Roads Are Not A Gift: New Year's Surprises And Traditions For The Little Ones

Roads Are Not A Gift: New Year's Surprises And Traditions For The Little Ones
Roads Are Not A Gift: New Year's Surprises And Traditions For The Little Ones

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Every year, the same problem worries parents all over the world: what to give a child for the New Year? What should be a real New Year's gift in order to give joy to the smallest for a long time - to those who are waiting for the New Year as a great miracle, read in the column of the journalist and mother of four children Anna Kudryavskaya-Panina.


We talked with a friend about preparations for the New Year, by the way I said that the gifts for the youngest couple of my children are already ready. She literally literally with a knife to her throat: tell me what you bought, maybe I'll buy the same, otherwise I have no idea what to give. And she's not alone, of course. Many parents, at least twice a year, go crazy with the thought: what to give a child - for his birthday and for the New Year. Often, very often, they spend huge sums on cool gifts that the child pushes away after a couple of days, and they gather dust for years. Why? Because it doesn’t make me happy. Because the parents wanted the best, but it turned out as usual. Not guessing.

I was "lucky", the birthdays of all my four children are very close to the New Year's date, so I clearly distinguished between these two holidays since childhood: birthday gifts are more significant in meaning and the amount of money spent on them (well, for example, an electric piano), for the New Year, something less large, but no less pleasing and pleasant.

It's not that important, it just happened to me. Another thing is important. And I told my friend about this, answering her question. The fact that the gifts that I prepared for my own will be 99% unnecessary and uninteresting for her children.

Because they are targeted, individualized, intended specifically for this particular child. And this is precisely the most important thing.

He is not interested in anything. He has all the toys for five minutes. Parents often say that. Yes, children, especially small ones, still lack the resources of the nervous system for long-term enthusiastic activities. But they are ready to return to their favorite toys again and again. I think that in order to choose a really expensive gift for a child (not in terms of its price), you need to be attentive to it in everyday life, then it will become obvious to us what exactly is capable of making the baby happy and giving him this joy for a long time.

Some time ago, my three-year-old daughter discovered flashlights in my and my husband's phones. In general, she really loves the play of light and shadows, but here it turned out that light can be controlled, practically commanded. But here's the bad luck: mom and dad for some reason do not want to give their gadgets to the child's undivided use, and they also get angry if you run away with their phone and then drop it. The truth is, from all this, the obvious suggests itself: if you give her a flashlight, will she be happy? And now my girl is doubly happy. For her birthday, she was presented with two cool flashlights with different lighting modes: one worn on the head, like a miner, the second - a pocket one. A child in full delight runs around the apartment with lanterns, and this activity can captivate a very restless girl for quite a long time.

I'm sure someone will say, phew, what nonsense - a flashlight for a child. If we proceed from our ideas about gifts, from our ideas about children and their desires, it may seem so. But the way children rejoice at such non-gift gifts speaks for itself.

For the New Year, my three-year-old daughter will receive a completely childish gift, but also very targeted. Recently, she had ARVI several times in a row, and every time the pediatrician came to our house, I had to chase a very smart girl who was dragging from me with someone else's phonendoscope, despite her illness and temperature. And also during this period she fell in love with "measuring" the temperature of all households with an electronic thermometer.Well, again it is obvious: the child needs a set of a young doctor. I do not exclude that the toy phonendoscope will not please her as much as the real one, well, then you will have to buy a new gift not in the children's store, but in the medical equipment.

And a one-year-old daughter, who is now passionate about studying different textures - she can iron a sheet or a blanket for several minutes with great interest - will get the book "Stroke Me", on each page of which there is an imitation of the wool of this or that animal: from a lamb to a cat. I can clearly imagine with what delight the little one will pick with her finger even if it is not a real fur.

It seems to me a big mistake to time some large spending on obviously necessary (in the opinion of parents) things for the New Year or birthday, to present them as a gift. If you still planned to buy a business board or a fancy sorter, skis or a scooter, a run bike or a sled for your baby, don't be greedy, buy them just like that, by the season or by age, well, or, if you still want to give just this for a holiday, add to gift something else that is guaranteed to delight your baby. Often there is no limit to parental disappointment when a child is not happy with a gift or takes it for granted. And completely in vain. You should not transfer your expectations to the baby. He sees the world differently. He will be glad that we - adults - will not cause any emotions at all. Or perhaps bewilderment. The other day I read in a Facebook feed about a kid who asked Santa Claus for a garland of … sausages for the New Year. And something tells me that if he gets exactly what he ordered, he will be the happiest child in the world, because dreams must come true.

Aha! - an experienced parent will say. And what to do when in a child's dreams there is something completely transcendental in price or impossible to fulfill? In very young children, this happens less often than among those who have already grown up, but still believe in the magic power of Santa Claus. But in fact, there are no insoluble problems: the question is removed with a kind response letter from Santa Claus, who tells why he could not, for example, bring a glass ball with the Eiffel Tower as a gift - he did not manage to fly to Paris (I also read this from one mother on Facebook), because there were a lot of letters from children, but I found a wonderful balloon with a dog for the kid, because he loves dogs very much.

Absolutely, the holiday can be made joyful for children, and preparation for it is not burdensome for parents, it would be a desire. And you can also wait for it with pleasure, creating a mood for yourself every day. I like how not ours, but such a wonderful tradition as Advent (the pre-Christmas period in the Catholic Church), with the countdown of days not until Western Christmas, but until the New Year, took root on our soil. You can buy a special Advent calendar, you can make it yourself and prepare tasks and rewards for every day. Even with very little ones - from about two years old - it is already possible to create this kind family tradition. It is quite possible to do without assignments, if the children are too small, you can leave sweets and daily small gifts "behind the scenes" if this does not fit into the system of your family values ​​and approaches to education. This December, my little ones and I are adding New Year's decorations to the house once a week. And every day in the evenings we read one New Year's fairy tale, counting how many days are left until the new year, so that every December day in itself becomes our little New Year's gift.

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