A Girl From A Large Family Dreams Of Becoming A Pathologist

A Girl From A Large Family Dreams Of Becoming A Pathologist
A Girl From A Large Family Dreams Of Becoming A Pathologist

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The number of Russians is decreasing every year. Demographers are sounding the alarm. According to Rosstat, as of January 1, 2018, the population of Russia was 146.877 million. At the same time, 1,689,900 people were born in 2017 (203,400 people less than in 2016).


To change the situation for the better, in the last decade the country has developed a number of programs aimed at increasing the birth rate: maternity capital for the birth of a second child, the allocation of a land plot at the birth of a third child, various benefits for mothers for caring for the first, second and subsequent children, etc. etc.

No matter what they say, these government programs are yielding visible results. There are more and more young families in which there are two, three, four, or even five children. How do these families live and what support do they receive from the state? What problems do they face?

The main wealth is children

The other day we visited the large Kryuchkov family from Uren. Elena Nikolaevna opened the door with her one-year-old daughter Nastya in her arms. Four-year-old Polina and two-year-old Katyushka ran out of the nursery to meet us. The head of the family, Sergei Ivanovich, was at work, so it was not possible to get to know him. But the eldest daughter, fourteen-year-old Oksana, soon came home from school and joined our conversation.

Just as the theater begins with a coat rack, so the first impression of a family is formed from the atmosphere in the house. The Kryuchkovs do not live well: in a two-room apartment there is neither modern expensive furniture nor chic toys. However, from neatly tucked beds, smart children's jackets on a hanger in the hallway, evenly lined up high-quality children's shoes, children's photographs on the wall in the hall and wall newspapers with congratulations and drawings, it immediately becomes clear that the main wealth of this family is children.

From an early age - helpers

Elena Nikolaevna not only ensures cleanliness and order in the apartment, but also teaches her kids to this from birth. All toys are neatly arranged on the shelves. The kids are well dressed. Calm, benevolent, smiling, they are ready to help their mother at the first call.

- Katya, bring tights for Nastya, - Elena Nikolaevna says quietly. And two-year-old Katya immediately runs for tights.

- Oksana, hang out with Nastenka, and Polina and I will knead the buns!

And Oksana takes her little sister in her arms.

Polina is running as fast as she can to the kitchen. Mom puts milk, flour, butter, eggs on the table, and her four-year-old daughter, climbing onto a chair, competently puts it all in the right order in a saucepan and whips it with a whisk, telling us the recipe for buns along the way.

Elena Nikolaevna looks at her daughter approvingly:

- You are my clever assistant, my assistant!

Katya also reaches for the test. Mom doesn't pull her back. At the right moment, he substitutes her a mug of flour, and Katya joins the common cause.

- You are mine These are the words that Elena Nikolaevna says most often when she addresses children. One feels that motherhood is a joy for her. And how not to rejoice when you have such beautiful, sensitive and obedient daughters!

All the best from mom!

- Where did you get such an amazing gift of motherhood? - I ask Elena Nikolaevna.

“From my mother, Antonina Ilinichna Novikova,” she says. - She was wonderful, she taught me and my sister everything from childhood: to keep clean, cook well, instilled a love for flowers, animals and children. Until the end of my life, my mother was like a guardian angel for me. She always gave wise advice, understood and helped, even if I didn't listen to her and was wrong.

It was my mother who supported me when I became pregnant at 22, and my boyfriend offered to have an abortion.I did not listen to Sergei, returned from Nizhny Novgorod to my parents, and six months later he found me, began to ask for forgiveness, offered my hand and heart. They began to live together, he got a job, Oksana was born. But the offense did not go away immediately, only three years later I agreed to officially marry him.

Sorrows and Joys

- How did your family relationship develop?

- The birth of our daughter completely changed our life. Oksana united us all, became the main joy, the light in the window. And although financially it was sometimes tight (Oksana was a year old when I went to work), all the same, everything was wonderful. My husband and I began to dream of a second child - Oksana asked her brother. However, it took ten years before our dream came true. I couldn't get pregnant, I was on a diet to lose excess weight, ruined my stomach, underwent surgery, prayed to God to give us a baby, and here it is, long-awaited happiness - our Polina.

We used the maternity capital to buy an apartment in the Household Center. The main advantage is being close to parents who were often sick and needed care. Since Polinka

was very small, part of the worries about grandparents fell on Oksana. In May 2016, I gave birth to Katya, and my mother died on June 9, 2016. Father was paralyzed, we had to move to him. I looked after my dad and the children at the same time. It was hard, but when I found out that I was pregnant again, I did not have an abortion, although the doctors strongly advised me, because by that time, due to chronic lack of sleep, I had developed hypertension. Internally, I was sure that everything would be fine. And so it happened.

