5 Good Manners And Habits That Paddington Bear Teaches A Child

5 Good Manners And Habits That Paddington Bear Teaches A Child
5 Good Manners And Habits That Paddington Bear Teaches A Child

Video: 5 Good Manners And Habits That Paddington Bear Teaches A Child

Video: 5 Good Manners And Habits That Paddington Bear Teaches A Child
Video: Good Habits For Children | Good Habits and Manners For Kids In English 2023, March

Find out how a cute cartoon character can help you raise your baby.


If you have watched all the films about Teddy Paddington and are sad without a cute and kind teddy bear, then we have good news for you. Recently on Nick Jr. the premiere of the animated series "The Adventures of Paddington" - the continuation of the story of the Peruvian bear in London, but already in animation, not in cinema. The animated series can be seen at 8:40, 15:25 and 20:40 Moscow time.

On this occasion, we decided to take a closer look at the favorite character of many children and tell you what good manners he can teach your child.

Help those who find themselves in a difficult situation

Paddington knows firsthand about difficulties in life. As conceived by the British writer Michael Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Brown picked him up at a London train station and made him a full-fledged member of their family. He grew up a well-bred bear cub, and now he always extends his paw to help those who need it.

So, in the very first episode of the animated series, the hero will shelter a pigeon with a damaged wing.

The bear will call him Ptitsinton and will take care of him until he gets stronger and wants to fly away. Despite the fact that it will be difficult for Paddington to part with him, he will still let his new friend go with the words:

“If you love someone, you must do what is best for him. Even if it makes you a little sad."

An excellent example for those who do not know how to convey complex things to a child in a simple and understandable way.

Brush your teeth and look after your appearance

"Letidor" has repeatedly talked about how to teach a child to brush his teeth and observe the rules of personal hygiene.

Paddington has a lot to learn, too!

Despite the fact that the bear does not like to swim, he always looks after himself and dresses according to the situation.

In the animated series, a special emphasis is placed on this. For example, in the episode where in the early morning the bear tells Pticinton how to use a toothbrush correctly.

True, the dove will not learn the lesson the first time: but show us the children who will immediately do everything as it should.

Maintain order in the house

In The Adventures of Paddington, the bear tries to be useful around the house: having mixed up the to-do list, he cleans Mr. Brown's bike, washes the floors and even glues the wallpaper.

It is unlikely that you will entrust your child to do the same, but after watching the animated series, the child will definitely increase enthusiasm. The main thing is to keep the situation under control and take the toys out of the bin in time if they suddenly appear there.

Be polite and respectful towards elders

Paddington's politeness can only be envied:

he always greets everyone, says “thank you” in any situation and never “pokes” strangers who are older than him.

While watching the animated series, pay the child's attention to these moments and be sure to play similar situations with him in real life.

Apologize if you did something wrong

The ability to admit one's own wrong is one of the key qualities that need to be brought up in a child from childhood.

In The Adventures of Paddington, the bear constantly strives to do good deeds. But if something goes wrong, he always apologizes and tries to fix the situation with a good deed. This behavior not only shows children what is right and wrong, but also teaches them to take responsibility for their actions.

We recommend watching the animated series not only for children, but also for parents!

Photo: Depositphotos, press service

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