Timati Teaches 8-month-old Son To Keep Balance

Timati Teaches 8-month-old Son To Keep Balance
Timati Teaches 8-month-old Son To Keep Balance

Video: Timati Teaches 8-month-old Son To Keep Balance

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On the web, they admired the baby.


Famous artist and businessman Timati recently became a father for the second time. The rapper's beloved Anastasia Reshetova gave him a son, Ratmir. Now the baby is 8 months old. Timati is already teaching the boy to keep his balance. On the Web, they admired how Ratmir confidently stands on one hand of his father. The fans had no doubt that the rapper would instill in his son a love for extreme sports. After all, the artist leads an active lifestyle. Many people assume that the baby will soon begin to master surfing.

Balance is the key to success ️

- said Timati.

“Wow! What a good fellow "," Man "," Well, it has begun! In short, Timurych has no chance, he is doomed to all kinds of activities))) "," Wow) "," This is cool "," Here he is strong "," Wow, what a fine fellow. And your look at him is paternal "," Ratmir was very lucky with his father "," What a charm, what trust you can't look at without a smile ", E" that is strong Very strong "," I feel that by one year old he will stand on a surfboard, "the audience comments on Instagram.

Recall that they started talking about Anastasia Reshetova's pregnancy back in the spring of 2019, but then she only joked and denied everything. The couple officially announced their upcoming replenishment in the family in early summer 2019. Timati and his beloved then published on their Instagram pictures from the "pregnant" photo shoot. The baby was born on October 16, 2019.

The businessman still has a daughter. Alice Timati was presented by the model Alena Shishkova. Now the girl is 6 years old.

Photo, video: Instagram @timatiofficial

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