Five Or More: 10 Most Large Russian Star Dads

Five Or More: 10 Most Large Russian Star Dads
Five Or More: 10 Most Large Russian Star Dads

Video: Five Or More: 10 Most Large Russian Star Dads

Video: Five Or More: 10 Most Large Russian Star Dads
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If for someone two children are above the roof, then just not for these dads. Their minimum is five heirs. And even more is better!


On Oscar Kuchera's birthday (on August 11, the actor, musician, TV presenter will celebrate his 45th birthday), Letidor marks famous fathers with a rating, who could add the prefix “super” to the word “large”.

Oscar Kucera, 45 years old (5 children)

A month and a week before his birthday, theater and film actor, musician and TV presenter, father of many children, columnist of "Letidor" Oscar Kuchera became a dad for the fifth time! The first-born Alexander was presented to the artist by his second wife Maya Markova in 2004. And the current wife Julia made our hero happy four times!

The couple are raising 14-year-old Alexander, 11-year-old Daniel, 9-year-old Alicia and a newborn son, whose name the couple has not yet disclosed.

Oscar is on excellent terms with all of his heirs and is fully involved in their lives.

Middle and junior go to business school. Last year Sasha won the All-Russian Olympiad in Economics, without exams he entered a class with a corresponding bias.

- not without pride, Kuchera told the StarHit magazine.

Of course, being a father of five children is a great responsibility and a great burden. But the birth of the fifth child made Oscar happy and even to some extent made him look at fatherhood in a different way.

For example, in one of his posts on Instagram, Kuchera admitted that only with the birth of the fifth heir did he realize “what this great gift of God means - to be the father of a little ball of happiness”.

Needless to say, the actor does not share the views of childfree. In his column on "Letidor", the father of many children said that procreation is inherent in human nature:

“And if a person does not want to increase his family, then I do not see a divine action in this. You can be as atheist as you like, but you will not deny that there is something more serious than your idea of the world, a more powerful energy, which someone calls God, someone else calls it.

This divine energy, probably, is against childfree, because it wants to develop, and it can develop only by giving us the opportunity to give birth to children.

Sergey Semak, 43 years old (8 children)

Before you is a handsome sportsman, champion of Russia in football and one of the largest fathers of our country.

The head coach of the football club "Zenith" has six blood children. Son Ilya was born in marriage with his first wife Svetlana. With his current wife Anna, the athlete brings up five common children (Ivan, Semyon, Savva, Varvara and Ilaria), as well as Maya, Anna's daughter from a previous relationship. In addition, in 2016, the stellar family became even larger - Anna and Sergey adopted a girl with disabilities (Tanya has mermaid syndrome - Ed.).

We do not know what kind of supernatural abilities Sergey has, but he manages not only to manage the strongest football team in the country, but also pays attention to each member of his large family!

So, for example, he has a wonderful relationship with Maya. The girl and her stepfather get along well, and in 2018 Sergei Bogdanovich Semak, along with his beloved wife, accompanied the young beauty to the Tatler debutante ball.

Such a large family for this athlete is real happiness.

As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted one. He himself did not grow up alone - there were four brothers besides me. It was postponed. Plus I love children very much. For me, children are happiness. Something to live for. I enjoy spending time with them, seeing them grow. I don’t want to impose myself and tell everyone to do as I do. I understand that children are my need.

- said Sergei Semak in an interview with

Evgeny Tsyganov, 40 years old (8 children)

Evgeny Tsyganov has more than fifty memorable film roles, several professional awards, the title of person of the year according to GQ magazine (2015) and already eight children. And all this despite the fact that our hero is only 40 years old!

Without being married, actress Irina Leonova presented Eugene with seven heirs - Polina, Nikita, Sofia, Andrey, Alexander, Georgy and Vera. And the eighth child - the son of Fyodor (the boy is 3 years old) - was born to him by the actress Yulia Snigir, and also out of wedlock!

