How Celebrity Children Celebrated Their Birthday: 10th Birthday People In July

How Celebrity Children Celebrated Their Birthday: 10th Birthday People In July
How Celebrity Children Celebrated Their Birthday: 10th Birthday People In July

Video: How Celebrity Children Celebrated Their Birthday: 10th Birthday People In July

Video: How Celebrity Children Celebrated Their Birthday: 10th Birthday People In July
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Although the summer turned out to be not as sunny as we expected, the children of famous singers and actors were not embarrassed by the rain and cool weather, because a birthday is a sincere holiday. And in their souls they have never been warm from family congratulations. Anna Tregubenko (daughter of Maria Shukshina and Artem Tregubenko)


Photo: Instagram @ shukshina_maria

On July 2, actress Maria Shukshina congratulated her eldest daughter Anna on her 28th birthday by publishing on her Instagram page her photo with her three-year-old grandson Vyacheslav. The mother of four children (Shukshina's daughter Anna and three sons: 19-year-old Makar and 12-year-old twins Foma and Foka) signed this picture very touchingly and sincerely:

My dear! Happy Birthday! I pray to God for the health of all of you, strong faith and a worthy path! Wisdom, fortitude, patience and strength !!! Love and understanding! Mama

Whether the actress's family celebrated the birthday of the eldest daughter is unknown. But even so, the holiday was sincere and warm, Letidor is sure. Misha Kott (son of Anna Tsukanova-Kott and Alexander Kott)

Photo: Instagram @ anna_tsukanova_kott

On July 3, Misha's caring and fashionable mother congratulated her son on her 9th birthday on her Instagram very briefly and succinctly:

We are 9 years old !!! ️ ️ ️

The actress has repeatedly said that she and Misha are not just mother and son, but first of all friends. In an interview with Letidor, Anna talked about what gadgets and tricks help her in raising her son and developing his abilities, and there was not a single parenting book or belt. Everything is based on trust and attention, keep it up! Nikita (son of Angelica Agurbash)

Photo: Instagram @ angelicaagurbash

Angelica Agurbash on July 4 congratulated her son Nikita on a round date - the young man turned 20! And as a caring mother, the singer wished the heir on her Instagram the most important thing, because the son actually enters into a new life:

20 years!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! My favorite son!!! I am glad! I'm proud of you! Be the Happiest !!!! Walk through life boldly, without fear, with dignity, with your head held high !!!! Good luck))) ️ ️ # 20years # Birthday # Nikita Yalinsky # MySyn

Fans and subscribers bombarded photos with Nikita with comments and could not help but notice that Agurbash looks very young and well-groomed and is suitable for his son as a sister: “I have noticed for a long time, even noted for myself - the happiest smile of a woman, the most burning eyes at the same time are when She is next to Him, with her Son !!! Happiness to the guy, good luck and health) the most important thing is the child from the mother) "," Angelica, you look great, I am pleasantly surprised that you have such an adult son. Light on your way! "," Mom looks like a sister. " Nikolay (son of Evelina Bledans)

Photo: Instagram @ bledans

On July 5, Evelina Bledans shared her rare photo with subscribers on her Instagram page, where she is holding her little son Nikolai in her arms. The reason for such a revelation was the birthday of his son, who turned 23 years old.

My little big boy Kolya is 23 years old today. Let his life be as he comes up with! May all dreams come true! May he reach all possible heights and be a real man! Wish my baby good luck and strength in achieving the set goals.

so commented on the photo Evelina.

By the way, scientists recently found out that a person is happiest at 23 and 69 years old. Therefore, "Letidor" wishes Nikolai to justify the statistics and keep the brand! Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith)

Photo: Instagram @ willowsmith

The parents of singer and actor Jaden Smith are not very active on social media, unlike his sister Willow and brother Trey. On Jaden's 19th birthday, July 8, his sister and brother congratulated him touchingly by posting adorable photos of the little birthday boy.

