On The Variety Of Ways In The Struggle For Children

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On The Variety Of Ways In The Struggle For Children
On The Variety Of Ways In The Struggle For Children

Video: On The Variety Of Ways In The Struggle For Children

Video: On The Variety Of Ways In The Struggle For Children
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Abduction of children by parents has long become a norm in our country, but the market for services for the "return" of children by means of blackmail and extortion is only gaining momentum. This is done by seemingly innocent organizations. However, it happens that individual representatives of the authorities and even entire structures speculate on the trouble of children.


A seemingly unusual story was told in one of the recent programs "Man and the Law". By a court decision, four-year-old Rodion - the son of Robert and Natalia Golubkov - was supposed to live with his father after his parents divorced. The mother did not see the child for a whole year after parting with her husband and did not really strive for this, but the court decision hurt her. After some time, the son was kidnapped, as in the dashing 90s: when the father and the child were out for a walk, a "nine" drove up to them, the father was beaten, the baby was taken away in an unknown direction. It turned out that despite the prohibition of the child's father, Natalya somehow managed to take her son through Minsk to Israel. They live there to this day.

Natalya's ex-spouse managed to find out that a whole group of people, more precisely, the Stopkidneping organization, participated in the abduction of Rodion. It is, as they call themselves, a volunteer group dedicated to helping parents looking for their stolen children. In fact, the word “stolen” should be put in quotation marks, since we are often talking about finding children who stayed with one of the parents by a court decision, but the other party did not agree with this decision. As a rule, these are mothers, although the courts usually remain on their side.

As stated in the investigation of the journalists of "Man and the Law", the members of this public organization have many cases on their conscience, similar to the story of the theft of Rodion Golubkov. “Volunteers” do not always help mothers in legal ways, their methods are surveillance, beatings, threats, blackmail. Here is an interesting detail: among the devotees of Stopkidneping is the previously convicted Andrei Sidnev, who has 16 years of a strict regime colony behind him. As the investigation of the "Man and the Law" journalists has shown, members of the organization not only take money from mothers for their services, but also blackmail their fathers, demanding that they transfer part of their property - hence the "specialization" of the organization: it takes over the family affairs of not poor alcoholics, but quite wealthy families.

"Santa Barbara" smokes on the sidelines

It is noteworthy that Stopkidneping enjoys the support of high-level officials, including State Duma deputies and their assistants. This was also found out by the authors of the story about the activities of an organization that does not even have its own website. But the participation of the mighty of this world in the division of children suffering from parental separation is not uncommon. This was shown by the scandalous story of young people from St. Petersburg - Andrei Zaitsev and Yulia Shik.

The family of the director of the Museum of Street Art and his unemployed wife broke up last fall after six years of marriage, in which two children were born - Stepan and Fedor. After a family quarrel, Andrei went with the children on vacation. According to him, it was a normal practice to go abroad with children for a couple of months every year after the end of the museum season. Julia was warned about the planned vacation, she gave permission to export the children and even took them to the airport herself. But then, almost immediately, she accused her husband of kidnapping Styopa and Fedya, whom he allegedly decided to hide from his mother in Europe.

The court and the police sided with his father: from the point of view of the law, he just went on vacation without his wife, what kind of theft are we talking about if he took the children out with the consent of his wife? Moreover, the court ordered that both sons must live with Andrei until the divorce. But then Julia decided to go all-in, launching a campaign on her Instagram with the hashtag # andreyvernychildren. She was supported by the instantly formed army of subscribers. Threatening messages rained down on Zaitsev, especially active users called to kidnap the children from their father, despite the fact that he supported the family all the time, leaving his wife's house and paying child support for the maintenance of the children. “When he left the family, he provided for us. I can say that I did not receive more than 70 thousand a month from my husband! " - meanwhile complained in her Instagram about the "poor life" Julia.

The kidnapping charges shocked the director of the street art museum, but he did not interfere with a court ruling that allowed the mother to see her children every week. Andrei offered Julia to conclude an amicable agreement, but she refused, demanding that her husband give the children. Also, Andrei should, in her opinion, fully provide for the three of them and meet with his sons only when Julia herself sees fit. According to her ex-husband, she also demanded that he rewrite the apartment in which he lived and give her large sums of money for personal needs.

