In The Volgograd Region, A Mother Cannot Return Four Adopted Children For Almost A Year

In The Volgograd Region, A Mother Cannot Return Four Adopted Children For Almost A Year
In The Volgograd Region, A Mother Cannot Return Four Adopted Children For Almost A Year

Video: In The Volgograd Region, A Mother Cannot Return Four Adopted Children For Almost A Year

Video: In The Volgograd Region, A Mother Cannot Return Four Adopted Children For Almost A Year
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Marina Kiryanova, a resident of the Oktyabrsky District of the Volgograd Region, has not been able to return her four adopted foster children to her family for almost a year. Since the end of June last year, one of them has been living with his own grandmother, and three - in the social rehabilitation center in Volgograd.


The scandalous story about the adopted children of Marina Kiryanova, a resident of the Oktyabrsky District, began with a bruise on the thigh of six-year-old Viti. Kindergarten teachers found a bruise on his thigh. On the same day, four adopted children, each of whom suffers from some kind of disease, were taken and taken to the social rehabilitation center of the Voroshilovsky district. Marina herself began to be suspected of child abuse. But over the past year, a criminal case was refused twice. The check on the infliction of beatings on children also ended in vain.

Children started to get sick often after they got to the social rehabilitation center

- The children really want to return home. They don't stop hurting. They will only be discharged from the hospital and after a few days they go back to bed, - says Marina Kiryanova. - Their health is already undermined by nervousness. The lawyer promised us to arrange a meeting with the guys. I was told: "We will prepare a document, and in a day you will be able to see the children." This day has already lasted two weeks. Apparently, the guardianship authorities are pulling to the last in the hope that someone else will take the children from the orphanage. The most surprising thing is that the documents in "Luchik" are issued only for Lyosha, but not for Vika, Angelina and Elvira.

Initially, it was about the stay of the children in "Luchik" for six months. Marina Kiryanova, together with a lawyer, tried through court to achieve the cancellation of the order on the weaning of children. The district court once again recognized the innocence of the mother of many children only in early March.

- Children need to go to kindergarten and study, and they spent the entire academic year within the walls of a social rehabilitation center, sanatoriums and hospitals. You have no idea how stressful it is for them. They were left not only without a home, but also without their usual surroundings and leisure. The eldest Elvira is 11 years old, with a positive court decision, she will have to stay at school for the second year. She was either in the hospital or in the sanatorium for a month. She doesn't particularly want to study, and she's no longer forced to. During the three years he lived with the family, Lyosha's son never got sick. Now he is constantly with a cold.

Parents dream of restoring family ties with children

The last official meeting of Marina Kiryanova with the children was on August 21 last year. Nevertheless, a mother with many children does not miss the opportunity to see the children unofficially for at least five minutes.

- Before Easter, I managed to briefly meet with my eldest daughter Elvira. As always, she starts a conversation with the question: "When will you pick us up?" I know that since January the eldest daughter has been set up to return home. Four months have passed. When Lesha was in the hospital, I begged the doctors to let him in for at least five minutes. The youngest daughter Angelina, thank God, began to talk. They say he also asks when mom will come and take her.

The only child that Marina has not seen since last year is Vitya. Now the boy lives with his grandmother.

- Before that, the boy was pedagogically neglected, and now, as I heard, he does not go to school or kindergarten. How it develops is not clear to me, - says Marina Kiryanova. - Still, he can be brought up and directed in the right direction. He had already begun to watch himself before this trial. At first, as he came to us, he constantly did not understand why he had to take a shower every day or wash his feet before going to bed, and why my mother washes her underwear so often. Then he got used to it and began to observe hygiene, as if he had always done this before. If there was an opportunity, I would still return him to my family.

Nina Boldyreva, Ombudsman for Children's Rights in the Volgograd Region, told that children have a chance to return home.

“In less than two weeks in the Oktyabrsky District Court, the decision to dismiss Marina Kiryanova's guardian will be challenged,” says Nina Boldyreva. - This issue was already considered last year, but then the administrative proceedings against her were not completed. And after the court refused to bring Marina to administrative responsibility due to the lack of corpus delicti, she had a new opportunity to challenge the decision of the guardianship authority and return the children to the family. On May 7, our representative will participate in the court session. We are considering this case from the point of view of the interests of children, namely, the eldest adopted daughter, who is already 10 years old, and she has lived with Marina's family since the age of one and a half. The girl, due to her age, adequately assesses the situation and is experiencing hard separation from her family. In general, both native and adopted children are very attached to Marina Kiryanova. Therefore, some adults may be annoyed by her uncooperative nature. In general, we are for all three children who are now in the social rehabilitation center to return to this family. As for the boy Viti, he lives with his grandmother. She is a close relative of the child and has the priority right to his upbringing. I believe that his return to the Kiryanov family is not being considered.

The same opinion is held by the commission on minors' affairs and protection of their rights of the administration of the Oktyabrsky municipal district.

- We are not against Marina Kiryanova restoring her parental rights in relation to three children, - explained the chairman of the commission Anatoly Kornichlchenko. - But we are for Vitya to remain under the care of his grandmother.

The story with the Kiryanov family hit the central TV channel last year. Her close fellow villagers stood up for a mother with many children, coming from the Oktyabrsky district to Volgograd to turn to a member of the Federation Council committee on social policy.

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