How To Organize Childbirth Abroad: Instructions

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How To Organize Childbirth Abroad: Instructions
How To Organize Childbirth Abroad: Instructions

Video: How To Organize Childbirth Abroad: Instructions

Video: How To Organize Childbirth Abroad: Instructions
Video: Giving Birth Abroad - the essential guide for expats expecting. 2023, March

Lya Shevtsova, translator and mother of two girls (3 years and 5 months), has been living in Spain for over 10 years and helps other mothers to organize childbirth in clinics in Barcelona. We asked her as an expert to tell the readers of Letidor what needs to be done to give birth in another country.

Step 1. Choose a country


The first thing to do is to decide on the choice of the country. Where do you want to give birth? It is advisable to start thinking about this as soon as the second trimester begins.

To make your choice, answer the question: why do you want to give birth abroad.

The goal could be:

obtaining a second citizenship for a child;

reliable and comfortable childbirth in a serious clinic;

desire to enjoy the warmth, sun and sea in the last months of pregnancy.

Choose based on your ultimate goals.

For example, people come to Barcelona for childbirth, because in the future this gives the child the right to obtain Spanish citizenship.

Plus a high level of medicine. And, of course, the mild climate, sun, sea.

shared with the country? Move on!

Step 2. Choosing a clinic

Here you have to rely on what is of principle for you. If natural childbirth is important to you, so that there is skin-to-skin contact (this is when the baby is placed on your stomach right after birth) and to give the umbilical cord a pulse, then look for a clinic with the status "Mother and Baby Friendly".

And if, for example, you want to give birth vertically, then you need a clinic where vertical childbirth is practiced.

It is very important to choose the right clinic. For example, it must have an intensive care unit. Just in case.

it is better to give preference to large, serious clinics.

Step 3. Contacting the clinic

You can write or call the clinic. Of course, it's better to call. Since they can answer by mail with a delay or not answer at all.

Clarify all the details, namely:

  • what week of pregnancy you can arrive (usually the first visit to the clinic should take place no later than the 35th week);
  • how pregnant women are monitored in this clinic;
  • how often to see a doctor;
  • what language the doctor speaks;
  • what documents you need to bring with you to process documents for the child;
  • how long will the paperwork take.

This is an important point. For example, in Barcelona, if you try, then documents for a child can be issued in 2 weeks. But there are countries where it can take up to 2 months. Check the dates in advance.

Is everything okay? Make an appointment.

Of course, if you don't know the language, you will need a translator at this stage. You will also need his services during the trip. But it's better to hire a local, so at least you don't have to spend money on tickets and accommodation for him.

In addition, choose a person who not only knows the language, but also understands medicine in this particular city.

That is, if it is an assistant who can be called in case of a problem at any time.

Step 4. Making a trip plan

But first you need to decide:

  • how many times during pregnancy will you come: 1-2 times, or maybe you will come right away for childbirth;
  • if you are immediately for childbirth, then what week do you plan to arrive;
  • how many weeks after giving birth will you return home.

For example: you can arrive at the 32nd week and already stay for the birth itself. And leave in 3-4 weeks after giving birth. Or you can come several times for pregnancy, undergo examinations and take tests at the clinic in which you will give birth.

Everything is at your discretion. But, having decided in advance and drawing up a plan, it will be easier for you to organize everything. So you will understand how long to rent an apartment.

It is imperative to think over who will help the young mother when she gives birth.

Working dads cannot be around for a long time and return to Russia. Therefore, think about who will be with you the first time: grandmother, sister, friend Decide in advance the issue of a visa for this person!

none of the acquaintances will be able to go, that is, the option to find an assistant on the spot. But remember that this will be a stranger with whom you will have to find a common language.

Step 5. Obtaining a visa

but the clinic where you will give birth will issue an invitation for a visa. He will be sent after the conclusion of the contract for childbirth and receipt of payment from you.

Step 6. Find an apartment

the hotel will be expensive. Therefore, you need to look for an apartment or an apartment that is rented for a short period, that is, by weeks and months.

Step 7. We arrive for childbirth

squeeze and bring all documents on pregnancy management (test results and ultrasound images).

Step 8. We draw up documents for the child

After giving birth, you draw up documents for the child. How it happens in Spain: when you check out, you will be given documents that you need to fill out. With them, you need to go to the local registry office and issue a Spanish birth certificate for the child. After that, you go to the consulate of your country and apply for citizenship and a passport for your child. Then you return home and enjoy motherhood!

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