Private Kindergarten: Where To Start Your Business

Private Kindergarten: Where To Start Your Business
Private Kindergarten: Where To Start Your Business

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Video: How to Start a Preschool Business | Including Free Preschool Business Plan Template 2023, January

The experts discussed the business of private kindergartens. The first meeting of the new season of the Competitor Club project, which is organized by the Moscow City Department for Competition Policy, was held on June 1 in the Digital Business Space.


According to analysts, only 8 percent of Moscow parents send their children to private kindergartens. Most of the remaining children attend public preschool institutions.

Franchise and children

Experts advise to start with one kindergarten. Work for a few years, and then think about your own network.

- We have built management in such a way that each person is responsible for a certain sector throughout the network: food, security, procurement, education, - shared her experience with the Director General of the Olekhnik Educational Center Svetlana Sokolovskaya, advising also to extend the already gained experience to other points, and not to invent something new.

The director of the "Academic Gymnasium" Lilia Kaletina initially recruited a staff of IT specialists who completely built her administration model.

- Accounting for finances, employees and children at each facility, developing lessons and much more, - Kaletina told about her approach. - The responsible employee can review all actions in his direction and, if there are questions, immediately resolve them in detail.

It is worth thinking about a franchise when you already have a structured structure. The founder of the network of private kindergartens "Interesting kindergarten" Zhanna Kazanskaya decided to take this step only 10 years after the opening of the first kindergarten.

“I didn’t understand how I would control the quality of services provided at someone else’s facility,” she admitted.

Cameras and curators, of course, help, but they don't give a 100% guarantee.

Kazanskaya is not chasing quantity. Her business is primarily for children, so she pays special attention to the selection of partners who want to open a kindergarten under her franchise.

According to Natalia Pichugova, the chain and the franchise are two different stories. And you need to decide what you want before starting a business.

“Ideally, open one or two branches of your own, and then create a franchise,” the expert believes.

If there is a branch, there are also clearly prescribed standards and instructions that will help then control the quality in franchising.

Cadres are everything

The main problem faced by the owners of private kindergartens is the selection of professional staff.

- It is very difficult to find really the teacher who suits us, - says Zhanna Kazanskaya.

According to the deputy director of the Makarun family elementary school Yekaterina Sikorskaya, one of the criteria that a candidate for the position of a teacher in their educational institution should meet is the presence of a complete family and their children.

- If a person is applying for the position of an elementary school teacher, then he must have at least three graduations behind him, - added Sikorskaya.

The number three for many experts is the key in the selection of personnel. So, almost everyone said they would hire a teacher who has at least three years of experience in a similar position.

“Personally, I prefer younger colleagues,” said Irina Bogantseva, advisor to the director of the European Gymnasium. - Sometimes, in exceptional cases, we take university graduates without experience.

In some kindergartens, candidates are also tested in addition to being interviewed.

- Goodness, love, care - what we pay attention to first of all, - Svetlana Sokolovskaya shares her experience.

A place under the sun

The location of the kindergarten and the building itself is also an important criterion for those planning to start a business in this area.

One of the options that Zhanna Kazanskaya uses is the opening of a kindergarten on the territory of a new residential complex.

“We prefer a detached building,” says Zhanna Kazanskaya. - We are negotiating with residential complexes that have obligations for the construction of kindergartens.

The expert also considers it necessary to have large audiences, because they are divided into several zones. The building itself must be fenced off.

- If there are kindergartens on the first floors of residential buildings in the district, and then a kindergarten with its own building and territory opens, then these small preschool institutions simply do not close, unable to withstand the competition, says Svetlana Sokolovskaya.

The main problem, according to Natalia Pichugova, the founder of the Point of Growth private kindergarten network, is to find a place for a walk.

“You can pick up the building, but children need to walk somewhere,” she says. - Therefore, you have to make compromises with your requirements.

Ekaterina Sikorskaya also prefers those buildings that are 5-7 minutes walk from the metro. There should also be parking spaces nearby.

Recall that the capital has a program of preferential lease of urban real estate "one ruble per square meter."

Top 5 reasons for customer churn

1. Parents wait until a place in the municipal kindergarten becomes available

2. Unfair competition

3. Opening a kindergarten with lower prices

4. Moving

5. Family breakdown


Gennady Dyogtev, Head of the Moscow City Competition Policy Department:

- The market for private kindergartens and schools is unique in that competition here gives rise to competition. Institutions compete with each other and with the market as a whole.

Meetings in the Competitor Club are a desire to analyze a specific market from the point of view of competition through experts who know it in practice. This is necessary for both market participants and consumers. Competition contributes to the growth of the quality of services, their expansion. From the interested conversation of those present, it can be concluded that the market has potential and the share of private business in this segment will grow. Perhaps this is precisely why there were many ready-made businessmen at the meeting to enter the market with their startup. Any entrepreneur is faced with the question of choosing his business space. It also stands before those who already work in this segment of the urban economy. The meeting showed that there is a demand from business for the development of a program of preferential lease of facilities for the placement of private educational institutions. Awareness about this program is growing and the number of those wishing to compete for the right to work in it is also growing.

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