Best Children's Books Of Spring - 2020

Best Children's Books Of Spring - 2020
Best Children's Books Of Spring - 2020

Video: Best Children's Books Of Spring - 2020

Video: Best Children's Books Of Spring - 2020
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Iris Argaman "Bear and Fred", publishing house "Knizhniki"


From 5 years

This amazing and touching book tells about the events of the Second World War. The story is told from the perspective of a teddy bear who, together with its young owner, boy Fred, survived the nightmares of the Holocaust. The book is based on the real life story of Fred Lessing and his teddy bear. Even during the war, Lessing did not part with the toy, took care of it and protected it, and when especially terrible and dangerous moments came, he shared his fears with the bear, which became his best friend. This plush toy is now on display at the Yad Vashem Museum in Israel.

David Almond "The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas", Samokat Publishing House

For younger preschool age

This book was already published by the Samokat publishing house several years ago, but taking into account the relevance of the topic to which this work is devoted, the question of its reprint was decided. David Almond is called one of the best children's writers who managed to show the real world of children to adults. It is not in vain that he is a laureate of such a "talking" Andersen Prize. The author in the book describes the life and adventures of the boy Wall Erund. The hero finds himself in a world of magic, full of dangers, but he is not afraid even of such bloodthirsty creatures as piranhas. This book is about a young hero who was able to remain true to himself even under the most difficult circumstances.

Boris Raevsky "Duel with oneself", publishing house "Melik-Pashaev"

For teenagers

This book is said to be a must-read for every teenager, so this spring the book will be republished by the Melik-Pashayev publishing house. In it, the author describes the story of a boy named Julia who survived the blockade. He was able to overcome dystrophy, but outwardly he still remained slender and a boy, whom everyone considered a hopeless weakling. Yulia is offended by the yard children, teased and mistreated by her peers, he is denied admission to the Suvorov military school and the sports school. But despite all these trials, he does not give up and goes to his goal. The brave hero at a young age comprehended the wise truth that every person sculpts himself. This book motivates, fosters fortitude and teaches you how to properly manage your time.

Leo Bormans "The Book of Happiness", publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber"

From 4 years

Leo Bormans is called the ambassador of happiness and high quality of life all over the world. He lectures and teaches people to be happy. In his new “Book of Happiness,” he addresses children. It includes 10 stories about birds that behave like people. According to Bormans, the format for presenting these stories is based on the scientific principles of positive psychology. This book was included in the list of children's literature, because, by reading amazing stories about birds to their kids, parents educate in them the ability to be happy. Indeed, many dads and mothers, at times, find it difficult to explain in their own words to a child what happiness is.

Jan Terlau "Winter in time of war", publishing house "CompassGuide"

For middle and senior school age

Jan Terlau's famous Winter in War will also be reissued this spring. The book can be put on a par with such classic books about military childhood as "The Cloud Regiment" by Eduard Verkin and "When I was little, we had a war" by Stanislav Olefir. The author tells about the boy Mikhil, who is trying to help his friend, who has fallen into the torture chambers of the Gestapo. But one young hero cannot cope, because any resistance to the Nazis is regarded as a terrible crime, and immediate death is the punishment. Whom to trust, with whom to go on a brave mission and who will dare to help?

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