Simple Joys Of Larisa Alexandrovna And Her Daughters

Simple Joys Of Larisa Alexandrovna And Her Daughters
Simple Joys Of Larisa Alexandrovna And Her Daughters

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Why is the female component considered to be the beautiful half of humanity? Probably because it is women who, possessing natural beauty, try to preserve and increase it. Together with the woman, cleanliness and order come to the house, flowers appear on the windows, a delicious dinner is on the table. And a woman is also a caring wife and mother who finds continuation in children.


The chief specialist of the department of documentation, informatization and personnel work of the administration of the Urensky district, Larisa Alexandrovna Solovyova, is from the category of those women who combine their excellent natural data with hard work, dedication and a high sense of responsibility. Everything that she undertakes, she does consciously, thoroughly, with full dedication. Looking at this charming, energetic, well-groomed beauty, it is hard to believe that she has three children, and all of them are daughters and everyone looks like their mother, not only externally, but also internally.

Yulia is 16 years old, she is in the 10th grade. Like my mother, she sews beautifully, knits, does modeling, plays volleyball. Being an excellent student, she dreams of entering a medical academy, is passionate about chemistry and the English language. Anya is 9 years old, she is also an excellent student, she sews and knits in a soft toy circle in the House of Children's Art. Bunnies, dolls, dogs made by her hands take prizes in various competitions. Thanks to their mother, the sisters from childhood grow up as hostesses: Julia cooks wonderfully, washes the dishes, puts things in order in the house, Anya helps her in everything and can also easily feed not only herself, but also guests, for example, with eggs, pasta or


Their younger sister, two-year-old Tanechka, is everyone's favorite in the house. As Larisa Alexandrovna says, she would never have dared to have a third child, if not for her daughter. They asked so much, persuaded so that the parents agreed and gave their girls the most desired gift. Dad, Sergei Alexandrovich, of course, dreamed of a son, but when the girl was born, he was not upset at all: “Let's call it Tatyana Sergeevna. Sounds impressive, let her be the boss!"

Two-year-old Tanechka really commands everyone: still, there are so many people in the house who want to hang out with her, play, abuse her. Even if Tanya is sick and does not go to kindergarten, the family tries to support her mother so that she can work without going to sick leave.

As Larisa Alexandrovna says, raising three daughters is not only happiness, but also a great responsibility. However, sleepless nights during their illnesses are forgotten when you see their joyful faces, hear their laughter, feel their support and understand that for their sake you must be beautiful and healthy for many, many years in order to live their joys, help them, share with them their burdens and worries.

Tatiana Zhuravleva. Photo by Alexander Volkov

Source: "Urenskie Vesti"

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