Oh, What A Man! Hero-lovers Who Hide The Masks Of Real Family Men

Oh, What A Man! Hero-lovers Who Hide The Masks Of Real Family Men
Oh, What A Man! Hero-lovers Who Hide The Masks Of Real Family Men

Video: Oh, What A Man! Hero-lovers Who Hide The Masks Of Real Family Men

Video: Oh, What A Man! Hero-lovers Who Hide The Masks Of Real Family Men
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Dmitry Miller is far from the only actor strongly associated with the image of such a hero-lover. Actor Alexander Lazarev Jr. has been one of the main favorites of our women for many years.


And this is no accident: charismatic, imposing, charming, gallant, even if the hero is far from the moral ideal - the fans are ready to forgive him everything for his languid look and pleasant timbre of voice. Alexander played almost a hundred roles in films, and most of them are associated precisely with the image of a strong independent man who wants to love, be loved and constantly breaks women's hearts. Sometimes ruthless. That's why heartbreaking turns out to be very believable.

And you might think that such a man in life changes women like gloves. However, it was not so! Lazarev Jr. is an example of a wonderful family man who for many years loves the only one who became his wife, Alina Ayvazyan.

The most interesting thing is that the couple met at school. Alexander was only 14 years old, and the guys studied in neighboring schools. They got married in 1988, and after a while two children were born.

The actor often says that the main critic for him is his wife. In general, honesty is highly valued in the Lazarev family. Despite his constant presence in the field of show business, Alexander has never been involved in scandals - in general, a boring character for the gossip, but he doesn't need it. The main thing is quiet family happiness.

Therefore, on vacation is always a family, going out on the red carpet with his wife. And the main secret of marriage is to always appreciate each other.

Daddy a hundred points

For the actor Alexander Pashkov, the glory of the hero of women's dreams was entrenched after the series "Ondine" and "Paradise apples". In total, he played heartthrobs in 28 film works.

Alexander admits that such images are easy for him, he feels like a fish in water when it is necessary to show the whole gamut of love experiences. Alexander feels himself organically in bed scenes, he says, he was never afraid to act in such.

Few people know that Alexander got married very early - at the age of 19 - to the beautiful Angelica. He lived with her for 17 years. During this time, Alexander managed to become a successful actor, and three wonderful children were born in marriage. However, the couple decided to break up, although Alexander constantly communicates with the children and spends a lot of time with them and, of course, helps financially. His current wife, actress Christina Romanyuk, is from the same theater where Pashkov works. The couple had a daughter, Varya. So Alexander has practically no time to spend it outside the family. And he likes this way of life.

Handsome man with luggage

Remember the TV series "Talisman of Love"? And the "Provincial"? And a young handsome man played by Stanislav Bondarenko.

It is not easy to discern an exemplary family man in the youthful and playful Bondarenko. However, he is married, has children and is head over heels in love with his third wife.

The actor quickly disagreed with previous women. It was with the spectacular beauty Aurica, similar to Angelina Jolie, that restless Stanislav found family happiness and two children. The child from the first marriage also sees constantly and helps financially.

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