Large And Low-income Families Were Given Food Kits

Large And Low-income Families Were Given Food Kits
Large And Low-income Families Were Given Food Kits

Last weekend, the "Care is near" campaign ended. Families in difficult life situations received food packages. How the action went, the Vechernyaya Moskvy correspondent knows.


The self-isolation regime has seriously affected the budget of large, low-income families and parents with disabled children. The Center for Social Assistance to Families and Children "Family" decided to support them by distributing food kits. The action was held with the support of the Tagansky District Administration.

“We have collected sets, which included oatmeal porridge, instant soups, a mixture for baking French buns, as well as compotes, jelly, chicory and coffee,” Tatiana Troitskaya, head of the Center for Social Assistance, told the VM correspondent. - If the family has more than three children, they were given two sets, but in case of urgent need they were provided with more food.

Among those who needed help was the family of Svetlana Bazarova. A woman is raising three children with her husband. During the self-isolation regime, the firm where she worked went bankrupt.

- We got a call from the center and offered food. Our middle daughter receives similar kits at school, and our son in kindergarten. Therefore, at first we thought to refuse and suggested that the food should be received by those families who do not have such support either. But it turned out that there are enough kits for everyone. Any little thing is pleasant, - says Svetlana Bazarova.

In total, 378 families were supported in this way.

- In a pandemic, some families found themselves in a difficult situation. Someone temporarily did not go to work, someone's salary level dropped. Therefore, our action is timely, - emphasized Alexander Mishakov, head of the district council.

For those residents who, for some reason, could not come to get their kit, volunteers took the food straight home. So, the psychologist of the center Elena Gerasimova visited the mother of many children, Anastasia Popova.

- I am raising four children without a husband, - said Anastasia. - We had a hard time. Of course, for large families, help in the form of food kits is now perhaps the most necessary thing that can be obtained.


At the time of the pandemic, the Tagansky District Administration organized a commission to provide targeted material assistance. Families who do not have the opportunity to independently purchase large household appliances, medicines that are not included in the compulsory medical insurance policy, or pay for expensive treatment can apply there. The requests of residents will be considered by the council and the Department of Social Protection of the District Population.

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