Children Under The Age Of 16 Were Offered Not To Be Dropped Off For Free Travel

Children Under The Age Of 16 Were Offered Not To Be Dropped Off For Free Travel
Children Under The Age Of 16 Were Offered Not To Be Dropped Off For Free Travel

Video: Children Under The Age Of 16 Were Offered Not To Be Dropped Off For Free Travel

Video: Children Under The Age Of 16 Were Offered Not To Be Dropped Off For Free Travel
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Perhaps some conductors have their humanity removed when applying for a job. Therefore, from time to time, stories appear in the news feed, as somewhere the conductors or controllers dropped another child out of public transport and threw it in the middle of the road. Frost, mud, deaf forest around - it doesn't matter: poor children have to walk.


It seems that this was the reasoning of the conductor in Bryansk, who dropped off the 12-year-old schoolgirl at the bus stop last fall.

As the girl's mother said in social networks, the child ran out of money on the transport card. As a result, the child had to walk several kilometers to the house. As often happens, troubles go in batches: the schoolgirl still ran out of battery on her phone, and there was no way to warn her parents about an unplanned walk.

But this is still a soft option. In Nizhny Novgorod a year ago, in winter, a conductor in a minibus dropped a teenage girl out into the cold for trying to pay in small change. The child had coins of one or two rubles, and also copper coins of 50 and 10 kopecks. But this is quite legal money. Nevertheless, the conductor considered that the coppers demean his dignity, and left the schoolgirl alone in the winter on the side of the road in the dark.

The dislike of controllers to "hares" is understandable. But why does the anger of some transport workers extend to children as well?

Be that as it may, the Russian government has prepared a draft amendment to the "Charter of road transport and urban land electric transport." The initiative proposes by law to prohibit the disembarkation of children from buses who did not have tickets in their hands.

The bill has been submitted to the State Duma. Now the State Duma Committee on Transport and Construction has sent the document to the mailing list to collect feedback. The package with the document also includes the draft amendments to the Administrative Code.

"The prepared initiatives are aimed at eliminating the existing gaps," says Vladimir Gruzdev, chairman of the board of the Russian Lawyers' Association.

According to him, if minors under the age of 16 follow without adults, then neither the controllers nor the drivers will have the right to force them to get off the bus. Even if the child does not have a ticket, he must be given the opportunity to return home.

“Questions in such cases should be asked to his parents. There are facts when stowaway children were dropped out of public transport in cases where their health and even their lives were at risk,” says Vladimir Gruzdev. the right to demand identity documents from passengers. In addition, the draft amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses proposes attributing to administrative responsibility the transportation of children without a ticket, the travel of which is subject to payment, including partial ".

The project is supposed to allow inspectors on public transport to demand passports from passengers. As the Minister of Transport of Russia Yevgeny Dietrich specified at one time, the regions will be able to give such a right to the controllers at their discretion.

“Today it is also a big problem - to bring a free rider to responsibility for travel, since until now only law enforcement agencies have been vested with the right to demand such documents,” Yevgeny Dietrich said.

According to him, in general, the draft law will allow for a more detailed regulation of the rights of citizens in the process of relations with controllers, and more clearly spell out the powers of the controllers themselves.

By the way, among other things, it is proposed to introduce an interesting norm. It so happens that a person is confused and could not immediately find a ticket. He will, of course, be dropped off. But if he then finds a ticket, he will be able to contact the carrier, and the transport company within ten days will return the "fare in proportion to the distance not traveled."

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