agency reports.

“Summing up the results, presenting the city award“Stork's Wings”. We usually do this widely, with a large invitation of people, but during the pandemic we had a choice: either not to hold this event at all, or to conduct it in such a relatively modest form. Nevertheless, we believe that it is very important that we do not forget this work despite any difficulties and problems, despite the pandemic, despite the coronavirus. All the same, this is an important and necessary work, which must be done constantly, paying great attention to our orphans, unfortunately, of whom we have a considerable number. "Wings of a Stork" is the brightest and kindest work dedicated to our children who have found themselves in a difficult life situation. This is their hope - your love,”stressed Sergei Sobyanin.

The mayor noted that in recent years a lot has been done in the capital aimed at reducing the number of orphans. “Of course, it is better to have as few orphans in our city as possible. And we do our best. In recent years, we have seriously changed our approach to this work. The first thing to do is to make sure that the children generally remain in their own family. Do everything possible so that the family itself goes through this difficult period, but does not lose children. Despite this, still a certain number of children are left without parents and most of them used to be in our orphanages. It is clear that the orphanages in Moscow are among the best in terms of equipment, personnel, and childcare. It seemed at one time, too, a great achievement. But still, despite this, the best thing is when children are brought up in a family. I express my deep gratitude to the foster families who are raising thousands and thousands of children in Moscow. They do not just support them, but they bring them up, providing them with education, upbringing, caring for them and, most importantly, family kindness and sincerity, "Sobyanin added.

Also, according to him, infrastructure facilities for children are being developed in Moscow. “The adoption of“difficult”disabled children was a very difficult process. This is a special direction, but here, too, most of them found their families. This is also great. It is clear that we in the city do a lot for childhood, starting with maternity hospitals, children's clinics, playgrounds, education, kindergartens, schools. This is a huge infrastructure, a huge colossus that works specifically for children and childhood. No one and nothing can replace a family for a child. The most important thing in everything we do is the happiness of our children. Thank you for giving this happiness,”concluded the mayor of Moscow.

According to the materials of the press service of the mayor's office and the government of the capital, in 2020 the Moscow City Prize "Stork Wings" was awarded in three nominations: "Best Family of the Year", "Best Organization of the Year", "Person of the Year".

In the nomination "Best Family of the Year", three families became laureates, who were awarded cash prizes of 1 million rubles each.

Anna Kotelnikova, executive director, co-founder, head of the Road of Life charitable foundation, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, became the Person of the Year.

In the nomination "The best organization of the year" were awarded to the department of social protection of the population of the Preobrazhenskoe VAO, the center for the promotion of family education "Petrovsky Park"; GBU TsSVV "Our House", charitable foundation "House with a lighthouse".

It is noted that the prize has been awarded since 2014. Over the past years, 15 families, 10 public and cultural figures, 27 organizations have become its laureates.

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