Second Youth: 6 Stars Who Became Fathers After 70 Years

Second Youth: 6 Stars Who Became Fathers After 70 Years
Second Youth: 6 Stars Who Became Fathers After 70 Years

Video: Second Youth: 6 Stars Who Became Fathers After 70 Years

Video: Second Youth: 6 Stars Who Became Fathers After 70 Years
Video: The pros and cons of being an older father 2023, May

These men were ready for baby crying even after 70 years.


On Richard Gere's birthday (August 31, the American actor and father of many children celebrates his 71st birthday), Letidor recalls celebrities who decided to become a father at a more mature age.

Richard Gere, 71

Richard Gere is much more than just a handsome actor and heartthrob. He managed to prove himself not only as a humanist, fighter against AIDS and a person who converted to Buddhism, but also became a father three times!

It is interesting that earlier the image of an exemplary family man did not fit in with the name of Richard Gere. At one time, he met with such celebrities as Priscilla Presley, Kim Basinger, Padma Lakshmi, and, of course, Cindy Crawford, with whom the actor has been married for 4 years.

He married again in 2002. Actress and model Carey Lowell gave Gere a son, Homer. But, alas, this union fell apart after 14 years.

He met his true love after 60 years.

A little more than three years after they met, journalist and human rights activist Alejandra Silva (by the way, she is 33 years younger than our hero) brought Lovelace Gir to the registry office, and then within a couple of years she managed to give birth to her husband two sons.

Alexander was born in early 2019, when his father was 69 years old.

And Richard Gere became a father of many children (the baby's name has not yet been disclosed) less than six months before his 71st birthday.

Now Richard seems to be living his best life. He spends a lot of time with his family on a ranch in New York, helping people and doing what he likes. Let's hope we can all feel as good in our 70s.

Mick Jagger, 77 years old

A multivolume novel can be written about the love affairs of the lead singer of the legendary band "The Rolling Stone" Mick Jagger. The news about the musician's new passion did not have time to publish, as someone else appeared in his life

One of the latest such news came out in December 2016. Then the whole world again started talking about 73-year-old Mick Jagger, who, after a fleeting relationship with American ballerina Melania Hamrick, became a father for the eighth (!) Time.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple had no plans to get married, but literally at the last minute, the rock legend decided to fly 3,500 miles from London to New York to be with his son's mother at the time of childbirth.

Devereaux (the boy is already 3 years old) became the fourth son of Jagger, thus settling the "dispute" between boys and girls in a star family. The toddler has older brothers - 35-year-old James, 22-year-old Gabriel, 21-year-old Lucas and sisters - 49-year-old Carys, 48-year-old Jade, 36-year-old Elizabeth and 28-year-old Georgia May.

8 children from six different women

What can I say, Mick Jagger is a very loving person.

Especially with regard to their children. The musician believes that it is they who make him feel young. So, if it seems to you that you are getting old in soul, then in general, you know a life hack from Mick Jagger.

Boris Grachevsky (71 years old)

"Yeralash" and divorces are perhaps the first two words that come to mind when we hear the name of Boris Grachevsky. But not everyone is given one single love for life, right?

And although the filmmaker lived with his first wife Galina for 35 years and raised two heirs (47-year-old Maxim and 41-year-old Ksenia), it was not possible to save the marriage.

In 2011, Boris Yuryevich remarried, but not of the same age, but a young beauty (Anna Panasenko is 37 years younger than Grachevsky), who gave the director a daughter, Vasilisa. However, even here misunderstandings and disagreements awaited the couple: after three years, the couple divorced.

Yes, the event is sad, but they did not shake Grachevsky's faith in love. In 2016, our hero married a young actress Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya (the age difference between the spouses is 35 years).

My wife Katya is my main medicine for life, my validol, whatever you want to call it,

- said Grachevsky in an interview with Woman Hit.

And in April 2020, a month after his 71st birthday, Boris Yuryevich became a dad for the fourth time. So now another effective "medicine" has appeared in Grachevsky's "medicine cabinet" - the son of Philip.

Emmanuel Vitorgan (80 years old)

In honor of this actor, you can safely make a rating of fathers who are over 80. Yes, you heard right, less than a month ago Clara, the youngest daughter of 80-year-old Emmanuel Vitorgan and his 58-year-old wife Irina Mlodik (third wife), turned one year old. She was born a year after the birth of her older sister Ethel. And Ethel and Klara also have a sister Ksenia (born in 1966) and a brother Maxim (born in 1972) - they appeared in the first and second marriage of Emmanuel Gedeonovich.

Can you imagine how surprised the fans were when in 2018 the 78-year-old artist became a father of many children?

As Irina admitted in an interview, her health problems did not allow her to acquire heirs earlier. But now the personal accounts of newly minted parents resemble a blog about parenting.

The couple regularly publishes photos and videos of joint walks with girls, entertainment, events. After such shots, you never doubt your sincere desire to become parents even after 50 years.

Boris Galkin (72 years old)

Like Richard Gere, Boris Galkin first became a father not at 20, 30 or even 40 years old. If a Hollywood actor has an heir at 50, then his Russian counterpart - at 70! Baby Anna was born 2 months before the anniversary of her famous father.

Yes, there was a period when the actor himself did not want children, and then it didn’t work. Only in his third marriage with film critic Elena Demidova did he feel the joys of fatherhood. Boris adopted a son and daughter Elena (Vladislav and Maria). But troubles rolled over one after another. At the 39th year of life, Vladislav Galkin died due to cardiac arrest, and this loss was followed by the divorce of Elena and Boris.

The meeting with the singer Inna Razumikhina helped the actor find the strength to survive this black streak.

Soon after they met, the couple became engaged, and about 4 years after the wedding, Boris had a daughter, Anna. By the way, for Irina, this is also the first experience of motherhood, since previous attempts to get pregnant ended in failure. The main thing is that now the couple is happy, and the child is growing up in love.

Vladimir Steklov (72 years old)

Vladimir Steklov was never famous for his desire to tell something about his personal life. Moreover, it's not just about the media. It happened that even colleagues did not know about the turning points in the history of the famous actor.

Many were surprised to learn about the young passion of Vladimir (Irina Deryagina is 34 years younger than her chosen one). Not to mention the fact that in 2018 the 70-year-old actor became a father of many children.

Judging by Instagram, Vladimir Aleksandrovich is full of enthusiasm and, like a young dad, is again learning the delights of parenting. In microblogging, you can hardly find his own photographs - Arina is slowly taking over the social territory of the famous dad.

Despite the exemplary family relationship, the actor is in no hurry to marry.

Who knows, perhaps due to unsuccessful previous official relations. At the moment, Vladimir has three marriages behind his shoulders, in which his two eldest daughters appeared - Agrippina (47 years old) and Glafira (23 years old).

By the way, the Russian actor can boast not only of late paternity, but also of the status of a great-grandfather!


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