Stukalov's Lawyer: We Will Defend Sasha Plushenko. Hands Off The Children

Stukalov's Lawyer: We Will Defend Sasha Plushenko. Hands Off The Children
Stukalov's Lawyer: We Will Defend Sasha Plushenko. Hands Off The Children

Video: Stukalov's Lawyer: We Will Defend Sasha Plushenko. Hands Off The Children

Video: Stukalov's Lawyer: We Will Defend Sasha Plushenko. Hands Off The Children
Video: Александр Плющенко Илина Аскарова Лебединое озеро 28.12.2018 2023, June

Tatyana Stukalova, vice-president of the guild of Russian lawyers, head of the RegionService branch and the Moscow Legal Center bar association, announced that she would defend seven-year-old Alexander Plushenko and his family in the case against Starhit, which posted false information about the boy on its pages.

“At a time when the whole world is struggling with a very dangerous disease, someone is haunted by envy, anger and deceit. Some cannot, do not want to use their professional duty to encourage people, to convey the most reliable and honest information, on the contrary, they use unacceptable methods.

What is a journalist? What principles is he guided by? What can and cannot be done by virtue of the law? Apparently, for some members of the journalistic community, this is a dark forest, just like their actions that they perform using their official powers.

On May 2, 2020, an article titled “The son of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko is suspected of a mental disorder” was posted in the online edition of the Online Magazine Starhit, which contains a number of negative statements and untrue information regarding Rudkovskaya Ya. A. and her minor son A. Plushenko, born in 2013. The publication did not indicate who the author of the article is. There is information that this article was published based on the materials of the Telegram channel, the photo "Instagram" was used.

My friend and colleague Alexander Dobrovinsky and I assume that the main goal of the author, which manifests itself and forms the focus of the article, is to convince the reader of the correctness of the author's understanding of the situation, including convincing that Sasha Plushenko's parents neglect their parental responsibilities, the interests of the child, and also to convince the reader that our little athlete, who participates in competitions and has already achieved victories, skates in world shows, which, in turn, glorify Russian figure skating all over the world and show people all over the world what nuggets are growing up in our country. The author imposes his vile thoughts on a multimillion audience, reporting that Sasha suffers from a mental illness. So, these dirty methods will not get away with you and will not go unnoticed, since we are talking about the most precious thing - about children, and, of course, about parental feelings.

Journalists, hands off the children! We, lawyers, will professionally fulfill our duty, sparing no effort or time for this - to defend Sasha. Including, first of all, for the sake of never again any child and no family suffer from the fact that someone, using their powers, could destroy faith in our children and in their future. This dirty article was reprinted in Japanese, English, Italian and spread all over the world. Sasha already reads and writes well in English, maintains her blog on Instagram, and, as you understand, asks questions that are very painful to answer today.

Moreover, the neighbors' children and his friends, with whom he trains at the Academy, began to ask him questions. These gossip-based deceitful journalistic insinuations were written during a period of weakened control in order to catch the hype, to attract a multimillion audience to the Starhit publishing house during a period of economic difficulties and instability in order to increase its rating. The article still hangs on the site, and unscrupulous bloggers and other publications comment on and reprint it, and all this is growing like a snowball that causes moral suffering to a little boy and his family.

Journalists, stop! People who comment on this filth, think about your children as well, before spreading your blackness. In turn, we, as defenders, promise that we will bring this story to the end, namely: we will attract the attention of the public, law enforcement agencies and the legislator. The time has come when it is necessary to amend the current legislation to protect the rights of our children. Without parental permission, prohibit the media from publishing any information about children, using children's images. We will definitely turn to the State Duma of the Russian Federation with such a proposal. In addition, we have prepared and in the near future will submit an application to initiate a criminal case, which will be brought to its logical conclusion and the perpetrators will be punished,”Stukalova wrote on her Instagram page.

Photos can be viewed on Tatiana Stukalova's Instagram page.

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