"Chasodei". Reading Order

"Chasodei". Reading Order
"Chasodei". Reading Order

Video: "Chasodei". Reading Order

Video: "Chasodei". Reading Order
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The series of books "Chasodei" is the Russian answer to "Harry Potter" and is simply a very fascinating children's fantasy with a thought-out fairy-tale world. Below we have listed all the books from the Chasodei series in order and talked a little about the cycle itself.


The Chasodei series of books was written in 2011. It happened on time: both in the world and in Russia, the Potterian fever was just beginning to subside. The latest film adaptation of Deathly Hallows had just been released, and Scar Boy was ready to retire. He urgently needed a replacement! And high quality, because J. K. Rowling taught children and their parents to exciting stories, charming heroes and a fabulous world thought out to the smallest detail.

In 2011, the then unknown writer Natalya Shcherba won the competition of the Rosmen publishing house "New Children's Book" with the book "The Clock Key for Vasilisa". In the same year, the "Clock Key" took second place in the "Star Bridge" competition and received an award at the "Roscon". The first of the books of the Chasodei series was published with a circulation of 50 thousand copies and began its triumphant march.

In the center of the story is the girl Vasilisa, who has never seen her parents. Suddenly, Vasilisin's father appears, who takes the girl to his rich house, where he lives with other children - two older and two younger. The father treats Vasilisa rudely, the children offend her, but very soon it turns out that this strange family has magical powers. Vasilisa finds himself in Eflara - a magical world, learns that he is threatened with extinction, and realizes that she is also the bearer of magical abilities, and remarkable at that. Father does not like this, he decides to use Vasilisa for his own selfish purposes. And the girl will have to go through many adventures to save the magical Eflara.

The Chasodei book series is read in this order:

"Hour key"

"Hourly Heart"

"Clock tower"

"Hour name"


"Hourly battle"

Natalia Shcherba initially said that there would be only six books in the series, and she kept her promise. The last, sixth part of the cycle was released in the fall of 2014. As the books were published, Shcherba was repeatedly nominated for various awards and received some of them. For example, she received the Runet Book Prize - 2011, the Runet Book Prize - 2012, as well as a victory in the nomination “Best Work for Children” at Eurocon-2017.

Who should read Chasodeev? This is the perfect piece for teens 10-12 years old - kind, but not too naive, full of dynamic adventures, exciting events and unexpected turns. If you have already finished reading Harry Potter, the Chasodey will definitely love it.

“Time is only the fourth dimension; a small dot at the end of the hour hand - a moment long, wide into being, high into infinity. " (Chasodei. Clock key)

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