Measles Cases Detected In Nizhnevartovsk

Measles Cases Detected In Nizhnevartovsk
Measles Cases Detected In Nizhnevartovsk

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Video: Measles Outbreak: Vaccination In America | Long Story Short | NBC News 2023, February

Two measles cases have been reported in the capital city of Samotlor. Laboratory analysis has confirmed this.

Pupils of one school got sick. The first child caught the infection at the end of August, and on the line dedicated to the Day of Knowledge, infected a friend, according to SIA-press. The primary source of the disease has not yet been clarified - an epidemiological investigation is underway.

At the moment, sick children are being treated, and the city has taken measures to prevent the further spread of measles. And about. Sergei Kovalev, chief physician of the Nizhnevartovsk city children's polyclinic 5, said: “They receive antiviral treatment on the basis of a hospital in the district children's hospital, as well as symptomatic treatment. All measures are being taken to ensure that their speedy recovery occurs,”writes OTRK“Ugra”.

Inna Kudryavtseva, deputy head of the district department of Rospotrebnadzor of Ugra, noted that the sick children were not vaccinated against measles. By the way, this year in Nizhnevartovsk 15% of refusals from measles vaccination were registered.

Recall that in 2014, cases of measles were registered in Nizhnevartovsk. Then a resident of the Nizhnevartovsk region brought a dangerous disease to the city and infected several people.

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