The Federation Council Wants To Simplify The Creation Of Family Kindergartens

The Federation Council Wants To Simplify The Creation Of Family Kindergartens
The Federation Council Wants To Simplify The Creation Of Family Kindergartens

Video: The Federation Council Wants To Simplify The Creation Of Family Kindergartens

Video: The Federation Council Wants To Simplify The Creation Of Family Kindergartens
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Andrei Kutepov, head of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy, proposes to eliminate the obstacles that prevent parents with many children from opening family kindergartens.


The senator asks, among other things, to clarify the fire safety rules so that the authorities do not close family preschool groups in apartments above the second floor, as well as remove unnecessary requirements from SanPiNs. Kutepov sends such recommendations to Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova and heads of relevant departments on Monday, December 30.

Family kindergartens are mainly opened by parents with many children, who, instead of taking their children to kindergarten, organize supervision, care, upbringing and education of their children at home. It is allowed to adopt a child from another family, but there must be at least three preschoolers in the group. Such a group is being formed as a subdivision of a municipal kindergarten. Parents receive compensation, including for food for their children, but at the same time they must fulfill a number of requirements for educational institutions, for example, one of the parent-educators must have a specialized education.

However, parents who want to open family kindergartens face a number of problems, which hinders the development of this form of preschool education, Kutepov points out. Therefore, he sent letters to the relevant ministries with a request to amend several regulations, removing from them unreasonable requirements for family preschool groups.

The main snag is that a number of regulations actually identify such concepts as family kindergartens and other forms of preschool education, for example, preschool groups created by legal entities and private entrepreneurs in specially rented apartments in residential buildings or cottages. As a result, the same requirements are incorrectly applied to the former as to the latter, explains Kutepov.

For example, confusion arises when parents receive a certificate of compliance with fire safety requirements. The fact is that two points of the rules for fire protection can be applied to family preschool groups at once. As a result, in practice, the same requirements apply to family kindergartens as to private educational institutions, which must be located on the first or second floor of buildings of I and II degrees of fire resistance in apartments with two-sided orientation. This leads to the refusal to open family kindergartens or their massive closure, as happened in the Republic of Tatarstan, said Kutepov.

Therefore, the senator turned to the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Yevgeny Zinichev to consider the possibility of clarifying the rules and applying only one paragraph of the rules to kindergartens, in which for apartments where family preschool groups of no more than 10 people are located, the same fire safety requirements are imposed as for living quarters of residential buildings.

Local authorities in the field of education also often unreasonably refuse parents with many children in their request to organize a family preschool group. This is due to the inaccuracy of the terms in the letter of the Ministry of Education and Science dated February 22, 2017 "On the organization of the work of family preschool groups," the senator said. For example, parents are required to obtain a license for educational activities at the address of their housing, even if educational activities are not conducted at home - children go to developmental classes in the garden, and at home they sleep, eat lunch, and so on.“Based on the foregoing, it seems advisable to revise the provisions of the Letter in order to ensure the development of the SDC and send appropriate explanations to the regions,” Kutepov writes to the Minister of Education Olga Vasilyeva.

Support for family preschool groups at the regional level contributes to both the preservation of women's employment and an increase in motivation for the birth of subsequent children. garden. The senator wrote about this to the head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare Anna Popova and asked her to consider the above proposals. For example, in kindergartens, including family ones, it is required to keep a waste log (control of finished products before selling it to consumers) and collect daily food samples. “For a large family, postponing the number of daily food samples specified in the SanPiN in the required volume is not only too wasteful, but also technically unrealizable, since a specially equipped separate place (an additional refrigerator) is needed,” writes Kutepov.

“Family kindergartens usually have brothers and sisters. And the teacher is their mother, and she will carefully monitor the quality of food without additional regulation. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify SanPiNs and other documents, so that in family kindergartens, on the one hand, they must comply with the rules of fire and other safety, and on the other hand, they do not encounter such obstacles, because of which they simply cannot work or are closed ", - the senator explained to the Parliamentary Gazette.

Also, Andrei Kutepov sent a letter to Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova with a request to take these issues under personal control.

“Supporting family preschool groups at the regional level simultaneously contributes to the preservation of women's employment and increases the motivation for the birth of subsequent children,” he writes about the importance of developing this form of preschool education. This is especially important if there are not enough places in kindergartens or nurseries, the senator said.

Now such groups have received the greatest development in Moscow, and this gives good results - 87 percent of the parents who open such groups have further children, the parliamentarian said.

Proposals sent to the Government came from the Association of Family Kindergarten Teachers at a round table in the Federation Council, said Andrei Kutepov.

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