With Exhibits On "you"

With Exhibits On "you"
With Exhibits On "you"

Video: With Exhibits On "you"

Video: With Exhibits On "you"
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Children's programs are popular with a different age audience - from two to 16 years old.


Some come to the temple of culture by the hand with their parents, others have independently mastered the complex space. On summer days, much attention is paid to excursions for children from school and country camps. The task of the museum staff is to keep the attention of visitors. Following the adults, they travel around the museum, explore the peculiarities of medieval man, shoot cartoons, make ships and even investigate the crime of the century! The head of the department of cultural, educational programs and events of the museum, Alexandra Osipova, spoke in more detail about exciting quests and master classes.

And everyone is so different

- Alexandra, what is the main principle of the museum's work with children?

- For several years, we have developed a constant audience of young visitors who need to be surprised all the time. Having visited our programs once or twice, they want to come further - to study, to research something new, and therefore we have to look at the same story in different ways. There is no specific goal to teach, rather - to show, tell, interest. Born in the age of information technology, they will not stand at attention listening to the monotonous speech of the lecturer. The process of cognition is effective only through action. The guys are quite curious and smart, they do not need to give ready-made answers to all questions. It is enough to intrigue, direct, they themselves will come to the goal. We try to understand and feel them. It is important that in its programs the museum starts from the exhibit, subject and related history. This is our main difference from the entertainment center.

- At what age can and should you go to the museum?

- Mothers go with two-year-old crumbs. Let's say there is a special Swan exhibition for children under five years old. For kids, I advise you to choose an exposition where you can touch objects with your hands. Permanent programs for the little ones are in the process of being developed today. After five years, the child already perfectly understands where he is and can participate in master classes. There are dedicated professionals and spaces for preschoolers. I will add that we are developing guidebooks that will help children of different ages walk through the museum and adapt to it.

- And the teenagers?

- The most conscientious. Today, a unique experience is being held in the museum - high school student Maria Kazakova is undergoing an internship, who develops travel guides for her peers. She also acts as a young guide, independently conducts an excursion around the exhibition "Bohai Kingdom". We vouch for what she says.

Family Adventures

- What's new invented for kids this season?

“This summer, we are putting a lot of emphasis on the Veliky Novgorod exhibition, which presents unique artifacts of the 9th-15th centuries. The project is unique and rare, the history of this city fits into a page and a half of a textbook, and here there is a huge scope for knowledge. Through the exhibits, we reveal the appearance of a medieval man. For example, in the program "Birch bark letters", we read the literary primary sources of that era. The guys are often surprised - in the Middle Ages there lived people similar to us, they had the same problems and concerns. Unless they wrote on wooden boards.

We also involve specialists in the "Multigraphia" program. Getting acquainted with the exhibition, children take individual photographs, which come to life with the help of montage. In memory of their visit to the museum, they receive miniature films by e-mail. We emphasize that this is the history of the west, but we live in the east. At the same time, we travel to the Bohai Kingdom, the program is called "Following the archaeologist - history underfoot."As a result, we have two portraits of a medieval man - from Novgorod and the Primorsky Territory. And we reveal the identity of Novgorod merchants in the program "Novgorod bargaining: sable, marten, honey, ermine, fox!" Children are offered to play the game "product - merchant - buyer". But this task is for children aged ten and older. As a result, when they leave, they will know much more than their advanced parents.

“And you don’t ignore adults. How is the Family Maze program developing?

- She got a sequel. For those who are not aware of the project, let me explain: "Family Labyrinth" is a play route that covers six halls of the museum. At each stage, the participants will have tasks. It doesn't matter if the child came alone, with his parents or as part of a school camp. Grandparents are especially welcome. And mothers with babies in their arms can take part in the trip. All quest tasks are divided by age audiences - from two to 12 years old. The team receives a route sheet indicating the stages that need to be passed. Museum staff act as guides. At the exit from the labyrinth, children receive diplomas. I will add that for those guys who completed the program earlier, this year we came up with other quests. So, come for new adventures.

- And it is not difficult, does not cause boredom or fear of the parents?

- Instructions are written in an accessible language. We do not force adults to know everything about the museum in advance. The main thing is to involve families in the process, and we succeed. Let me emphasize that there are children who come to us on their own, and their parents trust them. We strive to create all conditions for them to feel comfortable in the museum.

- How exciting is it to tell children about the formation of Primorye?

- The program "History of Three Tables" is devoted to this topic. It takes place as a journey through three stations. At each stop, children learn about the development of history - diplomatic, economic and maritime. With the help of a guide, contracts are drawn up, present themselves in the place of entrepreneurs of the young port. According to the principle of a puzzle, the coat of arms of Vladivostok, given to the city by Alexander II, is assembled. The pensive ones leave …

Wonderful, wondrous, gramophone!

- How is the work on children's programs going in other branches of the museum?

- In the Museum of the City on the street. Peter the Great, 6 in the spotlight on the marine theme, at the exhibitions "Ships and People", "Pacific Time". They also shoot cartoons, make collages or models of ships, complete tasks and quests. It is quite difficult to tell children about the war, it happens in an accessible form. For a younger audience, I recommend the program "My battle ship".

- Does the “Fairy Tales with Milk” program, which visitors love at the Museum of the City, work during the holidays?

- Yes, this is a long-term project in which new readers, new stories appear, and children listen with pleasure. Hundreds of magical stories have already been drawn and voiced. Let me remind you that an artist, a storyteller and a sound engineer are simultaneously involved in the original project. The secret of success lies in sincere, verified intonations with which each fairy tale is presented. The children are surrounded by a cozy atmosphere - twilight, meditative music, a mug of milk and delicious cookies. Today children with disabilities are brought to fairy tales. They respond well, adapt to this project. We can say that it has partially become inclusive, however, there is not enough specialists who will deal with special visitors. I will add that the project "Old Attic" is working in the same branch, its highlight is the objects of the 20th century, which have already become history. Few of them have survived in ordinary houses. For a modern child, a typewriter, a telephone with a disk or a gramophone is something that came from the Stone Age. Sometimes they stay in the attic for a long time.

- Is it true that in the house of the museum of the Sukhanov family they like to arrange master classes in calligraphy?

- The program "What is written with the pen" takes the children back to pre-revolutionary times. Of course, children are curious to print out a couple of letters and put ink in a blot. And with the help of a schoolboy's diary, they travel through the old streets of Vladivostok, plunging into history with the help of an authentic document. Another program, recognized as the best in the city competition - "Detectives of Vladivostok at the end of the XIX century", children are invited to investigate the robbery in hot pursuit. Thanks to the director of the branch, Zhanna Slavinskaya, master classes on needlework are held. It is a well-known fact that motor skills develop the mind, intelligence of a child. Manual labor is also insanely exciting!


Alexandra Yuryevna Osipova graduated from Dalrybvtuz - technologist, FEFU - Master's degree in Tourism. She worked as director of a travel agency, leading methodologist of the Primorsky Museum. Arsenyev. Completed projects "Multigraphia" "Family Labyrinth", laureate of the "Youth Vector" award


Upcoming programs in the museum: July 7 - 12.00 and 15.00 - educational program "Az, Buki, Vedi frighten like bears" (6+). July 8 - 12.00 and 15.00 - master class "My first postcard" (6+). Detailed information on the website