In the maternity hospital, I thought more about my sick father and children, whom I left with her husband and Oksana. Thanks to the neighbors, they looked after them. I gave birth to Nastya easily. Thank God, all our children are healthy.

Material problems

When there were four children in the Kryuchkov family, material problems came to the fore. After the birth of Nastya, Elena Nikolaevna for the first time could not pay utility bills on time. Her father Nikolai Fedorovich was seriously ill, he died on July 7, 2017. There was no one to help.

Baby food, formula, diapers, clothes, shoes, medicines - everything is very expensive. All the money goes to children. Since the parental apartment on Kryuchkovs is not registered, and Elena Nikolaevna does not have the funds to decorate it, they have no subsidies. For heating alone, you need to pay five thousand rubles a month. They have nowhere to get that kind of money. The husband works at the sawmill, almost all of his salary is spent on food. And debts on utility bills are growing like a snowball, and have already exceeded 147 thousand rubles.

If the problem is not solved now, then a large family may be left without a parental apartment. That 23-square-meter room in a wooden barrack with amenities on the street, which they bought with maternity capital and in which all six are registered, is clearly not suitable for such a large family. They are ready to sell it in order to close the debts, but they need permission from the OBR, and where can they find a buyer? In short, the Kryuchkovs have so many problems that worried neighbors sounded the alarm, who turned to the newspaper with a request to somehow help the large family.

Is there a way out?

Without words, it is clear that the Kryuchkovs themselves are primarily to blame for the current situation, who, in despair, let everything go to chance. However, in a country that has taken a course on fertility, there should probably be some kind of institutions aimed at supporting large families, including legal support?

Surely the Kryuchkovs are not the only large family that cannot bear the burden of utility tariffs.

Looking for your own reserves

The main advantage of the Kryuchkovs is that they want and know how to work. However, extreme poverty negated all their prospects.

- I could keep pigs, I was accustomed to this since childhood, but there is nothing to repair the floor in the barn, buy a piglet and feed, - says Elena Nikolaevna.- Children are growing up, they need to be placed in a kindergarten, then I could go to work, but at the moment we cannot afford the payment for three kindergarteners.

- But do you live on something now? - I ask in turn.

- On what Sergei will earn, and on benefits, - says Elena Nikolaevna. - 6,284 rubles are paid to take care of Nastya up to one and a half years and 890 rubles - for milk for her, 8,802 - for Katya up to three years. School meals and travel allowance for Oksana - 1,327 rubles. We have a vegetable garden, so we don't buy vegetables. And people also help.

Talking about how neighbors Irina and Tamara Mikhailovna Krinitsyn bring them baby clothes, diapers, washing powder, toys and food, a mother of many children cries. And these tears of gratitude are so sincere that it becomes clear that she herself has a golden soul.

Dreams Come True

Elena Nikolaevna does everything to ensure that the children are healthy, well-fed, well-dressed and cheerful. Together with them, she often dreams of the future.

- I want to become a pathologist! - says Oksana.

Trying not to disappoint her, mom advises:

- First you learn to be a nurse. At the regional hospital Semashko there is an opportunity to study and work at the same time. You have the skills of caring for the sick, you are responsible, diligent, you can be relied on in everything. So everything will work out for you.

* * *

I think that everything in life will turn out not only for Oksana, but for all four Kryuchkov sisters, and wonderful people and good specialists will grow out of them, not spoiled by luxury. But how much will their parents have to endure and suffer during this time, who decided: many children are good, and made a large family the meaning of their life !?

In the process of preparing the material, together with E.N. Kryuchkova, we turned to the Department of Education, the Department of Social Protection of the Population, the notary, LLC Teploseti, LLC Energouchet and Urenskoye Housing and Communal Services for help, but we did not find a way out of this situation.

To assign housing subsidies, the Kryuchkovs need to pay off debts on utility bills in the amount of 147,533 rubles, or at least conclude agreements with all these organizations for debt restructuring (gradual repayment within six months). The agreements have been concluded, and they require 24 thousand 589 rubles to be paid monthly. A large family cannot fulfill the terms of these agreements.

Author: Tatiana Zhuravleva, photo by Alexey Metelkov

Source: "Urenskie Vesti"

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