Have Children, They Said

Have Children, They Said
Have Children, They Said

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Remember, we wrote about a video in which actress Cynthia Nixon reads an abbreviated version of Camille Renville's text "Be a lady, they said." The video quickly went viral and spawned many variations: women around the world wrote their freedom manifestos. Our reader Sasha Vasilyeva joined this spontaneous movement and wrote her version of this powerful monologue, it is dedicated to motherhood. On the eve of March 8, we decided to publish it.

Have children, they said. The clock is ticking, your body is too old to bear a child, don't sit on a cold one, you still have to give birth, you should have a lot of children, first build a career and finish your studies, you need to give birth before the age of 30, achieve financial independence, the care allowance is too small, the child should have a separate room, give birth after university, then it will be too late, my grandmother had 10 children, God gave the child - he will give it to the child. Have children, they said.

Cover your breasts, it's indecent, breast milk is the best food for a baby, feeding in the toilet is not hygienic, buy a diaper to cover your baby's head, WHO recommends feeding up to 2 years old, you need to feed on demand, babies eat on average once every three hours, there are special aprons, our cafe is suitable for visitors with children, where with such a small one, if a woman bares her breasts, my appetite disappears, this disturbs my peace, hide, feed at home, give me a mixture. Have children, they said.

You do not work, you sit at home all day, why do you need cleaning, rest when the child is asleep, why the dishes are not washed, the multicooker is preparing, and you relax, my floor is every day, wash your hair, you look as if you have hammered on yourself, the child needs attention of parents, keep the bathroom door open, find time to take care of yourself, you need to sleep eight hours a day, talk to mothers on the playground, after work there is no energy, the child needs a happy well-groomed mother, cook dinner, do a hobby to don't lose your life, your clothes smell, too tired to speak. Have children, they said.

Do not go to work too early, no one will take a good salary with small children, do not stay too long, otherwise you will lose all skills, the father cannot go on maternity leave, are you planning a second child, school holidays, quarantine in the kindergarten, this year you have too many sick leave, children need socialization, who will sit with the child if he gets sick, the children need to be picked up before 6 pm, we will call you back, excuse me, but you are not suitable for us. Have children, they said.

Do not postpone the birth of children for a long time, do not become dependent on your husband, do not expose your breasts, do not feed with formula, do not send your child to the garden too early, do not forget about yourself. You're a mother. Just have children, they said.

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