The First Crisis Clinic For Adolescents Opens In Moscow

The First Crisis Clinic For Adolescents Opens In Moscow
The First Crisis Clinic For Adolescents Opens In Moscow

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Several specialists will work with the guys at once.


On the basis of the G. E. Sukhareva Scientific and Practical Center for Mental Health for Children and Adolescents in Moscow, the first crisis care clinic for adolescents who found themselves in a difficult life situation was opened. A psychiatrist, a psychologist, and, if necessary, a pediatrician and a neurologist will work with patients in the institution.

The patients of the clinic will be boys and girls who experience grief, for example, due to the loss of a significant person, as well as those who have become the object of bullying, bullying at school, any other violence, most often at home, and those who are in a state of chronic stress and cannot cope with the situation alone, - quoted by TASS director of the Center named after G. Ye. Sukhareva, deputy chief freelance psychiatrist in Moscow for childhood Marina Bebchuk.

In addition, a psychologist who specializes in career guidance issues will work with adolescents. According to Bebchuk, children at home are often under strong pressure in this matter, which affects his mental state. The clinic also has specialists in the field of domestic violence. The medical institution has individual boxes, general wards of a round-the-clock hospital, a day hospital, a post-hospital support office. They will not only study with children, but also walk, as well as do their homework.

According to Bebchuk, the clinic will be in demand. The fact is that today adolescents have low stress resistance, and they also do not know how to solve conflict situations. All this comes from the family.

It seems to me that this is due to the fact that intra-family ties are broken. 10 or 20 years ago, relationships, attachments were formed in the family - they took the child on the arms, watched cartoons with him. And now he sits separately on a tablet in his room, does not discuss what is happening with his parents. The skill of confidential conversation has been lost, and when a child finds himself in a difficult situation, he may be helpless, not knowing how and with whom to discuss his inner conflict.

It is noted that Muscovites will be able to receive treatment at the clinic for free. The average length of stay in it will be 30-45 days. Patients are admitted to a medical facility on a voluntary basis.


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