David Beckham Sparked Controversy With His Kiss On The Lips With His Daughter

David Beckham Sparked Controversy With His Kiss On The Lips With His Daughter
David Beckham Sparked Controversy With His Kiss On The Lips With His Daughter

Video: David Beckham Sparked Controversy With His Kiss On The Lips With His Daughter

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Video: What's Wrong With How David Beckham Kisses His Daughter? | The Celebritist 2023, January

The artist does not see anything reprehensible in this.


Yesterday, November 30, David Beckham shared a cute photo of his daughter Harper on Instagram after skating together. In the very first shot in the gallery, you can see the ex-footballer kissing his 8-year-old daughter on the lips. Apparently, the star father specially published this photo, because last year a similar picture caused a lot of controversy. Not everyone considers it ethical and correct when parents kiss their children on the lips.

This time it was not without criticism and discussion.

Everything starts to look like it's already Christmas

- the ex-footballer signed the frame.

Meanwhile, subscribers are of course discussing the first shot in the gallery. “Um … I don’t think this is how you should kiss your daughter”, “You should be ashamed of this behavior towards your daughter”, “There is nothing good in kissing your daughter on the lips. Especially at that age. Seriously "," In the UK is it okay to kiss family members on the lips ??? "- noted some subscribers. Most of them tried to protect their idol: “So beautiful! My daughter also kisses me on the lips. But, since I am not a celebrity, I am not criticized like you”,“My dad always kisses me on the lips. What an outdated British logic!”,“What a wonderful relationship dad and daughter have! It's so cute!”,“Many will criticize you because of the kiss, but I think this is a great photo of a daughter with her father!”.

Note that with the help of a kiss on the lips, many celebrity parents express their love for their children, for example Tatyana Navka, Jennifer Lopez, Galina Bob, Anfisa Chekhova and others. Last year, on almost the same dates, David Beckham already faced a wave of criticism after sharing a similar picture from the rink on Instagram. Then the users of this social network even staged an action in support of the ex-football player and began to publish their pictures, where they do the same.

This happened after the broadcast of the talk show Good Morning Britain, which is hosted by Pierce Morgan. He noticed that he did not like the picture of David Beckham. Moreover, Pierce is confident that public figures should not show these photos to a huge audience. Note that last year, the footage of a football player with his daughter collected about 2.2 million likes. The pictures published yesterday have so far been "liked" by more than 1.6 million people.

“I kiss all my children on the lips,” David always boldly responds to this criticism. Hilary Duff once had to make excuses after a kiss on the lips of her 4-year-old son: "Those who think that kissing on the lips with my four-year-old child is inappropriate, pass by with your distorted thoughts and judgments."

By the way, "Letidor" has previously learned the opinions of psychologists and doctors, whether it is normal for relatives to kiss a child on the lips, and not on the cheek or crown.

Recall that David Beckham back in 1999 married his beloved singer Victoria Adams. On July 4, the famous couple celebrated their wedding anniversary. They have been happily married for 20 years. David and Victoria are delighted to have met each other and created a wonderful family. The spouses are parents with many children. Their first child Brooklyn is 20, their son Romeo is 17, Cruz is 14, and the youngest child, the only girl, Harper Seven, recently turned eight. By the way, the double name for the girl was chosen for a reason. Star parents came to the conclusion that such coincidences simply do not happen. "Seven" is a number invariably associated with Harper: the baby was born on Sunday (the seventh day of the week) of the seventh month at seven in the morning.

Photo: Instagram @davidbeckham, @victoriabeckham

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