Spouses From The Moscow Region Were Again Denied The Registration Of Gratuitous Custody Of The Child

Spouses From The Moscow Region Were Again Denied The Registration Of Gratuitous Custody Of The Child
Spouses From The Moscow Region Were Again Denied The Registration Of Gratuitous Custody Of The Child

Video: Spouses From The Moscow Region Were Again Denied The Registration Of Gratuitous Custody Of The Child

Video: Spouses From The Moscow Region Were Again Denied The Registration Of Gratuitous Custody Of The Child
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Moscow Region officials again refused to apply for gratuitous custody of a 12-year-old boy from the Irkutsk Region to the spouses from Stupin. The Miloyan family has been trying for two years to get permission to take a child into the family, who already calls them parents. Guardianship justifies its decision "by the moral and personal qualities of a citizen, lack of experience in raising children, the impossibility of ensuring continuity in upbringing and education." Human rights activists who help spouses consider the refusal to be illegal, as it is motivated by subjective reasons.

The Department of Guardianship and Guardianship of the Ministry of Education of the Moscow Region for the urban districts of Kashira, Ozyory and Stupino refused to spouses Miloyan (surname changed - RT) in registration of gratuitous custody of a 12-year-old child from the Irkutsk Region.

As RT previously told, 26-year-old Anna Miloyan has been trying for the third year to get officials to take Misha (name changed - RT) into the family. A 12-year-old boy is looking forward to his flight to Moscow - he already calls Anna a mother and misses her very much. Meanwhile, the staff of the guardianship every time find reasons for refusal. Human rights activists who provide assistance to spouses consider the refusals to be illegal.

“Having studied the submitted documents, taking into account the moral and personal qualities of a citizen, the lack of experience in raising children, the impossibility of ensuring continuity in upbringing and education, the guardianship and trusteeship department believes that A. Miloyan cannot be the guardian of a child left without parental care at the age of 12 with disabilities,”the guardianship authorities said in a response. This is the fifth refusal received by the Miloyan family.

At the same time, according to the results of the psychological research of the candidate, "no destructive motives and personality traits were found that hinder the adoption of the child into the family." The relevant documents are at the disposal of RT.

Officials also said that the spouses can appeal the decision in court.

“Apparently, no one can help here, and we must try to sue. This is also the time. Misha is really looking forward to and constantly asks when I will pick him up. We hoped for a positive decision: the child, one might say, sat on suitcases and counted the days. We need to look for a good lawyer who can help us challenge the decision, "Anna shared with RT.

In turn, the founder of the Alexander Gezalov Mentoring Center ANO Olga Sinyaeva, who provides assistance to the Miloyan spouses, told RT that she considers the refusal of officials in gratuitous guardianship to be illegal.

“The refusal contains very vague formulations that can be interpreted, as it seems to the officials. This is not based on bylaws, but a purely subjective impression. The document says that Anna cannot ensure the continuity of upbringing. If Misha stays in the boarding school, then the continuity of upbringing there is mental hospitals and hazing. Knowing that the child has been waiting for Anna for two years like a mother, these refusals are simply beyond the line of good and evil,”says Sinyaeva.

"Waiting for mom for two years"

As Anna Miloyan said earlier, she dreamed of becoming a foster mother, even when she was a student. At the age of 18, the girl graduated from an external college of small business and entered the Faculty of Psychology. In her free time, the girl was engaged in volunteer activities and helped in regional orphanages.

On one of the trips, Anna met a girl whose mother drank and sent her and other children to an orphanage. The girl, who has lived more than half of her life in a boarding school, read Miloyan her touching poems about love for her mother. As Anna said, after that she realized that in the future she would definitely take a child from an orphanage.

Having met her future husband, Anna immediately warned him that, as soon as she “got back on his feet,” she was planning to arrange free custody of a child with Down syndrome, disability or disabilities. The man supported his beloved.

In the spring of 2019, Miloyan came across the questionnaire of ten-year-old Misha from a special boarding school in the Irkutsk region. The boy was found alone on the street when he was three years old. As it turned out later, the child did not have a father, the mother was deprived of parental rights, the grandmother and uncle refused custody. For several weeks Anna tried to find new parents for Misha, and soon invited her husband to pick him up. He agreed.

In June 2019, Miloyan studied at the school for foster parents, the couple rented a large three-room apartment for a year and equipped a nursery in it. It only remained to pass the medical commission.

“We were in a hurry to be in time for the start of the school year. At that time, we already talked with the child, and he was expecting to be taken away. And now he is waiting. In order to get everything done as quickly as possible and not waste time on bureaucracy, we bought a medical certificate. We were promised that everything will work, everything is reliable and tested. We handed over the entire package of documents and were already preparing to meet Misha, "Miloyan told RT.

However, on August 19, 2019, the guardianship of the Domodedovsky district issued a refusal due to the discovered fictitious certificate. The head of the guardianship wrote a statement to the police about a forged document for personal gain. Three months later, the law enforcement agencies refused to initiate a criminal case.

“We had no motive. We want a form of guardianship that doesn't pay benefits. We have no selfish interests - we want a boy in the family and we will be able to provide for him ourselves. This certificate is my mistake, "Miloyan admitted.

The rest of the documents were perfect, she said. The woman passed the medical examination, handed over the documents and flew away to meet with Misha, who had already called her mother.

On December 30, 2019, the guardianship of the Domodedovo district again refused and recommended Miloyan to take additional courses on raising children with disabilities.

After completing the courses, Miloyan applied again, but was again refused. In April 2020, the woman appealed against the refusal in court, but he refused to satisfy her demands.

At the end of 2020, the couple decided to move to the Stupinsky district. We bought an apartment there, made repairs, furnished a nursery and submitted documents for the fourth time. However, three days later, officials refused, citing the lack of updated psychological testing. After the spouses passed it again, in February 2021, they again submitted a package of documents.

“We were guided by federal regulations, according to which psychological testing is not required. And officials - by Moscow orders, according to which it is necessary. But they did not even come to us to draw up an act of inspection of housing. I don’t understand why they don’t want to give the child to us. We are married, now we have our own home, we both work, our relatives support us,”says Anna.

RT will continue to monitor the situation.

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