About 23 Thousand New Books For Children And Adolescents Have Appeared In The Capital's Libraries Since The Beginning Of The Year

About 23 Thousand New Books For Children And Adolescents Have Appeared In The Capital's Libraries Since The Beginning Of The Year
About 23 Thousand New Books For Children And Adolescents Have Appeared In The Capital's Libraries Since The Beginning Of The Year

Video: About 23 Thousand New Books For Children And Adolescents Have Appeared In The Capital's Libraries Since The Beginning Of The Year

Video: About 23 Thousand New Books For Children And Adolescents Have Appeared In The Capital's Libraries Since The Beginning Of The Year
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Since the beginning of the year, about 23 thousand books by foreign and domestic writers published in Russia from March 2019 to March 2020 have appeared on the shelves of more than 200 children's and family-type libraries in the capital. This was reported on the official website of the mayor of Moscow.


“They were included in the 14th catalog of the 100 Best New Books for Children and Adolescents. These lists of the best books are compiled by the staff of the Gaidar Central City Children's Library. The first catalog was published in 2007, and since then it has been published annually. You can get acquainted with the catalogs on the library's website: gaidarovka.ru/knigi/100-luchshikh-knig,”the message says.

It is noted that most of the list consists of books by contemporary writers. However, it also includes several collections of children's poems and fairy tales of the past, published for the first time or reprinted in 2019-2020. Among them, for example, the works of Hans Christian Andersen, as well as the book of the Soviet poet David Samoilov “From childhood. Poems".

“The catalog is a kind of navigator for parents, teachers and librarians in the vast world of modern literature for children and adolescents. There is a description of each book, as well as information about its author. This year, 23,000 copies of new printed editions have been added to the collections of Moscow libraries. You can find reading rooms where novelties for children and adolescents are presented on the interactive site map "Bibliogorod", - said the Moscow Directorate for the Development of Cultural Centers of the Moscow Department of Culture.

It is clarified that for this, the search must be filtered by selecting the "For children" parameter, and in it the "Children's literature" tab. Children's reading rooms and family-type reading rooms will appear on the map. The user selects a library convenient for its location, and information about it appears on the screen: address, work schedule, and phone number. By calling it, you can find out about the availability of a particular children's book.

As reported in the material, the books received by the library belong to different genres. These are works of art, scientific and educational literature, graphic novels. In addition, the new selection consists of books designed for different ages: there is also reading for teenagers and fairy tales for preschool children.

For example, the book for kids "Grasshopper" by artist Tatyana Ukhova is of interest. There are no words in it, only illustrations. The pictures are composed in such a way that a child who is not yet familiar with the letters and cannot read will be able to understand the plot of the work. Such books without words are called silent books, which means "silent book".

For older children, the compilers of the catalog recommend the book "Three, two, one - catch an orange!" This is a collection of Italian folk poetry and songs for children, created by the modern translator Maria Goykhman.

In addition, in 2021, the capital's reading rooms were replenished with three books at once by Michel Pasturo, a famous French historian-medievalist, a specialist in heraldry. His work on the history of color for an adult audience is immensely popular among Russian readers. The author has recently released a series of books for children. These are the works "Suzanne chooses red", "Valentina has blue heels" and "Pierre is not afraid of black."

Also, young readers can familiarize themselves with the book in the genre of children's non-fiction (documentary prose) "The Origin of Man" by Masha Rupasova and Stanislav Drobyshevsky. The heroes of the work are eleven-year-old Masha and nine-year-old Max. They start their own video blog, where they talk about scientific facts and conduct their own research, for example, trying to figure out how and when a monkey turned into a person.

In addition, teenagers and their parents will find it interesting to read the book "How to watch a movie" by the famous film critic Anton Dolin. In his guide to one of the most important arts, the author talks about the process of making films, advises with which pictures to start your acquaintance with classical cinema. In addition, he explains why it is better to watch foreign films without dubbing and with subtitles.

The funds of the capital's libraries also received books by nominees and winners of domestic and foreign literary prizes and competitions. Among them is Anna Ignatova's literary work “To the North. Traveling after the seagull”. This is a fascinating story about how a family went camping. The illustrations for the book were created by Anna and Varvara Kendel. In 2020, the artists became winners of the Mors International Festival of Book Illustration and Visual Literature. Also, young readers have access to the book of poems by Igor Shevchuk "And yet it turns!". She became a nominee for the Korney Chukovsky Prize (2020), as well as a laureate of the Sergei Mikhalkov International Literary Competition (2018).

The catalog includes several works dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. This, for example, is an illustrated collection of stories and poems “The Great Patriotic War. 1941-1945 ". It was compiled by editors Alla Solopenko and Dmitry Merkulov, and illustrated by artists Pyotr Lyubaev and Anastasia Bezgubova. The collection includes works by Lev Kassil, Viktor Astafiev, Alexander Tvardovsky, Konstantin Simonov. In addition, on the pages of the book you can see photographs of original items and documents of the war years. These are letters from the front line, essays from newspapers, military posters, award sheets and photographs from the family archives of the participants in the war.

Another book by the American writer and playwright Jeff Gattsfeld “A Tree in the Yard. A View from the Window of Anne Frank”- tells about the tragic fate of a Jewish girl from a new point of view. The narrator in this work is the chestnut. The tree grows in the factory yard, where Anna's family was hiding, and tells about her life.

Clarifies that. for the first time, the capital's libraries began to purchase the books presented in the catalog in 2019. In just three years of the project's work, the funds of Moscow libraries have received 70.5 thousand copies of books for children and adolescents.

In February 2021, more than 80 works of contemporary Russian and foreign writers - nominees and winners of last year's national literary awards - appeared on the shelves of reading rooms subordinated to the Moscow Department of Culture. Among them are "Newton's Drawing" by Alexander Ilichevsky, "The General and His Family" by Timur Kibirov and "Former Lenin" by Shamil Idiatullin, who won the Big Book Prize in 2020. The total circulation of the new products received exceeds 14 thousand copies.

The material is recommended to inquire about the availability of a new work by phone before going to the library. If the publication is temporarily unavailable, you can leave a request, and the librarian will inform you when it appears. Contacts of all 440 metropolitan reading rooms can be found on the official portal of Moscow libraries.

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