Dinosaur Vasilisa And Pompon The Bear. Family Reading Books

Dinosaur Vasilisa And Pompon The Bear. Family Reading Books
Dinosaur Vasilisa And Pompon The Bear. Family Reading Books

Video: Dinosaur Vasilisa And Pompon The Bear. Family Reading Books

Video: Dinosaur Vasilisa And Pompon The Bear. Family Reading Books
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On weekends, the staff of the Moscow reading rooms talk about children's books that are worth paying attention to. Chief librarian of the Central Children's Library 46 named after I. Z. Surikova Yulia Khramicheva chose six books, including works by Mikhail Yasnov, Dmitry Rzhannikov and David Almond.



"I am a human!" Mikhail Yasnov

For the smallest readers, I have this collection in store. In it you can find counting rhymes, teasers (not offensive!), Peacemakers that kids really need after a quarrel, fun-to-talk games useful for adults, and simple kind poems. They were written by one of the most famous children's writers in Russia, Mikhail Yasnov, the author of the famous poem about the Scarecrow-meuchelo. I am sure that this simple rhyme, which gave the name to the collection, will become your child's favorite:

Chicken - kurochkin.

The duckling is a duck.

The puppy is a dog.

The foal is a klyachkin.

The lamb is an ovechkin.

And I am a little man.

"The Adventures of Pompon the Bear" by Benjamin Shaw

Many kids' favorite toy is a teddy bear. I think they will like the book by the famous French illustrator Benjamin Shaw, which tells about the adventures of a restless bear cub named Pompom.

Once our little hero got bored: he was tired of being a bear, he wanted to become a human boy and left the forest. It was then that the adventures of the clubfoot began. But everything ended well: Pompom missed his family and returned home.

The book contains little text, but it contains voluminous (for the entire spread) illustrations, which are very interesting to consider. For this activity, your child will be able to spend a lot of time, he will find more and more new details.

Older guys

"About mushrooms, turtle matamata and fish mullet" by Dmitry Rzhannikov

Contemporary writer, journalist and photographer Dmitry Rzhannikov has written a book on how to become a young researcher and naturalist. The main characters are the author himself and his 12-year-old daughter, who, like her dad, loves nature and is interested in the secrets of animals, mushrooms and plants. Cyclops, "red knights", dolphins, fish miraculous, mysterious mushrooms and much more become the subject of their close study. The book will be very useful for little curious why and young erudites collecting various little-known facts. Did you know, for example, that the ancient Egyptian did not sit down at the table if his cat was hungry?

“About mushrooms, turtle matamata and mullet fish” is a continuation of the book “Saving Ryan the Frog” about various unusual animals, which was awarded the Vitaly Bianchi International Literary Prize.

"Mesozoic Holidays" by Lyudmila Vasilyeva-Gangnus

I propose to get acquainted with the tale-tale "Mesozoic Holidays" about the adventures of the girl Polina, her friend Rita and brother Fyodor. With the help of the apparatus, which was built by Fedor, a fan of scientific experiments, the guys got their own dinosaurs that lived on Earth in the Mesozoic era.

Ancient lizards - pteranodon Pter and labyrinthodont Vasilisa - turned out to be tame and incredibly kind. The children had a great time with them until Fedor invented the now time machine. And now a new adventure lies ahead. To find out what happened next and why the heroes had to hang a notice near the village pond “No unauthorized entry! To avoid falling asleep!”, Read this book.

Lyudmila Vasilieva-Gangnus is a Russian writer living in the Czech Republic. Many fans of children's science fiction literature know her books "The Snowball Monster", "Ice Clock" and "The ABC of Politeness".


"The Mystery of the" Star Wanderer " Dmitry Yemets

It is believed that this book is for younger children, but I disagree. The Mystery of the Star Wanderer is a rather voluminous volume of 320 pages, and it doesn’t have any pictures, so it will not be easy for a small child to master the book. In my opinion, this is a good ironic fantasy for teenagers. It was written by the author of a series of books about Tanya Grotter (a parody of Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling), Methodius Buslaev, Diving School.

If your child loves the topic of space adventures, he will definitely love this book. The plot is very intense, here you will meet robots, pirates, as well as a naughty teenager Andrei, who went on a dangerous expedition, violating the ban of adults. The spaceship, which the main character accidentally got on, prepares to collide with a B-221 class asteroid, despite the fact that there are passengers on board. It would seem that the situation is hopeless, but it can also be corrected.

"My Dad Is Birds" by David Almond

The English writer David Almond is known all over the world: he wrote a very popular book "Skellig" about a teenager Michael and his mysterious friend with wings. In 2009, the book was filmed, you may have watched the movie. "My Daddy - Birds" is Almond's new work, and it again deals with wings. The father of the main character Lizzie suddenly decides that he is a bird-man and must take part in the flyers competition, which is about to begin in the city.

The story and its characters seem funny and sad at the same time. It is important to understand the main message: good and love overcome fear and grief, and faith makes a person strong. The girl Lizzie evokes the warmest feelings - she seems very patient and quite adult, despite her young age. She says to her careless parent: “It doesn't matter to me whether you are birds or not birds. It is important to me that you are my dad! " So she has a lot to learn, no matter how old you are.

For more excellent books verified by readers of children's libraries and their staff, see the Librarian Tips section.

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