The Prefect Congratulated The Children From The Scarlet Sails Center On The Children's Day

The Prefect Congratulated The Children From The Scarlet Sails Center On The Children's Day
The Prefect Congratulated The Children From The Scarlet Sails Center On The Children's Day

In the morning they were given gifts - a color printer from the prefecture, as well as several boxes of Baskin Robbins ice cream - from the sponsor, and in the evening the prefect talked to the children and teachers via conference call.


- I'd like to meet with you personally, - said Alexey Belyaev, - but while the self-isolation regime continues, we have to communicate via Zoom. On behalf of the county prefecture, I congratulate you on a wonderful holiday! You are our future, you are the best we have. It is you who will defend our country, represent it on the world stage.

The prefect also thanked all the employees of the Alye Parusa Center and its director Natalia Makarova, because Children's Day is also a holiday for teachers.

- Thank you so much for giving yourself to raising children. Not everyone could work like that,”he noted.

Alexey Belyaev asked how the children live, what are their plans.

The prefect was told that the pupils of the "Scarlet Sails" are not all going together now either, but they were broadcasting from different halls and rooms. A total of 80 children between the ages of two and 18 live here in separate apartments with a kitchen and take part in housekeeping, thereby preparing for adulthood. They go to regular schools, go in for sports and creativity.

- We are glad that you found time to communicate with us, pleased us with gifts, congratulated us on the holiday, - the guys answered the prefect. - During self-isolation, we do not lose heart and participate in various online events - master classes, trainings, excursions.

The children said that the only detachment of Yunarmeytsov was operating in "Alye Sails". Representatives of the Youth Army showed the prefect their stands dedicated to the pioneer heroes, marshals of the Victory and shared their knowledge of our history.

The guys even prepared a small concert - they played the piano, danced, recited poetry.

Alexey Belyaev thanked the pupils for the excellent program, and even invited them to broadcast their performances on the website and social networks of the North-Eastern Administrative District. He talked about the opportunity to connect to online events that are now organized by museums and theaters in our district.

- And when the pandemic is over, we will organize excursions for you to VDNKh, to the Museum of Cosmonautics, to the Ostankino TV tower and other interesting objects of the North-East of your choice, - the prefect promised the children and said that then he would definitely come to visit, because live communication is not will replace even the most modern technologies.

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