Interesting Children's Books At The Non / Fiction Fair

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Interesting Children's Books At The Non / Fiction Fair
Interesting Children's Books At The Non / Fiction Fair

Video: Interesting Children's Books At The Non / Fiction Fair

Video: Interesting Children's Books At The Non / Fiction Fair
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Literary columnist Tatyana Sokhareva has selected the best books for children to be presented at the 19th International Fair of Intellectual Literature Non / fiction. It will be held in Moscow from November 29 to December 3, 2017.



Truck and trailer are going on a business trip

Author: Anastasia Orlova.

Illustrations: Olga Demidova.

Publisher: Rosman

An uncomplicated picture book for everyone who loves cars, road adventures and solid illustrations. It continues the story of friendship between a truck and a trailer, which Orlova tells in a previous book (“This is a truck, and this is a trailer”). This time the heroes have to go together to the big city on business. There is a long road ahead of them, exciting competitions with a huge jeep and new acquaintances - both pleasant and not so much.

Mice of His Excellency

Posted by Michael Bond.

Illustrations: Emily Sutton.

Publisher: Rosman

A wonderfully crafted story by the venerable mice of the Peaks family that recalls Dickens' Christmas tales and makes a great New Year's gift. Mice live in a dollhouse, which stands in the ancestral castle of the English count. The court position obliges Mr. and Mrs. Peaks and their thirteen mice to be the guardians of family traditions. But their life remains decorous and measured only until repairs begin in the castle, and the dollhouse is not taken away in an unknown direction. Michael Bond, creator of the Paddington Bear books, and illustrator Emily Sutton transform this simple plot into a gripping family story about a triumphant return home.

“Find and show me, kid. New Year"

Publisher: Clever

An educational book for the little ones, on each page of which the child must find a certain set of objects. The bunny-guide helps him in this, with which the reader must complete all the tasks proposed by the book. Vivid illustrations, large details that make tasks accessible even to one-year-old kids, and interesting stories should help in the development of speech, perseverance and attentiveness.

4-10 years old


Posted by Mark Martin.

Publisher: "Samokat"

A fancy book by an Australian artist about everything in the world. Mark Martin specializes in imposing picture books on nature and travel. "A LOT" was no exception. Here he tells what animals and birds live in different countries, where they love pies most of all, and which cities are in traffic jams every morning. Gradually, readers will learn what makes each corner of the planet unique: together with Martin they will be able to visit Hong Kong and New Delhi, look into Antarctica and see how Moscow lives.

How does a pear get to the brain

Author: Ilya Kolmanovsky.

Illustrator: Inga Khristich.

Publisher: "Pink Giraffe"

An intelligible and accessible book on the relationship with food from the biologist and popularizer of science Ilya Kolmanovsky: what happens to food when it enters the stomach, how we know what can and cannot be eaten, and why the brain needs sweets. Like all Kolmanovsky's projects, the book turned out to be an example of a simple conversation with children about complex processes. Without edification and overwhelming definitions, he explains why we need to eat right and how we can diversify even such an unattractive dish for children as buckwheat.

Jagger, Jagger

Author: Frida Nilsson.

Publisher: "Samokat"

The story of the Swedish writer Frida Nilsson about how hard life is for the boy Bengt, with whom no one is friends, because he is "fat and nasty". Once, when he was taking out the trash, the children locked him in a trash shed to make fun of. But it was there that he met Jagger, a homeless dog who became his best friend. It turned out that only a dog is able to support Bengt in trouble and help him reconsider his relationship with himself and with the world.

10-15 years old

"Gold Hravna"

Author: Maria Pasternak.

Publisher: "Pink Giraffe"

Norwegian saga, written and illustrated by Maria Pasternak. In the 13th century, seventeen-year-old Wilhelmina, who was not afraid of witches or trolls before - after all, she was always protected by a loving father - suddenly loses both her home and her father. Together with her faithful friend, the carver, Torleiv, she sets off on a journey. On the way, they will be awaited by ancient legends, real witches and werewolves, snowy forests and frozen rivers. The book quite accurately conveys the historical details and atmosphere of the Scandinavian sagas, so it can be an excellent help for those who have just started to get involved in them.

“Traveling around the Hermitage. Queen of Tulips "

Authors: Varvara Tomato, Daria Agapova.

Publisher: "Arka"

A museum comic strip about two teenagers who meet in the Hermitage looking at paintings by Rembrandt. Rembrandt's characters leave the paintings, tell them their stories and explain why Holland is considered the queen of the seas and tulips. The authors of the book are the artist Barbarian Tomato and the curator of the Children's Days in St. Petersburg festival Daria Agapova. Their drawn history is a middle link between a museum guide and an exhibition with "come to life" canvases - only a million times more colorful.

Beetles don't cry

Author: Yulia Yakovleva.

Publisher: "Samokat"

Continuation of the blockade story of the boy Shurka and his older sister Tanya, which began in 1938 in Leningrad - on the eve of the war. "Beetles Don't Cry" is the third of five books in the "Leningrad Tales" cycle, which opened with "Children of the Crow", an honest story about Stalin's terror, seen through the eyes of children. Now, having escaped from Leningrad, the heroes were again torn apart by the war and scattered across the country. Yakovlev, they also masterfully mix the genre of a terrible fairy tale with the everyday realities of war and life in the rear. She is not afraid to talk about death and teaches her readers to respect it.

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