Rescue Technique: Medical Equipment For The Smallest Patients

Rescue Technique: Medical Equipment For The Smallest Patients
Rescue Technique: Medical Equipment For The Smallest Patients

Video: Rescue Technique: Medical Equipment For The Smallest Patients

Video: Rescue Technique: Medical Equipment For The Smallest Patients
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In November, the world celebrates World Prematurity Day. Every year on the planet, about 15 million children are born prematurely, in other words, on average, it is every tenth child. Many countries are now taking steps to reduce premature infant mortality. This problem is being addressed at the state level and in Russia - within the framework of the priority national project "Health".


More than 20 perinatal centers have already been opened in different regions of the country, where babies weighing 500 grams or more are nursed. The construction of the centers was implemented with the participation of the State Corporation Rostec, and the Shvabe holding supplies neonatal equipment to doctors. About the holding's developments that save small lives - in our material.

Shvabe Holding: Responsible for the Most Fragile

The Shvabe holding, which is part of the Rostec State Corporation, unites developers and manufacturers of high-tech optical products. Today, in addition to optics, the holding also produces medical equipment, including a line of advanced neonatal equipment.

For more than 20 years, the Shvabe neonatal technique has been saving children's lives. More than two million premature newborns survived thanks to incubators and other devices of the holding. Shvabe enterprises produce a whole series of neonatal devices. These are incubators for newborns, neonatal tables for postpartum resuscitation of children, phototherapy devices for treating neonatal jaundice and other devices. Rostec's neonatal equipment is in demand not only in Russia and the CIS countries, but also abroad. In 2020, various newborn devices went to Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Slovenia.

Apgar timer

One of the auxiliary devices for perinatologists is the apgar-timer - a module for assessing the state of a newborn according to the Apgar scale. The timer helps doctors to make a quick assessment in the first hour of life, which is also called the "golden hour", very much depends on prompt and accurate help at this time. Apgar-timer "Shvabe" prompts perinatologists with the help of sound signals when it is necessary to conduct the next assessment of the condition. In addition, in metronome mode, it helps doctors synchronize their actions during artificial ventilation or chest compressions.

Intensive care incubator for newborns IDN-03

Incubator IDN-03 is used for resuscitation and nursing of premature and weakened children. This device is used in neonatal pathology departments, intensive care units and intensive care units. With its help, doctors automatically monitor the body temperature of weakened babies, air temperature, its relative humidity, as well as oxygen concentration and body weight. The incubator IDN-03 consists of a baby module, a control panel with a color display and a mobile stand with an automatic leveling system and the ability to conduct radiography. The module is equipped with six windows for access to the newborn. Incubators IDN-03 are manufactured at the regional enterprise of the Shvabe holding - the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant named after E. S. Yalamov.

Portable incubator Bonny

This mobile incubator model is designed for transporting newborns in healthcare facilities or using ambulances. "Bonnie" is able to maintain heat inside the module, measure the child's body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and much more. It can be used to transport children weighing from 1 to 6 kg. The incubator is completely autonomous from external power sources. The Bonnie body reliably protects the child from cold, noise and vibration. The development of the Shvabe holding received prizes and diplomas of international exhibitions of medical equipment.

Infrared heater "Radiant heat - BONO"

To soften the transition of a child from one environment to another, which is especially important for premature babies, additional sources of heat are used in maternity hospitals and perinatal centers. The "Radiant Heat - BONO" heater is used during resuscitation or light treatment of newborns. The device has ample opportunities for settings and automatic operation. Audible and visual alarm systems indicate parameter changes. The ceramic heating element of the device does not require regular maintenance. "Radiant Heat - BONO" can be built into various medical equipment and used as a light source.

System for phototherapy "BiliFlex"

Physiological jaundice of newborns - staining of the skin and mucous membranes in yellow - is associated with an increase in the amount of bile pigment bilirubin in the blood. With the help of the device "BiliFlex" it is possible to reduce the concentration of indirect (unbound) bilirubin in the child's blood. The device is based on the effect of high-intensity therapeutic light on the skin of the newborn. Due to the absence of harmful infrared or UV radiation, BiliFlex is absolutely safe for both patients and doctors. A fiber-optic cloth with super-bright LEDs is used as a light source. The light covers 90% of the baby's body and effectively relieves the symptoms of jaundice. BiliFlex is easy to use, so it can be used even at home.

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