Give Birth At 40+: Stars Who Decided On Their First Child In Adulthood

Give Birth At 40+: Stars Who Decided On Their First Child In Adulthood
Give Birth At 40+: Stars Who Decided On Their First Child In Adulthood

Video: Give Birth At 40+: Stars Who Decided On Their First Child In Adulthood

Video: Give Birth At 40+: Stars Who Decided On Their First Child In Adulthood
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Each of these famous beauties had their own reason to postpone motherhood until later.


We have already told you about celebrities who gave birth after 40 years. But it is one thing to give birth to a second, third or fifth child at this age, and quite another to do it for the first time.

On Diana Kruger's birthday (June 15, the actress will celebrate her 43rd birthday) "Letidor" decided to remember just such the most daring Hollywood divas.

Diane Kruger (first became a mother at 42)

When the star of the film "Inglourious Basterds" in an interview in 2011 directly stated that he did not believe in marriage, "Letidor" had already prepared to put Diana Kruger on the list of stars who are unlikely to ever be ripe for creating a family and having a child.

But after a few years, the actress changed her point of view. Kruger's star catwalk in a long, soft blue Armani Prive dress on the red carpet at the 71st Cannes Film Festival gave fans hope that she did decide to become a mother.

The actress hid her interesting position to the last. The fact that in November 2018 something important happened in Diana's life, fans began to guess thanks to a photo that appeared on Instagram of her beloved Norman Reedus.

The actor posted a picture showing a palm holding a little mermaid.

Kruger showed her daughter only 5 months later.

And even then only because I was tired of hiding from the paparazzi.

Eva Mendes (first became a mother at 40)

Here is one of the most ardent childfree in Hollywood. At least before, Eva Mendes stubbornly insisted that marriage is a relic of the past, and children are an eternal headache.

It was rumored that her relationship with Ryan Gosling broke up in 2013 precisely because of her unwillingness to become a mother.

Either longing for Gosling, or a global reassessment of values did their job: in September 2014, the couple had a daughter, Esmeralda.

It is interesting that the star of the film "Ghost Rider" got used to the role of a mother so much that, unlike other colleagues in the shop, she was in no hurry to return to perfect shape. And less than a year after the birth of her daughter, she became pregnant with her second baby.

Daughter Amanda Lee was born when the star mother was 43 years old!

This woman does not belong to the category of actresses who flirt with fans in order to please everyone. She does not hesitate to admit that at the age of 30 she was not ready to become a mother.

Moreover, Salma Hayek declares that her daughter Valentina was lucky to be born to a 40-year-old mother.

Although, of course, Valentina was lucky not only with a "balanced" mom (as the actress herself calls herself), but also with a more than successful dad.

In September 2007, a few days after her 41st birthday, the star of Frida gave billionaire François-Henri Pinault a daughter.

Linda Evangelista (first became a mother at 41)

Salma Hayek and Linda Evangelista have in common not only the fact that they both first experienced the joy of motherhood at 41 years old. Their children have one father. Yes Yes! Only here the personal life of the Mexican woman was somewhat more successful than that of the Canadian.

The French businessman dumped the top model as soon as she saw two stripes on the test. And not only gave up, but returned to the arms of the actress, with whom they (wow, what a coincidence) already dreamed of children with might and main.

Linda Evangelista gave birth to a son, Augustine, about a year before the birth of their daughter Hayek and Pino.

The top model brings up the boy alone. But don't think that everything is so sad. The billionaire (although he did not want to), by a court order, will pay his blood offspring almost 50 thousand dollars a month until his 18th birthday.

Kim Basinger (first became a mother at 41)

In fact, Kim could very well have become a mom before she was 30, because she was happily married to make-up artist Ron Britton. But at that time, the beauty Kim Basinger was busy with other things: she starred for Playboy magazine and shone as a Bond girl in the movie Never Say Never.

For motherhood, Kim matured and found time only 10 years later. Smoothly pushed her to this second husband - Alec Baldwin. He was so crazy about his beautiful wife that he literally begged the actress to give him a child.

Ireland was born in 1995 - a couple of months before her mother's 42nd birthday.

By the way, after the divorce from Baldwin, our heroine was no longer married and did not give a brother or sister to her daughter.

Interestingly, the doctors who brought 23-year-old Halle Berry out of the coma could have assumed that, despite juvenile diabetes, she would decide to become a mother? Hardly

Moreover, the star admitted more than once in an interview that doctors told her in plain text that one could not even dream of pregnancy.

But the famous actress not only did not leave the thought of children, she decided on them.

And she did it at a very respectable age.

5 months before her 42nd birthday, the star of the movie "Ball of Monsters" gave the model Gabriel Aubrey a daughter, Nala. And after another 3 years, Berry gave her husband Olivier Martinez a son, Maceo.

Mariah Carey (first became a mother at 41)

Let the singer to motherhood was not only long enough, but also difficult. She managed to get pregnant not from the first or even from the third time. When Mariah Carey was tired of failures (the star had a miscarriage), she and her husband Nick Cannon decided on an IVF procedure.

The owner of five Grammy statuettes spent almost the entire pregnancy alone, under the supervision of specialists (Carrie suffered from preeclampsia and gestational diabetes). But at the end of April 2011 she became the mother of charming twins - Monroe and Moroccan.


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