All Children Are Angels

All Children Are Angels
All Children Are Angels

Video: All Children Are Angels

Video: All Children Are Angels
Video: 天使よ故郷を忘れるな All children are angels from heaven 2023, May

The heroine of the column “Thank you for the city” Irina Mikhailovna Budanova, senior educator of the MBDOU “Kindergarten 23“Brusnichka”, knows firsthand what a“vocation”is. She decided on her future profession almost in infancy, and since then she has not changed her choice.

- When did you first want to “stay” in the kindergarten for such a long time?

- I was born here, in Khanty-Mansiysk, my mother graduated from a pedagogical school, but all her life she worked as an accountant, and my father was a doctor in an ambulance. They took me to the Silver Wings kindergarten. And during the shooting of the video, which was preparing for our graduation, for some reason I said in front of the camera: "When I grow up, I will become a teacher myself and return to our kindergarten!" In the future, this is exactly what happened.

- And what prompted the little girl to make such a loud statement?

- Probably, we had good educators who laid love for children. Anyway, as long as I can remember, I have always loved babysitting with babies. Therefore, after graduating from the third school, I went to a pedagogical school, and received the qualification "teacher of preschool children." By the way, she later graduated from Ugra State University with a degree in teacher-psychologist.

- And returned back to the "Wings"?

- Of course! I worked there for over fifteen years, then moved to Wonderland, and later to Dove. She was an educator, senior educator, deputy head, physical education instructor in swimming. And when the "Golubok" was attached to the "Brusnichka", she was here. Among other things, since 2018 I have been leading a chess club, classes in which have a beneficial effect on the general development of the child, the formation of concentration and perseverance in him.

- Over the past years, have you become disillusioned with the profession?

- No, I didn’t regret at all about my old decision. It is interesting to watch how children grow and change. It happens that many years later we meet with them, and tears welling up, it is so touching.

- I wonder how different the current generation of your pupils has become, what is its difference from the previous generations?

- Time changes - children also change. The modern ones have become more developed, intelligent and energetic. And great individualists, each of them is a personality, each first has to look for its own approach. It is always very interesting with them, sometimes they will express such an idea - an adult will not think of it!

However, the children always knew how to surprise, sometimes to the point of educational trembling in the knees. I remember that one evening parents came to fetch their children, but there was no boy in the group. I started to panic. However, they soon found him, he was quietly sitting in one of the lockers. It turns out that in this way the prankster decided to play and test my endurance, and I almost turned gray with fear. Now the guy is already twenty-two years old, sometimes he comes to visit, laughing together, remembering what happened.

But in general, I never had any problems with the kids. And in general, all children are angels!

- Tell us a secret, do you have any favorites among them?

- Of course, there are favorites, and for some reason, more often than not, boys. But I never pretend about my spiritual sympathies!

- And how does "Brusnichka" itself differ from other preschool institutions?

- There are thirteen groups in our kindergarten, in which four hundred and seventy-two children are engaged. And we are distinguished, perhaps, by a special emphasis on patriotic education, the formation of a feeling of love for the Motherland in the younger generation. Our institution is only five years old, but during this time we have achieved good success, have repeatedly been recognized as the best in various competitions, the winners of civic-patriotic education. We recently took first place in the city snowmen competition. So we are ahead!

We have a very strong team, all the teachers are well trained. There are many teachers with great experience and rich work experience, their children love them so much - they call them "grandmothers". Antonina Dmitrievna Garlanova, Natalya Leontyevna Lekomtseva, Natalya Alexandrovna Dubikova - you can always rely on such specialists in everything.

- What qualities should a teacher have?

- First of all, to love children, whatever they may be, and patience is the main thing that is necessary in our profession. A person must be born as an educator. I noticed that if he worked in this place for five years, he would never leave. It also happens that after twenty-five they leave - due to age it becomes difficult, but more often they return again. There is always movement, dynamics, life!

Although, of course, the teachers are very tired. It is psychologically and physically difficult to constantly monitor so that none of the children fall and, God forbid, get scratched. And to help teachers get ready is my task as a leader.

- How was the work in the kindergarten organized during the pandemic? Didn't you shut down completely?

- Reserve groups functioned - naturally, in compliance with all sanitary standards - for those children whose parents were forced to work. And I, as a volunteer, also carried a social burden: we checked the garbage disposal, monitored the execution of the self-isolation regime by the townspeople, and sometimes went to the pharmacy to buy medicines for grandmothers.

- With what or with whom do educators most often have problems?

- Unlike the past, modern parents have become very complex. It is difficult to negotiate with them, for example, to make crafts for the competition with your children. Everyone is very busy all the time. Although, we must pay tribute to them, last year, when the cry “Stop whining - take a shovel” was thrown in the city, some responded and came to help clear the site of snow. Some misunderstandings arose with the introduction of the Sociocultural Origins program, however, then the parents looked deep into the subject and realized that it was based only on love for the Motherland.

Adults need to spend more time with their own child, even if they are busy at work from 7 am to 7 pm. It is bad if the children remain uncared-for.

- What are your hobbies in your free time?

- In my free time at home, I usually finish what I did not manage to complete at work. When people come to our city with some theatrical performances, I definitely go to the performances. My son Igor taught me this. He is already twenty-one years old, he served his military service in the Northern Fleet, now he is studying at the Ugra State University at the Faculty of Journalism.

I don't really like to cook, so on Saturdays for "main dinners" my son and I go to my grandmother - this has already become a family tradition. In the summer I willingly rest at my parents' dacha - as a labor force.

- The final question: what is our Khanty-Mansiysk for you?

- Perhaps the most important thing in life. I can't imagine how other people move somewhere for permanent residence. It is quiet, calm, you can always walk on foot in such amazingly beautiful places as the Valley of Streams or Boris Losev Park. And it is precisely love for our wonderful city, our Motherland that we teach children

Author: Andrey Ryabov

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