Back To The USSR, To The Goats, Scientists, Merchants And Saltykov-Shchedrin

Back To The USSR, To The Goats, Scientists, Merchants And Saltykov-Shchedrin
Back To The USSR, To The Goats, Scientists, Merchants And Saltykov-Shchedrin

Video: Back To The USSR, To The Goats, Scientists, Merchants And Saltykov-Shchedrin

Video: Back To The USSR, To The Goats, Scientists, Merchants And Saltykov-Shchedrin
Video: Елена Максимова - "Back in USSR" - Голос - Полуфинал - Сезон 2 2023, September

The ancient Russian city of Tver is one of those weekend routes or any other day, which is very convenient for a Muscovite to resort to if a desire has matured to do domestic tourism or just get some new interesting impressions. In the current coronavirus time, when foreign countries remain difficult to access, and still, taking into account the dollar-euro exchange rate, expensive, it's great to travel close and inexpensively (for example, Lastochka takes less than 2 hours).


What to do in Tver, besides the famous Pushkin's macaroni-parmesan-egg recipe? Of course, you can focus on gastronomy, there are many different establishments in this regard in the city. You can just walk along the pedestrian Trekhsvyatskaya and other central streets, visit the city garden and the Volga embankments.

But if a cultural program is a must for you, then you can easily combine the above with the main city museums. For convenience, we have compiled TOP-5.

Goat Museum

If you move to the center of Tver from the station, then the first on your way (street Zhigareva, 5) will meet this particular museum and many locals call it the best.

Here you will learn that the inhabitants of Tver have long been called goats, primarily because of the morocco boots produced, which the Tver people wore with style. “It's not for nothing that the inhabitants of Tver have been called KOZLAMS for a couple of centuries already. So what. Ryazantsev are called kosopuzi, Pskovians - bracers, and Perm in general - salty ears. Someone is offended by such a name, while others cause laughter and fun,”says the website of the museum, founded by the historian Vladimir Lavrenov in 2008.

Since then, serious goat-breeding work has been done, the museum has about 5,500 exhibits from 40 countries of the world, and a census of the goat names of guests is being conducted - there are already 660 of them in the book at the moment. mirrors. But this is probably if you are Tver.

Plyushkin Museum

Another private and very interesting museum dedicated to all sorts of things, mostly from the Soviet period. It can be found not far from the Galyani hotel, just recommended by Pushkin in terms of pasta, on Pushkinskaya Street, 6. The Plyushkin Museum has existed only since 2017, but already enjoys a certain popularity, and having been here, I would like to definitely recommend it for visiting. Despite the name, mainly the Soviet historical layer is presented, although the creators of the museum say that there are no conceptual restrictions.

In the Plyushkin Museum you can not only see interesting artifacts of the Soviet period, such as newspaper editorials about the flight of Yuri Gagarin into space or the death of Joseph Stalin, but also a lot of clothes that visitors willingly try on and take pictures, techniques from the gramophone to the fashionable color music "Spolokh", and, of course your toys. You can list all this stuff for a long time, as well as study, every time you meet an old friend from childhood.

“We satisfy almost all segments. For young children, we have presented household items that they have never seen. For people from 30 to 50, this is nostalgia, our childhood, as well as for the older generation, which also lives in a modern interior. The main phrase that sounds in our museum - I had it. But now this is no longer there, and it seems that each item individually can be called rubbish, but together we get an exposition. In fact, we are selling nostalgia. For little money, people get aesthetic pleasure. Now everything is changing very quickly. In our collection there are toys from the first kinder surprises, they will never be, they are of high quality, beautiful, cute, people come and admire, "- told" SP "the co-founder of the museum Denis Ilyin.

By the way, in the Plyushkin Museum they told us an interesting fact, 90% of visitors are guests of Tver, mainly from Moscow. And locals go to Moscow museums and sometimes do not know that they have something interesting in the city. Often they learn about this from the same guests from the capital.

Travel Palace (art gallery)

The Travel Palace, built in the 18th century for the rest of the members of the imperial family, when they moved between St. Petersburg and Moscow, is probably the number one attraction. The palace was rebuilt a lot, and in 2017 it was finally opened after 22 years of restoration. Now here is the Regional Picture Gallery, which a lover of painting cannot miss.

Next to the Travel Palace, the City Garden, the embankment with the monument to Pushkin and the view of the Starovolzhsky Bridge is another symbol of Tver. If you walk across the bridge to the other side of the Volga, then there you will meet Afanasy Nikitin.

Tver State United Museum

This museum should be the main one in Tver, and of course it is, since it unites many branches in the city and region. For example, this includes the Tver Museum of Local Lore, the Museum of Tver Life, the M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin Museum.

But not all museums are still operating at full capacity. For example, the Saltykov-Shchedrin Museum (Rybatskaya st., 11) is promised to open after reconstruction in 2021, and the permanent exhibition of the Tver Museum of Local Lore has not yet been opened. But in the main building for the 195th anniversary of the birth of Saltykov-Shchedrin on January 27, a special exhibition was opened - a good sign.

Mikhail Evgrafovich, as you know, not only brilliantly castigated the shortcomings of the Russian political system, but also tried to personally eradicate them as vice-governor of Tver, he was even awarded the nickname “Vice-Robespierre”. Of course, the classic of Russian literature today can increase the tourist attraction of the city and attract his fans. Not only about books, but also about the vice-governorship of Saltykov-Shchedrin, you can make very interesting excursions.

In the meantime, in anticipation of all this, you can visit the Children's Museum Center (Sovetskaya St., 3a) next to the Travel Palace - a small but cute place where your children can take part in an excursion program or a master class.

Well, on the other side of the Volga there is the Museum of Tver Life (Gorky Street, 23 a) - a place of immersion in merchant life. Here they will tell how the Tver merchants did not let their children play with expensive European dolls, hiding them in the closet, how they gave pocket money so that the kids could spend on anything (but then they had to give a detailed report), and other interesting things.


Science museums of this franchise can be found in different cities of Russia, in particular, Experimentanium is in Moscow. Tver "Experimentland" has its own charm, in particular, the kingdom of entertaining science is located in the old House with Atlanteans (Novotorzhskaya, 21), one of the main architectural attractions of Tver. So, you get two in one, the world of science inside deep antiquity.

In the museum, you will be guided through all the floors, and then you (and especially your children) will be able to play enough and at the same time imbued with the spirit of "quick-witted Neutons". Fascinating shows are taking place, for example, Tesla shows, you can also find yourself inside a soap bubble, shoot your friends with air, play with slippers on an organ, there are more than 100 exhibits in Experimentalland that demonstrate the laws of physics, biology, astronomy, mathematics and anatomy.

All this is not a complete list of Tver museums, which, we hope, will grow, contributing to the tourist attractiveness of the city, both among Muscovites and St. Petersburg residents, and among Tver residents themselves. But the above is enough to fill the weekend program very tightly.