An Official Check Of The School Is Completed, Where Students Staged A Picket Against A Bully Classmate

An Official Check Of The School Is Completed, Where Students Staged A Picket Against A Bully Classmate
An Official Check Of The School Is Completed, Where Students Staged A Picket Against A Bully Classmate

Video: An Official Check Of The School Is Completed, Where Students Staged A Picket Against A Bully Classmate

Video: An Official Check Of The School Is Completed, Where Students Staged A Picket Against A Bully Classmate
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The Department of Education of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk revealed shortcomings in the work of the school administration, whose students went to a rally demanding to protect them from a bully classmate. RT was informed about this in the department. Earlier, children and their parents have repeatedly complained about a difficult child who interfered with the educational process. Now the third grader, who terrorized his comrades, has been transferred to home schooling. Law enforcement agencies have already become interested in the situation that has developed in the educational institution.


On Sakhalin, an official check at school 21 was completed, the students of which came out with placards at a picket demanding to save them from a bully classmate. This was announced to RT by Leonid Tamonov, Deputy Director of the Education Department of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Administration.

“The situation arose in the last academic year, the child, interfering with the educational process, was transferred to correspondence courses. But on September 1, he returned to full-time education and had a fight with a classmate. Parents, recalling previous incidents, were outraged that a difficult child had returned and was terrorizing children again. They turned to the media for help, "an official told RT.

According to him, the inspection carried out by the department revealed a number of shortcomings in the work of the school administration.

“The check is over. An act was drawn up, some violations were revealed in the documentation related to educational and educational activities. There have been no personnel reshuffles yet,”Tamonov explained.

Problem child

Yuzhno-Sakhalin School 21 was in the spotlight on September 3, when third-graders staged a picket outside the educational institution. The children asked to be protected from a classmate who, according to them, prevented them from studying peacefully.

In their hands, the schoolchildren were holding posters with the inscriptions: "I am scared to go to school", "I also have the right to study in peace" and "I do not want to watch my classmates being strangled and beaten."

Parents of students who were picketing the school told RT that their children do not want to study with Vladimir Chernov (name has been changed - RT).

According to one of the mothers, Chernov, even in the first grade, began to show aggression not only towards other children, but also towards teachers.

“It only got worse further,” the woman says. - Even if we do not take into account hooliganism, fights with classmates and assault on the teacher, this child daily disrupts lessons, uses profanity, insults children and adults. He also humiliated a classmate by taking off his pants and underpants in front of the whole class. He regularly spoils the school supplies of children, taking away their personal belongings. Vladimir demonstrates his genitals to everyone, urinates in class during recess, urinates on the notebooks of his classmates, teaches the curious how to access sites "for adults."

The woman notes that she and other parents tried to talk to the boy's mother, but she only asked to get into the position.

“At the parent meeting, Vladimir’s mother argued that the son was a difficult child and was behaving this way because of the death of his father,” the mother of another student explains to RT. - We reacted with understanding, explained to our children that we need to be more tolerant and, perhaps, a friendly attitude will correct everything. But it didn't help."

At the same time, according to the parents, under his mother, Vladimir behaved like an exemplary boy, and at school he was a hooligan, disrupted lessons and beat classmates.

Collective complaints

As the parents note, after it became clear that the mother could not influence the son, they began to ask to remove this child from the class. According to them, they wrote dozens of collective complaints to the school, guardianship, police and education department, but all of them were ignored.

“The social teacher of our school had a conversation about how to communicate with Vova:“Do not react to shouts, bad words, insults, shocks, blows, do not look into the eyes.” That is, they created a situation in which 29 children of 8-9 years old were driven into a corner, did not have the right to defend themselves, and Vova had complete freedom of action! Vladimir's mother haunts the school with complaints and statements after the fights provoked by her own child,”parents tell RT.

As a result, the parents decided to contact the media. In October 2019, the SAKHALIN INFO website described how parents of schoolchildren in one of the primary grades in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk have been trying to isolate their children from one of the students for more than a year.

“The boy demonstrates his genitals to children and adults, urinates in class, hits children and teachers, throws stones and dirt, grabs and throws other people's things, constantly disrupts lessons … The child's mother, according to the parents, reacts to claims and complaints inadequately, threatens, swears, including in general school groups, once hit one of the women on the playground,”the publication said.

The publicity gave results: the boy was sent home for medical reasons. However, according to his parents, on September 1, 2020, he came to school again, and on the 3rd, he started a fight. After this incident, the children went to the picket.

In turn, the director of MBOU NOSH 21, Alexander Pavlov, told RT that there was no need for parents to contact the media, because this did not affect the solution of the problem in any way.

“When the parents turned to the media, the issue had already been resolved. At 10 am on September 4, it was already decided on the application of the mother to transfer the child to correspondence courses. Initially, my mother, of course, did not want him to continue to study at home, so he came to school, "Pavlov told RT.

In turn, the Department of Education of Yuzhno-Sakhalinka said that after the picket, the school management asked the police to give a legal assessment of the actions of the parents who sent their children to the rally.

The Russian MIA Administration for the Sakhalin Region reported that an inspection is being carried out on the fact of violation of administrative legislation. The regional prosecutor's office is also checking the incident.

Psychologist-psychoanalyst Polina Malakhova, in a conversation with RT, suggested that, in fact, parents and teachers are in conflict with each other.

“In this case, children are of such an age when an adult should have an active role in decision-making. These are the actions of the class teacher, parents and school leaders. The war is not really with the boy, but with those who raise him. And children are here as a tool - in the form of a meeting and other things,”Malakhova believes.

In addition, she added that the boy's behavior may indicate that he needs the help of a specialist.

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