How To Live If Dad Sings: Cult Rock Musicians And Their Families

How To Live If Dad Sings: Cult Rock Musicians And Their Families
How To Live If Dad Sings: Cult Rock Musicians And Their Families

Video: How To Live If Dad Sings: Cult Rock Musicians And Their Families

Video: How To Live If Dad Sings: Cult Rock Musicians And Their Families
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Rock stars are believed to be unreliable, walk a lot and lead an overly hectic lifestyle. They get married, have children, break up, marry again. However, like all ordinary people. And when we look at all these "charts of the wildest rock artists" sometimes the question arises: what are they at home? How do they treat their children, how do they behave with their relatives?


Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan and his wife Sarah have four children and another adopted child. The youngest son Jesse said that in the morning, his father loved to read the Bible, while eating his read with cornflakes and drinking beer.

Bob Dylan is a true rock legend. The musician says that the day he first heard Elvis, he realized that he would never work "for his uncle" again. Dylan seemed to be breaking out of prison. Since then, this is the musician we know.

Kurt Cobain

The Cobain family's happiness was short-lived, as was the life of a cult musician. Two years after the birth of his daughter, Francis Bean Kurt died. His life was like a roller coaster. By the way, their relationship with actress Courtney Love was just as unpredictable. Courtney sought the attention of the musician for several months, while he doubted and pondered that he wanted to be a bachelor for another year. Nevertheless, the wedding took place in the same year on a Hawaiian beach in Waikiki: Courtney was in a dress, and Kurt got married in pajamas because he was too lazy to put on a suit.

When Frances was born, the Cobains were long pursued by the US Department of Childhood Affairs. Kurt and Courtney were suspected of using drugs, and would-be parents had to constantly pass tests. Their daughter Frances Bean Cobain is now alive and also makes music.

Iggy Pop

The eternally half-naked Iggy Pop was also married, and three times. He has a son, Eric, who never spoke about his father in an interview, but worked as his tour manager for 15 years. Mad Iggy is known to us for his eccentric demeanor, but in conversations with reporters he repeatedly said that at some point in his life he realized that health is more important. “I've got enough qigong to live in show business,” says Iggy.

Ozzy Osbourne

“I will never forget the day I married Sharon because it was US Independence Day,” said heavy metal godfather Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon and Ozzy managed to create the most famous rock family. They wrote about them and their three children and are still writing about them in the newspapers, and MTV even shot the series "Osborne". True, the paparazzi are constantly trying to quarrel or separate them. But we know how strong hardened metal is!

Mick Jagger

Jagger has been married twice. In total, he has four long-term novels, after which the musician can be called a daddy seven children at once. Model Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger already have four offspring, and all of them now also work in show business.

Elvis Presley

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the king of rock and roll, recalls that Elvis was the most ordinary father. When he was at home, he could even get up in the middle of the night to sing a lullaby to a crying child. And we can imagine how the lullaby performed by Elvis Presley sounded.

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