Happy birthday big brother

It's even hard to believe that Jaden's head was once not decorated with dreadlocks, but instead of golden teeth there were milk ones. Harper (daughter of David and Victoria Beckham)

Photo: Instagram @ davidbeckham

July 10, the only daughter of David and Victoria Beckham turned 6 years old. Famous parents decided to celebrate the children's party not in a pizzeria or kids club, but in a palace. Buckingham.

Happy birthday to our little special lady. You bring so much joy and happiness to our lives.. Happy 6th birthday (I can't believe you're already 6), have a great day, we love you sweet lady x ️

Princess Eugenie of York invited the Beckham family to tea, and they decided to combine the family celebration and a visit to the palace. Comments from hundreds of people began to appear under the name day photo: subscribers were unhappy that everyone could come to the Queen's house and hold an unofficial event. Letidor hopes that the reaction of people did not overshadow the holiday of the world famous Beckham couple! Martin (son of Stas and Yulia Kostyushkin) In the Kostyushkin family there is nowhere without sport! So on the 14th birthday of his son Martin, July 11, the father of the family shared a video where the birthday boy does push-ups and performs sports exercises! My children are my pride !! Today Martyukha turns 14 years old. Pancake !!! It's already fourteen !! He is incredible, by the way, many are not into me, and as they say, Thank God! … Many will say, but how? Look how athletic. He's also mega brain, mega good, and mega handsome. My dear son, let the prefix "mega" always be with you !! Publication from Stas Kostyushkin (@stas_kostyushkin_official) Jul 11 2017 at 1:45 PDT

Cakes are cakes, but even on your birthday you can't give yourself slack. Especially in the family of the world acrobatics champion and bodybuilder. Sergei Tsoi (son of Anita and Sergei Tsoi)

Photo: Instagram @ anitatsoy

The only son of singer Anita Tsoi and politician Sergei Tsoi celebrated an anniversary on July 20: the young man turned 25 years old.

When a son turns 25, all mothers glow with happiness! I'm not an exception. Gray @sergeystsoy, you are a wonderful son, and I love you very much. Be healthy and happy!

On his birthday, Sergei decided to sit in a narrow circle, in the company of mom and dad. A magnificent celebration and crowds of guests planned for the weekend. Letidor agrees: parents first. Prince George (son of Prince William and Kate Middleton)

Photo: Instagram @ kensingtonroyal

The official birthday photo of the smiling Prince George went around the world as soon as it was posted on Kensington Palace's Instagram page on July 22.

The Duke and Duchess are delighted to share with you this official portrait of Prince George for His Majesty's fourth birthday. The photo was taken at Kensington Palace in late June by photographer Chris Jackson. The Duke and Duchess are very happy to share this wonderful photo for the fourth birthday of Prince George, and would like to thank everyone for their pleasant wishes and messages.

On the last birthday, according to William, George was given too many gifts, and because of this, the boy became spoiled. "Letidor", looking at the charming photograph, does not want to believe that the prince can be spoiled. William and Catherine, a train or a car is enough! Ariela (daughter of Oksana Samoilova and Dzhigan)

Photo: Instagram @ samoylovaoxana

On July 27, the daughter of model Oksana Samoilova and rapper Dzhigan turned 6 years old. A week before the celebration, the mother of her adorable daughter began to prepare for the celebration, which she shared with subscribers on her Instagram page. Oksana and Dzhigan presented the birthday girl with a bouquet of flowers and emotions, because the whole room was decorated with dozens of balloons - just a dream of any little girl! Ariela and her sisters moved from Moscow to a small island in the Pacific Ocean, because their parents gave them a real party in the style of the cartoon "Moana" with animators and costumes!

6 years ago we became millions of times happier))) you are our first daughter and thanks to you we learned to be parents for Leia and Maya)) ️our smart and our pride, happy birthday))) today you are 6 years old)))

Recently, Oksana and Dzhigan became parents for the third time: in April, little Maya was born. And again the girl! But the father of the family does not love his princesses, and Ariela and Leia are trying to help their mother and sister. It is difficult for a single man to live with girls, but Letidor is sure that these are pleasant difficulties! In citations, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved.