"There Are No Laptops, They Ruined Their Eyes" - Parents On Distance Learning

"There Are No Laptops, They Ruined Their Eyes" - Parents On Distance Learning
"There Are No Laptops, They Ruined Their Eyes" - Parents On Distance Learning

Video: "There Are No Laptops, They Ruined Their Eyes" - Parents On Distance Learning

Video: "There Are No Laptops, They Ruined Their Eyes" - Parents On Distance Learning
Video: What happens when you give your kids unlimited screen time? 2023, March

The decision of the Moscow Mayor's Office to transfer students in grades 6-11 of the capital's schools to distance learning met with a negative reaction from the parent community. This is evidenced by the discussions that have unfolded on social networks. Moreover, often the reason for dissatisfaction is not the fact of distance learning itself, but the lack of conditions for full-fledged study at home.

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The parents told IA REGNUM whether Moscow families with children experience problems in terms of the availability of computers and other equipment capable of providing normal lessons in a distance format. Most of the answers indicate that parents have problems with the availability of technology. Moreover, few people know about the possibility of getting a laptop for school.

“We don't have a computer. Learning from a phone or tablet is impossible, or rather possible, but this is horror and harm. Nobody offered me a laptop. And what is offered to someone? ", - wrote the user Victoria Yastrebtseva.

Cases like this are common. As it turned out, not all educational institutions of the capital tell parents about the possibility of getting a laptop for use.

“Two students, two working. Naturally, there are no laptops at all. In the spring, they divided one for two to work and one for two to study. As a result, telephones were also used for study. The younger one ruined his eyes. Now we are going to re-operate the strabismus. We are transferring to the part-time form of training for the period of distance learning,”wrote Ekaterina Orlova.

“When one parent is at a distance, one child is in quarantine - that is, you cannot leave the house, there are only 4 students of them: 2 in the village of the beginning (where the TV is only in good weather, and the great-grandmother's phone is a push-button, there is no computer in principle, yes and no one understands it), 1 child with another old grandmother (so that he does not get into quarantine with his parents and the sick), and a large family can buy a laptop for social points no more than once every 5 years and then provided there are no other computers) education becomes hard labor for children and a parent "free" from work. There is nothing to connect everyone at the same time, a laptop is a priority for a working parent, children study using textbooks in ordinary notebooks, or by phone, those who are in the village squander call traffic, well at least without roaming,”wrote Maria Levina.

“We have one computer, two schoolchildren. In the spring, we studied from phones on our knees, we were at the dacha and there with Internet difficulties. Now "lucky" - one of my junior pupils. The eldest will get the computer,”Sophia Rodionova shared the details.

Note that there were also those who received a laptop or other equipment for teaching children. In addition, parents shared their experiences regarding obtaining computers and told those who were not aware of such an opportunity.

“Write a statement addressed to the director: I ask you to provide equipment for distance learning. Date, signature. And in the spring, and now I sent the photo to the class teacher, they told me when to come for the laptop,”user Natalya Pronko gave advice to other parents.

Although there are also those among the parent community in Moscow who, knowing about the possibility of getting a laptop for free, decided to purchase it on their own.

“I no longer have enough. Junior at a stationary computer - the norm. The elder got an ancient laptop. I ordered (literally today) a new laptop. Expensive, yes, but I was lucky - they were saving up for vacation, and everything is closed. I didn't ask for school - I think there are people who need it more. So, I provide equipment and really hope that the school will provide a normal education,”said Tatiana Kovanova.

As reported by IA REGNUM, the Moscow Department of Education reported that schools should provide needy students with laptops.

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