How To Quickly Learn A Poem For Santa Claus With A Child

How To Quickly Learn A Poem For Santa Claus With A Child
How To Quickly Learn A Poem For Santa Claus With A Child

Video: How To Quickly Learn A Poem For Santa Claus With A Child

Video: How To Quickly Learn A Poem For Santa Claus With A Child
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Learn how to help your child memorize a few lines for New Year's Eve.


Speech therapist at the City Psychological and Pedagogical Center Daria Belousova is speaking.

Learning a poem is not an easy task for children, especially for preschoolers and primary school students. The child easily understands what is required of him: to memorize the text word for word in order to tell it at the holiday. But how to do that?

Most often, children use the simplest memorization techniques - they read several times, trying to reproduce the text, first in small parts, then combining them into more and more large passages and, finally, completely. But on day X, it turns out that the poem is poorly learned. How and why did this happen?

Observe how the child learns the poem. Most likely, it turns out that, trying to remember it, he repeats it every time from the very first line. First he learns the first quatrain, then moves on to the second, but every time he repeats it together with the first quatrain. And when it comes to the third quatrain, then, accordingly, he teaches him by repeating the first, second and third, all three together, from the very beginning.

No wonder he ends up losing the end of the poem.

To prevent this from happening, it is worth using a few tricks to make this process easier.

It is important that the child reads the poem himself.

As you read, make sure that all the words are clear to the baby. Memorization difficulties can begin if children do not know the meaning of individual words or expressions.

If the words are unfamiliar and the child has difficulty memorizing them, ask them to come up with an association to this word and draw it. And then whenever the child stumbles in a difficult place, show him his drawing.

Teach the poem in separate quatrains, then combine them into a single whole. It is important that at this stage the child understands the need to check himself on his own. You may find movement method useful: When your child reads a poem, he can come up with movements that will help him remember the words better.

This method is often used by animators on Christmas trees when they need to get the little ones to quickly memorize a few lines.

For example, "the deer has a big house" (at this time, you are depicting the roof of the house), "he is looking out his window" (you put your hands to your eyes, making binoculars), "a bunny runs through the forest" (you show the hare's ears with your pens, and then the running movements) and so on. Movements should be speaking and suggest the word.

Since a single correct reproduction is not yet a guarantee that the child will be able to repeat the poem accurately, we will organize a competent repetition of the text. It's not bad when there is an opportunity to recite a poem in the evening in the shower or on the way to the Christmas tree, to recite it to dolls or to please dad who came from work.

The situation that arises when it is necessary to learn a poem is very favorable in order to teach a child to do something diligently, without distraction. Moreover, many children perceive memorizing a poem as a game and are engaged in this business with pleasure!