What Is Summer And How To Weave Bracelets

What Is Summer And How To Weave Bracelets
What Is Summer And How To Weave Bracelets

Video: What Is Summer And How To Weave Bracelets

Video: What Is Summer And How To Weave Bracelets
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We take part in master classes, exhibitions, excursions, and describe our impressions for you, dear readers.

The correspondent of the regional newspaper "Brateevo" attended the free lesson of the children's circle "Summer Workshop" in the library 150 on Wednesday, July 26th.

The library greeted me with silence and pleasant coolness, but literally in five minutes everything changed. Parents with children began to flock here, and soon the small audience where the lesson was to begin was filled with children's voices and laughter. Silence here seems to have never been.

The children sat down surprisingly quickly in the prepared places and the lesson began. Natalya Makarova, the leader of the circle, gave a short lecture about summer, along the way asking children questions, making riddles. The children were happy to show their knowledge, chorus listing the months of summer, vying with each other to guess riddles, listened with interest to a short and simple excursion into painting and literature about summer. They were sincerely surprised at how the paintings (or rather, their reproductions on display) resemble photographs, but many noticed the strokes and, with all childish simplicity and spontaneity, tried to prove to the others that these were paintings. It was fun to watch them.

But the most interesting thing began when the children ran from the audience to the hall on the second floor, where tables and chairs were already placed. After huddling around them, the children eventually sat down, waiting for the start of what made them fidget about impatiently in their chairs during a short lecture. In today's class, they were supposed to weave bracelets.

The children were given materials: tablets to fasten the laces, the laces themselves, the base of the bracelets and many different beads. The latter made them especially happy. The kids enthusiastically chose the beads they like the most and strung them on yellow laces. Many were so carried away by the process that instead of 8-9 beads they strung fifteen, and then thought for a long time which beads to remove and which to leave, because they all liked them equally. But many began to have problems with the knots, but here they were already helped by adults: mothers who came with the children, and Natalya Makarova, who jokingly called herself an expert in weaving bracelets.

- "Summer workshop", as the name implies, takes place mainly in the summer. At the beginning of June a person comes in by 20, now no more than 10. We usually start with a small lesson, then we master. Children try very hard to do everything right, and besides, they are interested in it. But the main thing is that they have fun. To tell the truth, I like working with children, it's enough to find a common language with them, and it's interesting to watch them, - Natalia Makarova shares her impressions of working with children.

Children are really delighted with everything that happens. They wove bracelets with enthusiasm, not forgetting to chat and laugh loudly. Everyone was satisfied with their work, willingly bragged about it, argued over who had a more beautiful bracelet, or praised each other.

- I haven't been here before. I came for the first time and I really, really liked it, I will definitely come again! I made friends with the girls, they have very beautiful bracelets! - Varya Tokhoreva, a new member of the circle, told about her impressions.

Even though I did not manage to weave my bracelet, I received a lot of positive emotions from communicating with children, observing them. I think if I were an order of magnitude younger, I would definitely attend this circle.

Author: Ulyana Belogrivtseva

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