Children's Weekend "Golden Mask": A Special Program With Lectures And Master Classes

Children's Weekend "Golden Mask": A Special Program With Lectures And Master Classes
Children's Weekend "Golden Mask": A Special Program With Lectures And Master Classes

Video: Children's Weekend "Golden Mask": A Special Program With Lectures And Master Classes

Video: Children's Weekend "Golden Mask": A Special Program With Lectures And Master Classes
Video: Cultural Management Workshop 2012 (full video) english 2023, March

Laboratory "Theater and Contemporary Literature for Teenagers" 12+


March 10 and 11 at 12:00 Stanislavsky Electrotheatre

Our children's theater is sorely lacking new names. He is fixated on the repertoire of the last century and absolutely does not want to take risks and take modern children's literature, although now there are many excellent children's books that are in demand and are scattered like hot cakes on Non-Fiction. “Children's Weekend” decided to help the theater meet current themes and heroes and organized a laboratory where young directors will make sketches of performances based on new works by Russian and foreign authors.

The composition of the participants and the selection of books are very interesting. Zhenya Berkovich will stage "The Countdown" by Tamta Melashvili - a poignant story of two friends who found themselves in an armed conflict zone. But the tough plot in the play will be set off with a bright Georgian flavor. Ekaterina Korabelnik took on Yulia Yakovleva's Children of the Crow - a terrible tale about Leningrad in the 1930s, where adults are carried away one by one by a black raven (that is, "funnels"), and children also have to take responsibility for themselves. Anna Sokolova from St. Petersburg chose an adventure plot: in Roland Smith's story "The Peak", a young climber, preparing to climb, uncovers a conspiracy in which his father is also involved. An even more intense action awaits the audience in a sketch by Galina Zaltsman based on Dorit Linke's book “On the Other Side of the Blue Border”. This is a desperate thriller about two teenagers who swim from the GDR, hoping to reach a West German island. And finally, Natalia Pakhomova from the Moscow Puppet Theater is preparing an interesting experience: in Anne Fine's Tormented Babies, difficult teenagers take care of sacks of flour depicting small children, and this psychological experience opens up new selves for them.

After each screening, there will be a discussion with the audience.

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Master classes for children's publishing houses

It will also be possible to get acquainted with new children's books at master classes from leading publishers, which will be held before and after some of the performances of Children's Weekend.

On March 16, at 17:30, before the RAMTA play “I want to go to school,” the Samokat publishing house will hold a performance game for teenagers “Why I don’t want to go to school” (10+) based on the Oncoming Traffic book series.

On March 17 and 18, at the Central House of Children on Begovaya at 13:00, after the play "School of Sleep", there will be meetings with the writer Nina Dashevskaya. And at 17:00 there will also be an Excursion to the Fairy Tales Factory of Roald Dahl (8+). Children will learn recipes for the world's most action-packed fairy tales and will be able to be their heroes.

March 18, 20:00 at the Central House of Culture on the Falcon, after the play "Save the Super Squirrel", Zangavar publishing house will hold a master class "How to Draw a Comic" (6+): from the birth of characters to plotting and from finding a storyboard to choosing a color scheme.

Participation in master classes is free, but only for spectators who have bought tickets to the performances. You also need to register for the events in advance.

But everyone will be able to get to a meeting with the translator Olga Varshaver, who will talk about the difficulties of translation before the performance "Skellig", staged by the Kansk Drama Theater after her adaptation of the novel by David Almond.

The meeting will take place on March 16 at 17:00 at MTYuZ. Registration for the event is here.

Theater laboratory "When my mother was little"

March 16-18 at the New Space of the Theater of Nations / For children from 7 to 12 years old.

Director Martha Horwitz believes that the theater should unite different generations of the family. At her psychological theater training, children and parents will turn into one team and together put on a play about youthful antics, offenses and joys, triumphs and failures of mothers and fathers. At this intensive, the participants are engaged in four disciplines at once: drama - with Ekaterina Bondarenko, acting - with Martha Horwitz, dance - with Sonya Levin, and scenography - with Ethel Ioshpa. And at the same time they get to know each other and the history of their family better.

Tickets are sold at the box office of the Golden Mask festival only for adult-child couples. Participation in the laboratory assumes full employment all three days for 4-5 hours.

Master class of the Theater "SHADOW"

March 18 at 18:00 at the theater "Shadow" / For children from 6 years old

The master class of the famous theater Ilya Epelbaum and Maya Krasnopolskaya is also intended for children and parents. Its participants will learn professional secrets and various techniques of shadow theater, try to control shadow puppets themselves, and then, together with the actors, will act out short five-minute scenes. This interactive performance is somewhat similar to a game in a burima, where a variety of stories can be formed from a ready-made set of words or figures - from "Hamlet" to a greeting card for mom.

Tickets on the site of the theater "Shadow"

Viewer Review Contest

Within the framework of Children's Weekend this year, for the first time, there will be a children's review competition. If you watched one of the performances of the program, and it hurt you - angered or made you happy, made you cry or laugh, invite your child to share his impressions, emotions and reflections on what he saw. An essay can be written in free form and of any length. Three best works will be published on our portal "Theater for Children", and their authors will receive prizes - novelties from children's publishing houses.

Children from 6 to 15 years old can take part in the competition.

Send your work to [email protected] by the end of March.

We will announce the winners on April 10!

This text was originally published on the site of the "Theater for Children" project. We publish it with the permission of the publisher.

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