Infectionists Urged Not To Lock Children At Home During New Year's Holidays

Infectionists Urged Not To Lock Children At Home During New Year's Holidays
Infectionists Urged Not To Lock Children At Home During New Year's Holidays

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The upcoming New Year holidays give Russians not only a pleasant anticipation of the long-awaited vacation, but also fears of contracting the coronavirus. Because of this, some parents may prohibit their children from meeting with friends and once again spending their free time outside the home. As the doctors said, such contacts will not have strong epidemiological significance. What negative consequences such restrictions can lead to, what is the safest place for children to meet and who actually runs the risk of increasing the number of infected after the New Year holidays - found out.

No guilt to blame

Scientists have previously stated that children are among the main carriers of COVID-19. Therefore, on New Year's holidays, many parents may prohibit their children from visiting friends and spending time with them in every possible way - suddenly they will get sick or bring the virus home. As the infectious disease doctor Evgeny Timakov explained to, the Russians should not do this. Firstly, some of the children have already contacted each other in kindergartens and schools. Secondly, it is just adults who can aggravate the epidemiological situation as a whole.


Author: Evgeniy Timakov [infectious disease doctor, vaccinologist and pediatrician]

Russians will drink alcohol together and hug. On New Year's Eve, everyone will be relaxed, they will begin to think that they will not get sick. So adults can become big spreading agents of the coronavirus. Children usually play in a separate room, in solitude, with such contacts there will be no strong epidemiological significance. But an asymptomatic sick adult who comes to visit and sits at the same table with others is a peddler for everyone.

According to the doctor, an increase in the incidence of coronavirus infection should still be expected one to two weeks after the holidays. The specialist also added that despite this, children need to see and communicate during the holidays. According to the doctor, the safest place for such meetings is a joint walk on the street.

Winter benefits

With the opinion of a colleague that while walking, the risk of contracting coronavirus is minimal, infectious disease doctor Anna Oreshkova agreed. According to the expert, children should not be deprived of communication with their peers on New Year's holidays. Therefore, walking, skiing and ice skating is a great and safe way to have fun. The physician also noted that the "common prudence" of the inhabitants of our country will help to avoid the deterioration of the epidemiological situation in Russia.


Author: Anna Oreshkova [infectious disease doctor]

Most Russians have already realized the seriousness of the coronavirus, understood how it proceeds and how dangerous it is. Therefore, it seems to me that parents will be prudent. I'm sure they won't throw noisy children's parties. But they need to somehow beat the current situation so as not to upset the child. Because it is impossible to deprive them of the holiday, but there must be reasonable limits. If everyone begins to monitor their health and the health of loved ones, there will be no surge in morbidity after the New Year holidays. Taking into account the incidence that we are already seeing, it will not get worse.

The specialist noted that the cold snap should also reduce the statistics on the number of infected. The doctor stressed that if the children spend all the holidays at home with gadgets, it will end up with great stress for them. In addition, parents should make sure that young Russians do not spend time with their peers in a small, crowded and poorly ventilated room.

Unjustified prohibition

The voiced point of view of the doctors was also supported by the child psychologist Natalya Naumova.Now children of all ages are looking forward to the holidays, and if they are deprived of this, a serious traumatic situation will arise. Due to the strict prohibitions of parents, they will feel as if something globally terrible is happening around them, and they will begin to think out the scale of the problem, the specialist believes. And this will lead children to increased stress and the feeling of a "general hospital", can form additional fears and anxieties in them.


Author: Natalia Naumova [family psychotherapist, child psychologist and neuropsychologist]

Without communicating with other people outside the family, children lose their socialization skills. In general, this has a bad effect on their psychological state. Now there are many requests from high school students to whom we diagnose depressive disorders and panic attacks. At this age, such problems have not previously been detected en masse. Children now really lack communication, especially withdrawn ones. Therefore, it is impossible to lock them at home during the New Year holidays - this will negatively affect their psychological state. Moreover, the younger the child is, the more susceptible he is to such a reaction.

According to the expert, in a pandemic, the most important thing is for parents to be able to maintain a positive attitude and, despite all the difficulties, try to enjoy the rest. Then the children will feel comfortable too. The psychologist concluded that Russians can still go to the theater or cinema, go ice skating and skiing with their whole family on vacation. Warm, home gatherings will also give the residents of our country a good mood.

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