Where To Go With Children On Winter Holidays In Moscow

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Where To Go With Children On Winter Holidays In Moscow
Where To Go With Children On Winter Holidays In Moscow

Video: Where To Go With Children On Winter Holidays In Moscow

Video: Where To Go With Children On Winter Holidays In Moscow
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Olivier is eaten, the champagne is over, and I would like to go to bed for a couple of days, but the children are still there - they need to be entertained. In addition, winter holidays are the only time of the year when children’s leave coincides with those of an adult. And that means you can have fun together. We have selected the cutest events for children that take place in Moscow during the New Year holidays.

Christmas Factory in Skazka Park

This year, the Skazk family park has conceived an impressive New Year's program "Christmas Factory", which will run from December 12 until the end of the New Year holidays. Every day there will be a variety of winter fun - theatrical performances and circus performances, ice shows and master classes, an outdoor skating rink and the Troll Cave, reindeer and husky sledding. In addition, it is the Skazk park that will become one of the residences of Father Frost from Veliky Ustyug - the main wizard of the country will be accommodated in the House of Father Frost in the ethno-village "Husky-Land".

Also in Skazke there will be an open skating rink with round dances around the tree, relay races, contests and other winter fun. In the Clownarium, a New Year's Miracle will take place every day - children there will be able to become a part of a circus performance, rage, have fun, throw pillows, walk on stilts and even hang on a Christmas tree. And those who want real adventure can go to the magical "Castle of the Snow Queen". The north wind hid all the New Year's attributes in the hidden corners of the castle, so only a friendly team can solve the New Year's quest and melt the Queen's icy heart.

Even dinosaurs did not stand aside, although what, it would seem, is the connection between them and the New Year. This winter, exciting day and evening excursions for young paleontologists start in Dinopark - fun walks with a teacher-animator, with whom children will travel back to the Jurassic period and learn the main secrets of dinosaurs.

Age: 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 10+

When: December 12 - January 14

Family Park Skazk (Krylatskaya, 18)

Cartoon "The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales"

A lot of things are released (as usual during the holidays), but you definitely need to go and watch the cartoon "The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales". This is a French full-length cartoon by the author of Ernest and Celestine (executed in the same delicate watercolor technique) about the incredible events that shook a quiet village. First, the rabbit and the pig receive a task from the stork - to send the child to the correct address. Then suddenly the fox becomes a brood hen for three chickens. And with the onset of Christmas in the village, a complete merry madness begins to happen.

Age: 6+

When: January 2-7

Where: cinema KARO October (Novy Arbat, 24)

: 450 rubles

Exhibition "Christmas tree in Sokolniki" from the museum "Ticket to the USSR"

In 1919, Lenin came to the children for a Christmas tree at the Forest School. A little less than a hundred years passed, and in Sokolniki they decided to remember how it was. And at the same time talk about how they celebrated the New Year after the revolution, what they gave to children, how they danced, had fun and what they played and what they treated the guests with.

The New Year's exhibition at the Museum "Ticket to the USSR" will show filmstrips on an old filmoscope and tell about Soviet holiday traditions. Gifts and invitations from the Kremlin Christmas tree, toys and balls, greeting cards, badges and gifts, a set table and an elegant Christmas tree - all this will be interesting for children who are keen on history and nostalgic parents.

Age: 3-6, 6-10, 10+

When: until January 28, 11: 00-20: 00

Where: PKiO Sokolniki

: 250 rubles

New Year with "Smart Moscow"

Instead of tangerines - microscopes, and instead of round dances around the tree - complex scientific experiments. Santa Claus will change his profession to a scientist, and in order to get to the gifts, children will have to fix a broken space-time installation, which can only be started with the help of chemical syntheses, mysterious physical devices and biological laws. The organizers do not promise mountains of sweets, but they guarantee a lot of food for the mind.

Age: 6-9, 10+

When: December 28 - January 8

Where: ZIL Cultural Center (Vostochnaya, 4, building 1)

: 2750 rubles (the ticket price includes a gift + escort of 2 adults)


A huge Christmas market has unfolded right on Red Square. In 45 chalet houses, they sell New Year's gifts (though more to the taste of tourists - Orenburg shawls, Khokhloma, samovars, nesting dolls, Gzhel, etc.), Christmas tree decorations, souvenirs, as well as a lot of delicious food. There are traditional Russian dishes like pancakes, sbitn with honey and hot tea from a samovar, and European Christmas treats - Viennese waffles, fried chestnuts, mulled wine and much more.

When: November 30 - February 28, Monday - Thursday from 11: 00-22: 00, Friday 11: 00-23: 00, days off - 10: 00-23: 00

Red Square

New Year's show and festive master classes at InnoPark

During the New Year holidays, InnoPark on Lubyanka puts on a frosty show called Breath of Santa Claus. Visitors to the Science Museum will be able to observe spectacular experiments and unexpected experiments, learn how to inflate a balloon without touching it, from what to make a durable soap bubble and how to “prepare” a thick ice fog. All you need is to buy a ticket to the museum, the show itself is free for visitors.