Dad with many children left Irina Leonova a few months before the birth of their seventh child (Vera was born in September 2015). And already in March 2016, he was holding the newborn Fedor in his arms.

Eugene is by no means a strict dad. He prefers to guide children and give them a choice.

I find it difficult to endure violence and I can’t have children for something there … Probably, this is my problem. I cannot be a completely strict dad who will push them somewhere, drag them, and so on. I'm talking, we are trying to come to an agreement. Sometimes there is a feeling that you are not well perceived, but you always hope that you are emotionally caught,

- admitted the star father in an interview with the Dozhd TV channel at the end of 2017.

Despite being very busy, the actor tries to spend time with children as often as possible. At the same time, he perfectly understands that each of them needs personal time.

When there are many of them, it becomes difficult to communicate face to face. But I try to snatch them one at a time

- Eugene shared his personal experience.

Dmitry Sokolov, 54 years old (5 children)

Dmitry Sokolov, former KVNschik, star of the humorous show "Ural dumplings", like Oscar Kuchera, the father of five children. In his first marriage, the artist had a son, Alexander (27 years old) and daughter Anna (17 years old).

In 2011, Dmitry married the actress of the KVN team "Irina Mikhailovna" Ksenia Lee. A year after the wedding, the couple had a daughter, Maria, another 3 years later, a son, Ivan, and in 2017, a daughter, John.

The showman actively uses social networks and often shares funny and happy moments with his children.

For example, he can easily speculate with the guys about modern superheroes, play the game “Guess the melody” with them and even take part in the procession of the “Immortal Regiment”.

Sergey Gorobchenko, 47 years old (6 children)

Sergey Gorobchenko is raising six children. Actress Polina Nevzorova gave Sergei Gorobchenko five children: three sons - Alexander, Ivan and Peter, and two daughters - Anna and Sofia. Sergey also has a 21-year-old son, Gleb, from a relationship with fellow student Alexandra Florinskaya.

Sergei has a very warm and trusting relationship with his eldest son. True, they rarely see each other, because the young man lives and studies in Italy.

The fact is that until the seventh grade he studied at a school with a language bias in Moscow, and then his mother moved to live in Milan, and we decided that his son would benefit from studying in English. He graduated from high school with a projection screen and is now resting after passing the exams. Will start preparing for university soon,

- said the actor in an interview with StarHit magazine.

By the way, Sergey was present at all the births of his wife and every time he never ceased to be surprised at her endurance. The last two daughters in the stellar family were born - Anna (2014) and Sofia (2016). Only after the birth of the girls did the actor realize the beauty of fatherhood, When this happened, I can say, I was stunned with happiness. I love them very much. They are my princesses - Anyusha and Sonyusha. I try not to refuse anything. But at the same time, I understand that today's pampering tomorrow will turn against me. Polina and I try to set an example for our children. Since we build a family on honest relationships, we ask the guys to be faithful, consistent, kind and sincere, - the star of the movie "Boomer" shared his emotions.

Ivan Okhlobystin, 52 years old (6 children)

After the wedding, Ivan Okhlobystin told his wife that they would have seven children. The famous actor almost completely realized his own plan - Ivan and Oksana Okhlobystin have six children.

The first three girls were born in the family - Anfisa (in 1996), Evdokia (in 1997) and Varvara (in 1999). In 2001, the wife gave Okhlobystin a son, Vasily. The last were the daughter of John (2002) and the son of Savva (2006).

Children are the only thing worth living for! And love exists so that there are children, - said the star dad in an interview with

The actor's family is very friendly. Ivan and Oksana, from a young age, introduce children to the church.

The samurai Orthodox component is making itself felt. We partake with the whole family and observe fasts. Both our sons, Savva and Vasya, serve as altar workers in the church of Sophia the Wisdom of God, which we have been visiting for 20 years. For boys, this is a fairy tale.

- Ivan Okhlobystin told the StarHit magazine.

