Alexander Samoilenko: Love Euphoria Is Raging In My Head

Alexander Samoilenko: Love Euphoria Is Raging In My Head
Alexander Samoilenko: Love Euphoria Is Raging In My Head

Video: Alexander Samoilenko: Love Euphoria Is Raging In My Head

Video: Alexander Samoilenko: Love Euphoria Is Raging In My Head
Video: Shinedown - State Of My Head (Official Video) 2023, June

Actor, director, producer and restaurateur Alexander Samoilenko shared with Vecherka stories about work and family.


- At the beginning of June, the series "Consequences" was released with your participation. For him, they were looking for artists not for a specific role, but for the project itself. Tell us how you work in it?

- When Alexander Kott invited me to audition, the script was not yet ready, there was only a synopsis. I was delighted with the offer because I wanted to work with this director. I will say more - I have never played such a dramatic role. This is interesting - you are not playing some kind of character or image, which is easier, but you need to convey the real feelings of an ordinary person who is in a stressful situation. Perhaps this is the most difficult thing for an actor.

- Your character in the series is the father of three daughters. In your filmography, you often play the role of the dad of one of the heroes. Why is this and what do you think is the secret of an ideal father?

- That age - I hope in a few years I will start playing grandfathers. You know, although I have four children, I cannot say that I am a mature father and know how to raise them.

And I'm not playing as a dad as such, but as a person who cares about people, about their children, just as I do in life. In general, I am used to making money and giving money to my family so that everything is good for my family from a material point of view. But I can't say that I am the dad who plays with children. Although, if you remember my father, who has not been with us for more than twenty years and whom I love very much, he did not play with me much either. I don’t remember that we spent a lot of time together, but the presence of my father in my life is still there. I often think about what he would do, what he would pay attention to, what book he would choose … There is this invisible feeling of his presence. Probably, this should be the case with any parent.

- In your life you have three sons and a daughter. How different is the attitude towards them? Was the girl especially expected? And how to raise many children at once?

- I have all children from different mothers, so they rarely get together. But everyone is loved, I have enough time for them.

The eldest has two children himself. The average guy is also an adult, already with a girl he lives his own life. The youngest will soon be eleven, of course, I love him very much, because he is the youngest. And now a daughter was born, whom I was waiting for. And for me this is the pinnacle of happiness! With a daughter is a completely different matter than with boys. Now she is with me, the rest are with their mothers.

- And what is the feeling of love for a woman for you? How does it manifest itself in you personally?

- If we are talking about the feeling of falling in love, then this is some kind of internal euphoria - it’s so easy in your head, you don’t want to sleep, you want to spend all your time with this person, communicate, not pay attention to anything else. This is a kind of madness that makes you do things that you would never do in ordinary life. But with age, this feeling, unfortunately, rarely occurs.

- And a calmer love, insistent, sustained over time?

- With the girl with whom we live, who gave birth to my child, together for six years, we went through a huge number of difficulties (with his wife Natalia Gromova. - "VM"). And they diverged and converged - there the difference in age made itself felt, but now there is a pacification. Although I am always afraid of appeasement - something bad is happening in it. So let the fight be better! It's calmer with her.

- You mentioned the age difference. They say that if a person is a generation older than you, there is nothing to communicate with him.

- For me, a person of any generation is definitely interesting. If I can find something in it, what difference does it make what age it is? Also, if a person wants to learn something new all the time, then he will always be interesting. If a person does not care about everything, then I will be the same with him. With those who are aimed at finding new information, new experiences, it is interesting, no matter how old they are. The age difference, it seems to me, between my wife and I is extreme - over twenty years. More, in my opinion, should not be, although it happens for forty years, but I would not have understood this.

- It is believed that a man should provide for his family. You yourself earn money in different ways - in the restaurant business, in the acting profession, in radio programs, in the production company. What is more interesting for you to do? Why did you try different directions?

- It all started in the nineties, when I began to do things that were not typical for me - first to administer, then restaurants, then something else. I did it forcibly, and when I returned to the profession, it was not enough for me alone. That's why I started producing. By the way, this process is also very interesting. Today, in modern cinema, the key figure is more often the producer, in his hands the whole process from the script to the final stages of production and distribution. Now in my film company we are finishing the first full-length film - the children's film "The Soul of a Pirate". And for a month now we have not been able to find the right voice-over to voice a dog - this is a children's film, and all the details are important. So - this is also the decision not of the director, but of the producers. Of course, I really love acting, especially when there is a good director or a good script, as, for example, it was with Klim Shipenko and the film "Kholop" or now with Alexander Kott.


Alexander Samoilenko was born on March 28, 1964 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). In 1985 he graduated from the Boris Shchukin Theater School. In the filmography of about a hundred roles, including the TV series "Maroseyka, 12", "Daddy's daughters", films "Kholop", "Salyut-7", "Arrhythmia" and others.

Descendant of the governor's groom

Alexander Samoilenko was born into the family of a doctor of hydrobiological sciences and a school teacher. By the way, Alexandra's grandmother was a cook, and her great-grandfather was the governor's personal groom (stirrup).

Owns a private club

Together with Maxim Sukhanov, the actor owns several restaurants, one of which was a closed acting club, and it was possible to get into it only with a special pass. Once they did not even want to let Boris Berezovsky there.

After the accident, he parted with his wife

The artist survived a serious accident. During the accident, he knocked out the glass with his head and was seriously injured, after which he was recovering in the hospital for several months, and his ex-wife Elena helped him in this. A difficult life test led to depression and separation.

Fourth marriage

Alexander Samoylenko has four marriages and four children. Son Stepan is a lawyer, Alexander is an actor and illusionist, the youngest son Prokhor and daughter Eva, who was born last summer. Also, at one time, the artist met with actress Olga Lomonosova. Now he is married to actress and producer Natalia Gromova.

Mother did not support the choice of profession

Little Sasha took part in amateur performances. He made his debut in the fourth grade. After school I decided to enter the theater university in Moscow. The mother did not support this idea, but the father gave his permission, but on the condition that the young man has only one attempt to conquer the professional theatrical stage. The guy entered the Shchukin school in a competition of 450 people for a place.

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