Theaters And Museums Have Prepared Online Programs For Children's Day

Theaters And Museums Have Prepared Online Programs For Children's Day
Theaters And Museums Have Prepared Online Programs For Children's Day

Video: Theaters And Museums Have Prepared Online Programs For Children's Day

Video: Theaters And Museums Have Prepared Online Programs For Children's Day
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MOSCOW, June 1 - RIA Novosti. Russian theaters and museums have prepared online programs for Children's Day, without leaving home it will be possible to watch theatrical and circus performances, take part in master classes and excursions, take part in competitions, the press service of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation reported.



The St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theater will present on its website an unprecedented concert by the Children's Choir of Russia conducted by Valery Gergiev, in which one thousand children from eighty-three regions of the country took part. On the same day, the theater will hold an Internet competition "Mariinsky to Himself", as well as a competition of drawings prepared by the students of the Academy of Young Theater-goers.

For the first time, the Pushkin Theater Center in St. Petersburg will show on the network the play "A. Pushkin. The Tale of Saltan and Guidon". In 2016, the production received the Audience Award of the St. Petersburg Society of Spectators "Teatral" for "light, graceful and sparkling embodiment of the heroes of the fairy tale."

A festive online concert "Basket of Dreams" was prepared by the Obraztsov Theater during self-isolation. Cheerful scenes with the participation of dolls, artists and their children, songs written specially for the Children's Day, a charge of good mood and a cozy home atmosphere will await the viewer on the theater website.

The Moscow Art Theater named after Gorky and the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov will hold a video marathon of performances based on works for children and fairy tales.

On the channel "Moscow Art Theater says!" at 14.00 the program will begin with a TV show from the "Golden Fund" of the Prince and the Pauper Theater and will end with an online reading of the play "Peter and Fevronia", which viewers will see on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater only next season. The Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov will present to the audience the production of "Ondine", which has been the hallmark of the theater for more than 30 years.

Rosgoscirk will launch an all-Russian action "Hello, circus!": Children will be able to become co-authors of a book about circus art, work on which will begin this year. There will also be a broadcast of the best circus acts performed by children of artists and competition numbers of the I International Festival of Children's and Youth Circus Art 2019.

Children's Musical Theater named after N. I. Sats will show the musical "The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Oliver Twist". The roles in the play, along with adults, are played by children.

Symphony Orchestra named after P. I. Tchaikovsky will present on social networks a previously unpublished symphonic picture "Three Miracles" from Alexander Pushkin's fairy tale "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" to the music of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

Ensemble "Russia" named after L. G. Zykina on the official website and in social networks at 18.00 will show a literary and musical performance based on "Denis's Tales" with the participation of actor Vyacheslav Kornichenko. The actor, musicians and conductor will tell funny and at the same time instructive stories about their childhood from the stage.

The State Symphony Capella of Russia will invite young listeners and their parents to watch the musical-animation-dramatic performance "The Golden Cockerel". The studio school (college) at the Igor Moiseyev State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble will broadcast an anniversary concert in honor of the 75th anniversary of its foundation. It will be attended by students of the studio school and artists of the ensemble.


On the Internet resources of the House of Folk Art named after V. D. Polenov, regional houses and centers of folk art, a series of projects will take place: children's online folklore assembly, the video action "Amateur theater online", the interregional online festival of children's creativity "The World of Sunny Childhood" and the Internet action "Culture are us. Children".

The Victory Museum awaits virtual visitors all day long. The key exhibition will be Children and War, based on materials from museums and private collections in Russia, Belarus, Germany, the Czech Republic, and China. Viewers will see more than 100 documents and photographs telling about the fate of children during the Second World War. At 15.30, the audio performance "The Tale of the Newspaper Girl" will begin. The main character of the production is a ten-year-old schoolgirl who helps the wounded in the hospital.

The State Literary Museum will hold an action "Cultural Initiative": young talents will read the poems of their parents. In the Instagram account of the Center for Creative Development of Children and Adolescents, created at the museum, Anastasia Danovskaya will read the book "Deniskin Stories" by Viktor Dragunsky.

The Museum of the World Ocean will invite young visitors to take part in a competition for knowledge of the secrets of the depths of the sea, geographical discoveries and the history of sea travel. In the Museum of V. A. Tropinin will talk about a child's portrait as a special kind of portrait genre using the example of the works of the 18th - 19th centuries from the museum collection.

Museum "Tula Antiquities" will acquaint on its website with old folk games and toys. The museum staff will hold a master class, where they will show you how to make a medieval board game "The Mill" out of handy items.

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