Igor Petrenko, 41 years old (5 children)

The famous Russian actor has five children. The third wife, Christina Brodskaya, gave Igor three daughters - Sofia-Carolina (4 years old), Maria (2 years old) and Eva (6 months old).

The actor's wife shared the joyful news about the birth of her third daughter on social networks:

Every time, like the first time!.. Absolute Harmony!

- wrote Christina Brodskaya in her account.

Igor also has two sons from a marriage with actress Ekaterina Klimova (the ex-spouses have lived together for about 10 years). In 2006, the first-born Matvey was born, in 2008 Kornei was born.

Despite everything, the actor continues to communicate with his sons, attend all family holidays and children's school events.

Vladimir Kristovsky, 43 years old (5 children)

The leader of the Uma2rman group and loving father Vladimir Kristovsky is raising five children. In his first marriage with Valeria Rimskaya, the musician had four girls - Yasmin, Stanislav, Mia and Uma. And in the second, the artist became the dad of the long-awaited son (born in 2016).

Here are my top 43 accomplishments ️ ️ ️ ️ ️

- the singer wrote on his Instagram.

The artist's wife Olga Pilevskaya reacted to this photo in a funny way. She wrote: “I think I know them my relatives Vov @vova_kristovskiy, maybe more? … To which Vladimir replied: "Easy."

Despite the fact that the musician's relationship with his first wife ended after 17 years of marriage, this did not affect the upbringing of joint children. Vladimir often spends time with his daughters and brings them together to play with his little brother. Only with his eldest daughter - Yasmin - the artist rarely communicates. She already lives separately from her mother.

You know, when I was little, my father sat with me. And until he began to disappear at work, I was dad's daughter. And now I have a difficult relationship with him for many reasons. Mom is my best friend. I have long been more her daughter than daddy, - admitted the 18-year-old beauty in an interview with the WMJ portal.

Dmitry Peskov, 51 years old (5 children)

The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation is raising five children. In the first marriage, Dmitry Peskov's son Nikolai was born (in 1990). Three children (daughter Liza, sons Mika and Denis) were presented to the politician by his second wife, Ekaterina Peskova. And the third wife, figure skater Tatyana Navka, pleased her husband with her daughter Nadia (the girl was born in 2014).

In an interview with the Rossiya TV channel, Dmitry admitted that, being a father of many children, he believes that he has made an invaluable contribution to solving the country's demographic problem:

I think that this is already enough, I have a lot of children. Then, as the children grow up, the problems that need to be solved also multiply.

Despite the busy schedule, Dmitry finds time for his children and, like an ordinary parent, worries about their future:

“Time just flies terribly fast. Just a little more, and my son will need to take the Unified State Exam and go to college. We make you read, after all, what is the problem with modern people? Problems are gadgets and a lack of desire to read. The son lives quite autonomously. When Mika leaves, I still do not get up, and when I return, he is already asleep. Therefore, we have telephone communication. On weekends we catch up, Mika is a noble bath attendant."

Valery Meladze, 54 years old (5 children)

The famous singer has a large family. Valery Meladze is raising five children: three daughters from his first marriage - Inga, Sophia and Arina, and two sons (Konstantin and Luka), whom the singer Albina Dzhanabaeva gave him.

Valery divorced his first wife Irina in 2014. Despite the difficult situation (the artist's marriage lasted two decades), the singer managed to maintain excellent relations with his daughters. And it is easy for Valery to find a common language with his sons.

I am afraid that a man can have little influence on his daughters. I will try to teach my sons to be correct. But as for girls, there are moms, fortunately. They know better and demonstrate this by personal example. All I know is that the wisdom of women is not to try to take on the responsibilities of a man. Well, our strength is not to force a woman to do it.

- said the singer in an interview with

What is important, Meladze perceives each child as an independent person with his own strengths and weaknesses. As for the cherished desires, then in Meladze they are no different from the dreams of all parents in the world:

I so want my children to grow up as individuals. Strong and strong, ready for any difficulties in life. So that everyone has a core.

It can not be in any other way!


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