Children With Unusual Names Who Were Born In In Stellar Families

Children With Unusual Names Who Were Born In In Stellar Families
Children With Unusual Names Who Were Born In In Stellar Families

Video: Children With Unusual Names Who Were Born In In Stellar Families

Video: Children With Unusual Names Who Were Born In In Stellar Families
Video: 12 Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names That Are Barely Legal 2023, March

If you believe in the proverb “As you name a ship, so it will float”, we can say with confidence that these kids will have an interesting life.


The Lion King, Isaac-Newton, Russia - as soon as our compatriots did not name their children this year.

Of course, Russian celebrities were not original to such an extent, but it is certainly impossible to say that they have problems with imagination.

Leon, son of Kirill Safonov and Sasha Savelyeva

The newly minted parents until the last hid the fact of the imminent replenishment in the family, did not tell the press about childbirth, and the first photo of the mother and child (his face was covered with an envelope hood) appeared on Sasha Savelyeva's Instagram almost two weeks after the birth of the baby. It is not surprising that even longer Kirill Safonov and his wife did not tell the fans the name of the crumbs.

The famous actor let it slip only in mid-June (recall that the boy was born at the end of March). On his Instagram, he published a photo of an adult daughter and little son.

Yesterday was a wonderful Daddy's holiday. Anastasia and Leon Kirillovichi, - this frame was signed by Kirill Safonov.

Despite the fact that the actor's father's name is Leon, Safonov confessed to HELLO !, that his son received this name not in honor of his grandfather:

I am Kirill Leonovich, but there are other reasons. I don't remember my father very well. He was a unique person, charismatic, intelligent, educated, but he failed to become a real father. The place that he could have occupied in my life is empty.

Mark-Lionel, son of Victoria Lopyreva and Igor Bulatov

And in this case, there can be no doubts - Victoria Lopyreva (recall, the beautiful model was the ambassador of the 2018 FIFA World Cup) named her first child in honor of the famous football player.

The fans learned about this thanks to the "Instagram" of the newly-made mother. Literally 10 days after the birth of the baby in Instagram Stories, she posted a photo of a greeting card from model Kristina Romanova and businessman Vladislav Doronin, where it was possible to make out the name of the newborn boy:

May Mark Lionel grow up as a happy and healthy child!

As it turned out, Victoria and Igor initially decided that their son would have a double name. Only if the lovers decided on the first part right away (Mark was the name of one of the boy's great-grandfathers), then they thought about the second for a long time.

For many years my life has been connected with football, at the opening ceremony of the championship in Moscow I went out onto the field of the stadium with a ball in my hands and with a child under my heart. The kid was born on the same day as Neymar and Ronaldo, and my favorite football player is the legendary Leo Messi, - Victoria told the publication

Ratmir, son of Timati and Anastasia Reshetova

Many fans were sure that since the rapper's eldest daughter bears a European name (according to one version, Alice comes from the Old French name Aalis, according to the other, this is a short form of the German name Adelaide), then his son will receive an international name. However, they were wrong.

Timati showed him to his fans right on his son's birthday and revealed the name of the crumbs.

Yunusov Ratmir Timurovich, - wrote the rapper on his Instagram.

So far, Timati has not explained why he gave his son this particular Slavic name. But the fans are sure that in this way the newly-made father wanted to honor the memory of his late friend Ratmir Shishkov (recall that the young man with whom Timati created the Banda group on the Star Factory project died in March 2007 as a result of an accident).

Leo, son of Margarita Mamun and Alexander Sukhorukov

A week - that is how long the fans of the Olympic champion in gymnastics and the titled Russian swimmer were waiting for news about who was born to the couple and what name the baby received.

On October 3, Margarita Mamun became a mother for the first time, and on October 10, a joint photo with the baby appeared on her Instagram:

Lev Alexandrovich is at home!))

By the way, this name is very popular among stellar parents. For example, this is the name of the sons of Galina Bob, Nadya Ruchka, Yana Gladkikh, Sasha Zvereva, and the grandson of Lera Kudryavtseva.

Theodore, son of Maria Mironova

At the end of September, Maria Mironova became a mother for the second time. A few months before giving birth, the famous actress moved to Greece, where her baby was born at the end of September. Then in her "Instagram" you could see a picture in which a footprint of a newborn was depicted. However, the happy mother did not reveal either the gender of the child or his name.

Maria revealed her secret only a few days after several thousand fans congratulated her on her addition to the family. The actress admitted that most people thought she gave birth to a daughter:

Dear ones, I received hundreds of congratulations on my daughter, but apparently it was given to me to be the mother of boys))). My son was born, his name is Theodore - Gift of God FEDOR!

By the way, now Mironova and her youngest son are in Russia. The actress has already published a photo of the baby in a stroller with the geotag Istrinsky District. True, so far the fans have not seen little Fedor.

Mark, son of Oscar and Julia Kuchera

But the father of many children, Oscar Kuchera, did not declassify the name of his fifth child to fans for almost four months. The common fourth child in July was presented to the artist by his wife Julia. On his Instagram, the happy father published a photo from the hospital, then showed how his wife was breastfeeding the baby. However, the name of the newborn was kept secret until mid-autumn.

Only on November 5, Oscar published a photo with his wife with a baby in her arms and wrote:

Meet Mark Kucera

By the way, this name, like the name Leo, is very popular among famous moms and dads. For example, this is how Daria Melnikova and Arthur Smolyaninov named their second son. The name Mark is the little son of Dmitry Malikov, the son of actor Stanislav Bondarenko, and also the grandson of actress Maria Shukshina.

Mikaela, daughter of Stas Bondarenko

When your wife's name is Aurika, your son's name is Mark, your daughter's is Alexia, you are unlikely to give your youngest child a “simple” name. Here is the star of the series "Bring Back My Love" Stanislav Bondarenko chose a very beautiful and interesting name for his newborn daughter (the baby was born at the end of March).

The artist did not wait for several days, and even more so for months. A few minutes after the birth of his second daughter, Stas published a photo with the baby on his Instagram and gave fans detailed information about the newborn:

Father V3.0. Today at 12:00 a girl MIKAELA was born, weight 3044, height 50.

“Mikaela Stanislavovna doesn’t sound bad”, “What a beautiful name,” admired the fans in the comments.

Spelling and punctuation have been preserved in the citations of the authors.


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