When: From December 25 to January 7

Where: "InnoPark" in the Central House of Music on Lubyanka

Age: 5+

In addition, on the eve of the New Year, InnoPark organizes special master classes:

Master class "Shock freezing"

The lesson is devoted to an amazing substance and its unusual form. During the master class, children will be introduced to liquid nitrogen and will be shown what this seemingly simple and transparent liquid is capable of. What will she turn a rose into? And the balloon? Children will conduct an incredible experiment "Levitation of a superconductor", and finally, using the same liquid nitrogen, they will make everyone's favorite sweet - ice cream.

ast: 5 - 12 years old

Master class "InnoElka"

In this master class, children will assemble an unusual Christmas tree that will glow and wink with colored lights. This is a miniature electronic constructor consisting of two printed circuit boards and LEDs: during the lesson, children will learn what electricity and resistors, transistors and capacitors are, where and for what electrical converters are used.

ast: 8 - 12 years old

Master class "Five minutes before the new year"

On the night of December 31 to January 1, the Earth completes a full revolution around the Sun and a new cycle begins, the next year according to the Gregorian calendar begins. It is about time that they talk about in this master class. What systems of time are generally there and how are they related to astronomical phenomena? When did people come up with the idea of keeping track of time, when did they come up with a watch? In the practical part of the lesson, children will get acquainted with the structure of the clockwork and assemble a festive chronometer.

ast: 8 - 12 years old

Festival "Journey to Christmas"

The annual Christmas Journey festival this year is dedicated to the festive traditions of the Nordic countries. Huge art objects and light installations, Christmas fairs with refreshments, street theater performances - all this is located on the streets of Moscow. You can take a picture with the Moomins, drink hot mulled wine, ride a slide, go through a theatrical quest, get to the Christmas theater - you just need to choose a date and time.

on the festival "Journey to Christmas" 2017-2018

Festival "Tropical Winter" in the Pharmaceutical Garden

Every year the largest in Russia IX festival of orchids, predatory plants and succulents is held in the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University "Aptekarskiy Ogorod". This time the theme of the festival is “In Search of the Golden City”: there will be a large-scale exhibition, decor in the style of Eldorado, concerts and film screenings. But the most interesting thing is the rarest tropical orchids of the most unexpected shapes and sizes with amazing smells of chocolate, cookies, cheese, dust, evening perfume, cinnamon, tiramisu and fruit. There will be bee orchids, shoe orchids with huge lips, hairy orchids, tiger orchids. Some of these flowers are so rare that they almost never occur in nature.

In addition to orchids, the largest water lilies in the world, cocoa, guava, papaya, papyrus, sugarcane, huge bananas, tropical cacti, coffee, century-old palms, mangoes, pineapples, bromeliads, the oldest greenhouse plant in Russia, ferns, participate in the "Tropical Winter" lianas, flowering amorphophallus with the smell of rotten meat, insectivorous venus flytrap, sundew and fattyworm.

New plants will appear and bloom throughout the festival. The exposition is updated several times a week.

Age: 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 10+

When: from December 23 to April

Where: Pharmaceutical garden (Prospect Mira, 26, building 1)

: 300 rubles

Christmas weeks at Mom's Garden Seasons

The traditional (and very cute) theater festival in Mom's Garden is not just a selection of performances: the foyer will have New Year's decorations of a snow-covered forest, a real living tree, a photo zone, Santa Claus and gifts. And, of course, every time the program includes all the best children's performances that took place here throughout the year. This time they will show the plastic play "The Adventures of the Brush", the chamber puppet show "A Little Grunting Dwarf", the interactive "My Dear Snowman", the musical "New Year's HVOSstvostvo" and other wonderful performances for children up to six years old.

Age: 0-3, 3-6

When: December 17 - January 8

Where: Mother's Garden Seasons (Hermitage Garden, Karetny Ryad, 3)

: 1000-2500 rubles

Exhibition "Pursuit"

The State Gallery on Solyanka, the Soyuzmultfilm studio and the State Central Film Museum have opened a winter exhibition dedicated to the anniversaries of two outstanding animators: the 90th anniversary of Vyacheslav Kotenochkin and the 95th anniversary of Svetozar Rusakov.

The winter exhibition will not only show the complex story of the relationship between the Wolf and the Hare from “Well, wait a minute!”, But also tell about the rush, the pre-holiday turmoil - and how contemporary art sees it.

From the end of December to the middle of February, animated rarities, sketches, storyboards, items from the funds of the State Central Film Museum and private archives will be presented at Solyanka.

During the New Year holidays, a special program of workshops and entertainment is organized for families with children.

Age: 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 10+

When: December 21-February 18, 14: 00-22: 00

Where: Gallery on Solyanka "(Solyanka, 1/2, 2)

Price: 100-300 rubles, children under 7 are free

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