Parents Of Late Schoolchildren Are Phoned Due To Suicides In "Tik-Tok"

Parents Of Late Schoolchildren Are Phoned Due To Suicides In "Tik-Tok"
Parents Of Late Schoolchildren Are Phoned Due To Suicides In "Tik-Tok"

Video: Parents Of Late Schoolchildren Are Phoned Due To Suicides In "Tik-Tok"

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- Why isn't Ani in class yet? - The daughter's teacher is interested in WhatsApp.

- It will be right now, it will be late, - I answer.

Today there are hundreds of such calls in Novosibirsk alone. Teachers have a special order: to pay attention to each teenager and not to miss something strange in the behavior of schoolchildren. Preventive work began the day before: messages about the need to be especially vigilant with children in parental chats in instant messengers were literally full of messages.

- Pay attention, tomorrow a terrible thing can happen! Teenagers on social networks are pushed to do scary things, keep an eye on your children - parents send each other in chats.

Officially, law enforcement agencies do not comment on the situation: neither the Investigative Committee, nor the police, nor the FSB confirm information about mass prevention of children's suicides or special orders sent to schools. However, the correspondent of "Precedent" got a memo, which is being distributed to educational institutions of Russia.

- Dear parents! In recent days, calls to commit a “mass suicide” on March 3, 2021, have begun to appear on various resources (in particular, on the Tik-Tok social network),”says the methodological material sent to Novosibirsk schools. - We all know that children and adolescents are distinguished by curiosity, they are characterized by "posturing" and a desire to test the strength of generally accepted rules, breaking them. All of the above, with the unscrupulous leadership of interested persons, can drag the child into illegal actions and turn into a very deplorable situation. If your child actively uses social networks, in particular the Tik-Tok network, then it is necessary to especially strengthen parental control."

As it became known to the correspondent of "Precedent" from a source in law enforcement agencies, videos calling for suicide did appear in "Tik-Tok", but all of them were promptly removed by cybersecurity specialists.

The Ministry of Education is also working to prevent suicide in the school environment. However, teachers try to speak on this topic with caution, with an amendment to the fact, "no matter how worse it is."

- I prefer not to publicly cover such topics in view of the fact that there are children who do not know about it. I approach this issue very carefully and carefully, - Oksana Vasilenko, head of staff at the Ministry of Education of the Novosibirsk Region. - Special thanks to the owners of social networks "Tik-Tok", who blocked these videos. Hashtags are also blocked. There is no activity, as it used to be in the Blue Whales, now. Children themselves react to this now much more calmly than adults. But you need to carefully monitor the interests of your children on any day. The education system is aware of these things, and we ensure that teenagers are as busy as possible.

Teachers are asking this Wednesday, March 3, to still be more attentive to their children. Ask if nothing happened to the teenager at school. Here are the facts that teachers are asked to look at.

It is important to see the signs of emotional distress in time:

1. Statements about unwillingness to live: “it will all be over soon”, “you have

there will be no more problems with me "," I'm tired of everything, I don't

needed "and so on.

2. Frequent mood swings.

3. Changes in the usual diet, sleep.

4. Absent-mindedness, inability to concentrate.

5. The desire for solitude.

6. Loss of interest in favorite activities.

7. Distribution of things that are significant (valuable) for the child.

8. Pessimistic statements: “I will not succeed”, “I don’t

I can”and so on.

nine.A sharp decline in academic performance, missed lessons.

10. Use of psychoactive substances.

11. Excessive interest in the topic of death.

P / S. At the moment, fortunately, there are no suicide attempts by schoolchildren in the Novosibirsk region.

Elena Otmakhova

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