Anna-Maria Mikhailovna Efremova And Facts From The Biography

Anna-Maria Mikhailovna Efremova And Facts From The Biography
Anna-Maria Mikhailovna Efremova And Facts From The Biography

Video: Anna-Maria Mikhailovna Efremova And Facts From The Biography

Video: Anna-Maria Mikhailovna Efremova And Facts From The Biography
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Children of famous parents from childhood get used to the increased attention of the public. They don't even need to do anything special: being famous already makes them famous. But Anna-Maria Mikhailovna Efremova, the daughter of actors Mikhail Efremov and Ksenia Kachalina, attracted a lot of attention to herself because of an unexpected coming-out. This led to the fact that the girl became a famous media personality.

Mom's childhood and alcoholism

The biography of Anna-Maria is very unusual and complex. She was born into a famous family where acting is inherited. Everyone knows her grandfather, Oleg Nikolaevich, a famous Soviet actor who made a huge contribution to the theater and film industry. Many paintings with his participation have become classics. Grandmother - Alla Pokrovskaya - was also an actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR.

Her father has been acting in films from an early age, and by the time his daughter appeared, he had already become one of the talented actors in Russia. True, her mother - Ksenia Kachalina - does not have famous roots, but on her own she managed to become famous thanks to the stage and screen.

She is the fourth wife of Mikhail Efremov, whom she met in 1999. The daughter of the actors was born on October 14, 2000. Thus, how old she is now, it is easy to determine. At the moment, Anna-Maria is 19 years old, and will turn 20 in the fall.

After 4 years of marriage, the couple broke up, and the girl stayed with her mother. Kachalina has no other children. Mikhail has a new family, sound engineer Sofya Kruglikova became his wife. In this marriage, 3 children appeared - Vera, Nadezhda, Boris.

In addition to them, Anna-Maria has two half-brothers on her father's side - Nikolai and Nikita Efremov. The second became a popular actor in Russia.

The girl was also interested in the scene. During her school period, she took part in productions, and also wanted to get an acting education. Anna Maria has always been independent, wanting to be like no one else. She often changed her hair, cut her hair, dyed her hair in unusual colors. The girl always liked hard music, and serious books.

From an early age it was difficult for Efremova. Her mother preferred to lead a reckless and not very exemplary life. The woman could abruptly take and take the child out of the country.

For example, for several years Anna Maria lived with her mother in India, in Goa. The girl did not have reliable support, moreover, she had shame for Xenia, who gradually turned into a woman with alcoholism.

According to Efremova, she made promises to herself from childhood that she would not be like her mother. As a result, the girl completely stopped communicating with Kachalina, and her father issued custody rights for her.

He bought a separate apartment for Anna-Maria, and transferred the care of his daughter to the maid. The girl studied at an English special school, and then transferred to an educational institution in the Moscow region.

The girl needed professional help, so she underwent a psychotherapeutic course and took pills. And this was due to the identified post-traumatic stress.

The daughter of Mikhail Efremov boldly admitted about her problem on Instagram. Her subscribers are accustomed to the frankness of a girl who often publishes interesting posts like literary sketches.

Anna-Maria's coming out

Not so long ago, Anna-Maria began to speak frankly about the personal. As she said in one interview, she has experience of romantic relationships with the opposite sex, but she has a strong attraction to girls.

Efremov's daughter has not decided on her gender identity, sometimes she considers herself to be men. On Instagram, she often publishes posts from both female and male faces, calling herself a “gender fluid”.

Anna-Maria does not want to change gender, but believes that she belongs to the LGBT community. However, she calls herself both masculine and feminine. She has a desire to find a family by connecting her life with an attractive woman. She also wants to adopt a child and move to England.

Efremova now has a relationship, but she does not speak openly about them, hiding the girl's name. But it is known that she is connected by friendship with Varvara Yakubovich, the daughter of a famous presenter, who also announced her unconventional orientation. Both heiresses of famous parents post shared photos on social networks.

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Latest news 2020

In May 2020, Anna-Maria visited the NTV channel, becoming a guest of the Secret for a Million program with Lera Kudryavtseva. The program was dedicated to the secrets of the children of famous people.

The girl shared a story about a relationship with a parent who is currently in poor condition. The daughter wants to place the mother with alcoholism in a rehabilitation center, because she believes that she is insane.

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Efremova lives in a 3-room apartment on Nikitsky Boulevard, which she inherited from her grandmother. She gets along well with her father, who helps her daughter financially. Whenever possible, relatives meet and communicate.

Anna-Maria is engaged in cooking, goes to a psychotherapist, is fond of karate. All this is paid for by her father. The star heiress is studying as a philologist at the State Institute of the Russian Language. Pushkin.

Father accident

Anna Maria spoke about the recent accident that her father arranged. According to her, Mikhail is very worried about this, which makes him feel unwell. The actor is an Orthodox person, so he believes in the punishment of the Almighty.

The daughter believes that her father is to blame, but notes that there were people around him who should also be held responsible. They, she said, allowed him to drive a car while intoxicated.

She feels sorry for the driver who died in the accident, who was injured because of the inappropriate actions of other people. According to Anna-Maria, her father and those who were in the car should be punished according to the law.

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