The campaign launched by Julius Shik on social media quickly became a big buzz. Entertainment resources, federal media, and popular bloggers also wrote about the family drama. In particular, Lena Miro noted in her post on this topic that “even the court, which is always on the side of the mother, decided to leave the children with Andrei simply because he is able to maintain their usual way of life: diet, circles, classes with teachers. Julia, despite the court's decision, began harassing on the Internet, through the media accused Andrey of kinneping, started an instagram, in which she gained a bunch of subscribers - professional mothers who unconditionally took her side. Curses, threats and promises to steal children - all from strangers, fell on Andrey.

Overresponsible legislator

However, the situation changed overnight, when the speaker of the legislative assembly of St. Petersburg Vyacheslav Makarov took the side of Yulia. It would seem, why such attention of a government official to the problem of an ordinary Petersburg woman? The fact is that Yulia, who had not previously worked, had by that time got a job in the Legislative Assembly as a secretary - and precisely to Makarov. As a result, in August of this year, the court abruptly changed its position: during the divorce proceedings, it ruled that children should live with their mother. Almost simultaneously with this decision, the St. Petersburg parliament drafted amendments to the family code, proposing, in particular, to temporarily restrict the rights of parents who are hiding children from their former spouses in spite of a court decision.

Vyacheslav Makarov, during one briefing, when asked by journalists about his participation in family history, burst into a stormy speech. He said that the case of the spouses, whose names many residents of the northern capital already knew, was under his special control, and the Investigative Committee for the Leningrad Region had already been involved in the work. And then he switched to lunges towards Zaitsev and his parents. “This little family had to be delivered and carried out in dusty bags on their heads and in shackles. So that it was for the edification of others, "- Makarov quotes the publication" Nasha Versiya ".

However, such a strange rhetoric for a government official, bordering on extremism, is not uncommon for a speaker. It is not for nothing that Makarov is called “colonel” behind his back in the city - not only because of his military rank, but also because of his manner of communication - straightforward, like a tank, and does not tolerate objections. At the same time, evil tongues speak, the words and actions of the speaker are not always "distinguished by intelligence and ingenuity," which more than once turned into scandals for Makarov.

At the same time, Vyacheslav Makarov threatened to initiate a case for the murder of children. However, Andrei Zaitsev, having learned about the threats, denied these rumors to Peter TV, which contacted his father and confirmed that the children were alive and everything was fine with them. But why does a parliamentarian provide an ordinary employee with such an ardent support that crosses out the arguments of reason? As suggested by the newspaper "Nasha Versiya", with the 63-year-old speaker, 28-year-old Yulia is connected not only by business relations. True, she is not his only protégé.

Dark affairs

The persona of Vyacheslav Makarov has long attracted the attention of the public and journalists. One of the most recent is the “dacha scandal”. According to an investigation by Novaya Gazeta, he received ten-year lease of social dachas in the village of Solnechny, not far from the Gulf of Finland, on preferential terms. Three summer cottages, intended for veterans of the Great Patriotic War and Chernobyl victims, he was supposedly going to transfer to his mistresses for use.

But, perhaps, soon the series of scandals around the elderly patron Yulia Shik will come to naught, and this is due to the forecasts of experts awaiting the resignation of Vyacheslav Makarov following the resignation of former governor Georgy Poltavchenko. Someone associates this with the general trend of renewing the leadership of the city of federal significance, while others - with the negative background that has accumulated around the chairman of the St. Petersburg parliament.

Julia, meanwhile, continues to wait for support from officials and those whom they patronize. Now she actively advertises on her social networks "Stopkidnapping" and wonders "how many lies fell upon this organization." This "lie", in her opinion, was unearthed by journalists from the program "Man and Law". Yulia Shik firmly believes that "volunteers" will help her return her sons - by all available means.

Zaitsev is ready to go to the world and settle the scandal without injuring the children. “I am in favor of signing an amicable agreement and I want both of us to be able to take part in raising children,” Andrei said in his post. But this outcome of events does not suit his ex-wife, Makarov's protégé. After all, now she gets some advantages from this conflict, and the peaceful division of children will not allow her to continue to gain popularity on the network.

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